i have always been exceptional at building walls. i survive by compartmentalizing my life. this isn't necessarily a good thing, but it is the only way i know how. when my life seems to get out of control i build walls and barriers so that i don't have to deal with everything all at once. i constantly struggle to demolish those walls, even as i build them up. these last few weeks i have been quite the busy bee. instead of spending time dealing with all the stress i avoided most of it but now i'm back, i hope. i promise to try harder not just for all you readers but for me. 

i stress out so easily and between wedding planning, work, blogging, life, love and family - i feel quite overwhelmed. mostly thinking about my wedding, the one most happiest and important day of my life and how i feel so behind with the planning. how will i ever be able to make it another six months? i have so much to do and i feel like i don't have enough hours in the day to do it all. i am making myself a promise that i will believe in myself just a little more each day and eventually i know i will be able to handle it. i will plan the wedding of my dreams, i will kick butt at work, i will blog, i will love and most importantly i will live each and every day to the fullest!

have you made yourself any promises lately?


barely there

let's talk hair or hair removal really. i have shaved and waxed practically every part of my body. i have even tried electrolysis on my legs and WOW was that a lengthy and painful process. most recently i have started to do laser. basically i hate having to remove hair on a daily or even weekly basis. so far i have undergone three laser treatments and now can say that i actually do see a difference! i used to shave my legs almost daily but now can go more than a week without shaving. plus they say laser is much more delicate on your skin than waxing is. the laser process isn't even very painful and really pretty quick!

have you tried permanent hair removal? 
what do you think about it?


wedding wednesday [thirteen]

happy wednesday folks! i cannot believe how slow this week is going by - probably because i am wishing the long weekend was already here. since i cannot get my mind off an extra day of rest and the vacation i am taking in a few short days i decided that this wedding wednesday i would focus on one of the locations we are thinking of for our honeymoon! we haven't quite decided where exactly we are going but since we both want our honeymoon to be exotic one of the places we are considering is GREECE! with the beautiful scenery, culture and ruins i feel that we cannot go wrong with this choice, plus it doesn't get better than island hoping!

where did you or where do you want to go 
for your honeymoon?


seven months to 'i do'

back in march i posted nine reasons why i loved my fiancé as a way to commemorate our wedding being only nine months away. today, may 22nd, means that our wedding is now only seven months away. i am in complete shock! i cannot believe how fast time has passed and how exciting it is to be planning a wedding. so here it goes, another cheesy post...


weekend rewind

hi there! so i have a had a pretty hectic couple of weeks - from being sick twice to getting a whole lot done for the wedding. i am hoping life will give me a break this week and make it an easy few days until the long weekend, so cross your fingers for me. thankfully, this weekend was full of relaxing and cough syrup.

on friday we ordered some take out and caught up on a few of our favorite shows [game of thrones, mad men, glee & grey's anatomy] before loading me up on nyquil and advil. saturday i got up early and did a few things around the house and then we headed to a friend's birthday party. after a quick stop there [apparently being sick and in the heat do not mix well] we headed to panera for a great lunch then back home to rest. for dinner we caught up with my parents for sushi and a movie [what to expect when you're expecting]. sunday i had a pilates class while the finacé played basketball. we met up for coffee and then off to the movies again [battleship] before coming home to watch the heat game.

after a great weekend filled with everything i love [family, friends, movies and shows] i am ready for the week to start. i sure hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be!


oh happy day

on mother's day i want to wish all the 
mother's out there a very special day. 
and to these two lovely ladies as well.



i am always busy. sure some days or even weeks are less hectic than the rest, but mostly i'm really busy. days pass so quickly, some pass slowly but they always pass and while they do i continuously tell myself to wait, that tomorrow or next week i'll have more time. why do we do that? why do we let our busy lives get in the way of living? today i wish for myself and all of you at least of few moments of living, of truly enjoying the present moment. so whether it's reading a few pages of a book, spending time with someone you love, or dipping your toes in the water - enjoy it, enjoy living!

what would you do 
if you had a few extra moments to spare?


wedding wednesday [twelve]

the finacé and i both have relatively big families, so as we begin to decide who will do what in our wedding ceremony it is starting to get a bit tricky. but the one thing we know is that we don't have toddlers in either of our families. that means if we decided to a have a toddler age ring boy or flower girl we will have to be looking towards our friends and their little ones. even though i haven't really decided whether asking a friend to have their child in our ceremony is more of an honor or a hassle i can't resist looking at these very dapper little gents!

 did or will you have a 
toddler age ring boy?


trending: the peplum dress

the last couple of dresses that have caught my eye recently have all had one thing in common, peplum. i am absolutely loving this trend! i find the peplum dress to be flirty and fun, best yet it's also work appropriate. the look has now evolved to tops and skirts, but since i'm a dress girl at heart i've decided to share some peplum dresses that currently have my heart jumping for joy.

have you tried this trend yet?


sanibel & captiva island

i got a very slow start this monday mostly because i was wishing i was back in sanibel. we left sunday afternoon after some outlet shopping, but after being on the island since thursday it was very hard to say goodbye! this was our second year in a row visiting sanibel & captiva island with two other couples and it was just as amazing as i remembered it to be. we got up everyday and headed to breakfast, where i indulged myself in the best eggs benedict i've ever had served on a toasted croissant. we then headed back to the beautiful house we were staying at which just happened to have its own pool and was right on the water. we spent most of the afternoons soaking up the sun and relaxing. for dinner we sampled the local eateries and were always impressed and wanting more. all in all it was a fabulous vacation and i cannot wait until we return next year.

how was your weekend?


friday fancies [forty-one]

today i will be spending the day lounging by the beach and having my fill of delicious island food. we have made a list of the restaurants we want to visit and sadly there are not enough meals in the day for us to try them all. even though i am greatly enjoying my vacation, i am excited to return and share pictures of what we experienced here.

since we are trying to slow our pace and really relax, i styled an outfit that had a very island/summer vibe to it. after spending the day in the heat the last thing i want to do is spend a great deal of time getting ready. my aim this weekend is to relax and wear some effortless looks, so here it is...

what do staple items do you imagine 
in an effortless look?


target: vacation

today we will be heading out to sanibel island with two other couples and i couldn't be more thrilled! the most exciting thing about this vacation is the fact that i will be spending a great majority of it relaxing the day away. we went last year and between waking up late and eating at delicious restaurants we all had such a fabulous time. 

what comes to mind when you imagine a relaxing vacation?


wedding wednesday [eleven]

i am so happy today is wednesday because not only do we get to talk about weddings but tomorrow i leave on vacation [more about that tomorrow]! lately with all the semi big decisions rattling around in my head i haven't even given any thought to our wedding car. i do love cars but always figured my soon to be hubby would really make that decision. we originally wanted to use his lovely 1997 camaro that he's been restoring for quite sometime but are considering opting for something chauffeured so we can enjoy our time together a bit more [not to mention i may not fit in it with my big 'ol wedding dress on]. but now the choice is something vintage, classic or modern?

what car would you choose or did you choose?


oh happy may

i cannot even believe it is already the first of may. maybe it's because i started a new job just a few months ago or because i'm planning a wedding, but i feel like it was 2011 just a few days ago. seriously, where have the past few months gone? i am really trying to organize my life better and be happy in the moment. with all of the wedding planning, i am so rarely aware of the present. that being said, i am challenging myself to join the bandwagon and give myself a monthly mantra. something i can strive for everyday which helps me in the now as well as in the future. this month i have decided to focus on all the possibilities in life. there are so many out there but i'm usually a little scared to try something new for fear of failure.

and i would also like to wish my dad a very happy birthday...