friday fancies [forty]

i am happy to say hello to friday, but in reality i can't wait for tomorrow and the miami blogger blitz! yesterday i took our puppy to the vet and he had to get a shot and everything. i was pretty sad for him, since he whined i know it hurt him. as a treat we are taking him to 'yappy hour' tonight. the vet is hosting a little get together with food trucks and even a wine tasting. i am pretty excited to see how he reacts with other pets and even more excited to have a date night with our little family!

if you have pets, 
what kind of things do you together?


socialpunk [and a giveaway]

i am very excited to be participating in a blog tour promoting a new book by monica leonelle called socialpunk. it is the first in a series and as i absolutely love to read i couldn't pass up the opportunity to share this with all of you. not only is monica stopping by for an interview but you all get a chance to enter in her giveaway too!

jen: give us a brief bio and tell us what kind of books you like to read and write.
monica: My name is Monica Leonelle and I spent years working in marketing before following my dreams of becoming a writer. I'm lucky to now have the opportunity to help writers through my free email consultations and free writer toolkit at proseonfire.com.
I'm a sucker for young adult novels, probably because I never grew up! I love to both read them and write them. All my novels are suitable and appealing for teens 14 and up.

jen: when did you start writing? and what motivated you to do so? 
monica: I started a Gen Y blog in 2007 called Twenty Set. It actually gained quite a bit of steam early on, but eventually I moved away from Gen Y topics. The reason I started that blog, though, is because I couldn't clear my mind! I literally just needed to get things out of my system. So I wrote that blog 4-5 times a week for about six months until my ideas stop churning so quickly. My love for writing as an adult grew out of that experience.

jen: what advice do you have for aspiring authors or others who want to turn their passion into a full time career?monica: Patience! It’s the worst thing to tell a writer. I hate hearing it too, which is why I’m saying it now. To remind myself to have patience with writing. It’s not easy to make a living at it. A lot of people advise that if you can see yourself doing anything besides writing, you should do that instead.

jen: tell us a little about your new release.
monica: Socialpunk is a fast-paced thriller set in a future where everyone makes money through creating art. It's based a bit on my time working in digital marketing and has touches of social media that I think people in the biz will appreciate. There's also a ton of romance and a pretty awesome heroine, if I might say so!

thank you monica for stopping by and now make sure to enter in her great giveaway!

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wedding wednesday [ten]

today i want to talk about wedding websites. by the way, i hope you all don't mind that i usually reserve wednesday as a date to not really share wedding ideas with you, but ask you all for your opinions. wedding planning has been really fun at times, but it's also very stressful. it is so great to read all of your helpful opinions every week, i really look forward to it!

so here is my newest dilemma: whether to create a wedding website. i have really started to like the idea of a wedding website. i feel it's a great way to keep people informed about the wedding and share what they should expect as well. it is also very useful for distant relatives and out of towners. not to mention the website address can be shared on the save the dates to drive traffic and save on extra mailing for registry info. but is it more hassle than it's worth? 

image via wedding bells pinterest board

     and don't miss my wedding countdown, only 241 more days! 


pony wars

a classic ponytail has been my go to hair do, that and a bun of course, since forever. i do make an effort to have my hair styled straight or curly often enough, but let's face it, there are some days when you're just running out the door and the last thing you're worrying about is your hair.

lately i've been seeing more fashionable options to 'dress up' the classic pony. in my opinion, as cute as those options are it still requires more time and effort than i usually spare when those mad dash days occur. all but one, the middle part pony, seem to be options for a day when i have the time to experiment.

i haven't tried the middle part pony, but as i tend to part my hair down the middle usually it is something i have been meaning to attempt. if these two hair options were to battle it out, which would you choose?
images via HAIR pinterest board
which pony gets your vote: 
the middle part or the classic?


is it monday already?

