friday fancies [forty-five]

can you believe tomorrow is the end of june? my birthday month has come and gone in the blink of an eye. even though june is practically over, the summer has just begun and here is a beachy chic look i can't wait to wear [with tons of spf that is!] and hopefully will soon!

what does your beach chic look like?


designer love [gemma redux]

while doing what i love most, browsing my favorite fashion sites, i discovered gemma redux. lately i have been all about big, statement making necklaces. if you want to wear something on your neck that can easily stop traffic, gemma redux is for you. take a look at these beauties...

what do you think about these attention getters?


friday fancies [forty-four]

yesterday i turned 25 years old. i know that may or may not seem like a big deal but seeing that this year is such a big year [i'm getting married in six months!] this birthday felt more important than the rest. so i have decided i am getting my life back on track, which also means i will be posting more regularly and not leave all of you lovely readers hanging. 25 will be a very memorable year for me and i've decided i want all of you to be a part of that!

today i will be celebrating a friends birthday, but tomorrow i am getting together with all of my friends to celebrate my big day! i am very excited to celebrate and have dreamed up quite the outfit, if only i could actually wear it! i will definitely instagram a picture of what i end up putting together so if you are on instragram make sure to follow me [@lifespelledjen].

ps: a fun fact about being 25, you stop producing collagen [nice, huh?]

what are you up to this weekend?


friday fancies [forty-three]

i cannot believe it is already the second week of june! where did the first half of this year go? i am struggling to maintain calm and cool but really i am like a duck on the water. the wedding plans are still taking up a whole lot of my time plus my birthday is in just two weeks! so much stuff to do and somewhere in all that i have to make sure to enjoy my summer and the last few days of being 24. luckily {av} has asked us to dream up a short & sweet outfit. down here in miami we can pretty much wear shorts year round which means i own way too many pairs, but this little number is something i definitely wouldn't mind adding to my wardrobe!

what are you most looking
 forward to this summer?


wedding wednesday [fourteen]

the one thing i have known i wanted for my wedding since the day i got engaged was a sparkler exit. i love how whimsical and romantic it looks. i love the idea of letting our love shine bright all around us on that special night. i have been wanting this for quite sometime and unfortunately i might not actually have it but a girl can dream, can't she?

what kind of exit did or do 
you want for your wedding day?


chevron love

for quite a while now i have been completely head over heels for chevron stripes [as if my banner didn't give that away]. i constantly think of ways i could incorporate them into the decor of my dream home or even my apartment. i think i have narrowed it down to either an accent wall or rug, throw pillows or even a comforter cover.

how would you incorporate 
chevron stripes into your home decor?


Friday Fancies [forty-two]

hello and happy friday. it seems like forever since i joined {av} in letting my imagination create an outfit where money was no limit. truth be told i absolutely love fridays [obviously] but this really is one of the top reasons why i do. creating an outfit helps me jump out of my comfort zone and also not spend as much money as i probably would if i didn't have an outlet like this.

what do you do to avoid spending too much money on clothes and accessories?