on friday i tried to embrace spring with a fun color on my hands and toes. i love the color, but i am still trying to convince others, what do you think? that night we did the usual, dine in and catch up on tivo.
this weekend the fiancĂ© and i attended our wedding retreat. in order to get married through the catholic church you must attend a two day retreat. now i will admit i wasn't too keen on this. i absolutely loved attending retreats in high school, but i haven't been on one since. not to mention i have had a really long couple of weeks and was looking forward to some r&r. but i am happy to say that we really enjoyed ourselves and are now, with certificate in hand, allowed to marry! after the hour drive back home on sunday, we stopped for a smoothie.
and finally, spent the night cuddling our little pup since we were gone most of the weekend. he definitely needed a whole lotta love!!

how did you spend your weekend?


friday fancies [thirty-nine]

this week really did have its ups and downs, but i am definitely glad it's friday! tonight i am heading to a pilates class and then home to snuggle. we need to get as much snuggling and tivo watching in as possible because this saturday and sunday we will be attending our marriage retreat. it is practically two full days long and to make it worse it's an hour away! i am hoping we have a good time but in reality i am so exhausted i wish we could schedule it for another time. since i really don't know what the next two days hold for me i styled an outfit perfect for the unknown since it includes the essentials - a long sleeve top, comfy bottoms, a watch and a notebook!

have you ever gone on a retreat before 
[whether at school, work or for marriage prep]?


one of those weeks

it truly has been one of those weeks and for me this week is not even close to over. work hasn't been too stressful but i have had some long nights and very early mornings. on the personal side, i just wish i had more time! let's just say it's been one of those weeks where i could really use a nice long hug. ever feel like that?
[via photolove pinterest board]
how has your week been going?


wedding wednesday [nine]

while planning my wedding i hadn't put much thought into what really makes a reception successful. lately i have been going back in my mind to what i remember from the weddings i have been to in the past and what i remember most is the food and the music. since it is about that time to begin booking the entertainment for my wedding i'm wondering what i should go with, live music or a dj?!


friday fancies [thirty-eight]

happy friday! today i will be spending the day in the magic kingdom and boy am i excited! this is the first time we are returning since our engagement and i would love nothing more than a romantic evening with my fiancé. since we are going with a group of 13 that is rather unlikely but a girl can dream, right? and since we are talking about dreaming, this is the outfit i dreamt up to spend a magical night in disney celebrating all that i love.

what are you planning on doing this weekend? 

spending any alone time with someone special?


hello thursday

i have a busy day ahead of me but tonight once i get home and finish my HUGE to-do list i'm going to kick off my heels and dream of disney [i leave tomorrow morning].

image via my 'photolove' pinterest board

what are you going to do tonight after kicking off your heels?


wedding wednesday [eight]

today i would like to ask your opinions on save the dates. i find that they can be a fun way of announcing your wedding, even though most will already know about it. but i do realize they are an added expense, not to mention making save the dates will mean adding more things on my 'wedding to-do list' !!

all images can be found on my 'invites' pinterest board

when i look at these fun ideas all i can do is dream about what my save the dates would look like. knowing me and my theme i would love something winter related, but are save the dates worth the added stress and hassle?

did [would] you do save the dates? and why? 
did you add info about the wedding
 you didn't put on the invitations? 



good morning and happy tuesday. this week will be a day shorter for me because friday we leave to disney! this will be our first time returning since we got engaged on christmas day. but until friday rolls around i have a pretty hectic week coming at me in the next three days. so today i would like to share with you all a trend that i am totally loving!

instead of working long hours this week, i wish i could be trying on some of these beauties...

have you tried the color block trend on your heels
[or even on your flats] yet?


easter weekend review

this easter weekend was tons of fun, just wish it would have been a bit longer.
to catch up on my weekend take a peak below....

how did you spend your weekend?


friday fancies [thirty-seven]

i was never much of a flower child growing up but when {av} mentioned flower power as the theme for this weeks friday fancies i was a bit excited to push myself out of my comfort zone. i tried to create the perfect outfit to wear with the family this easter sunday. i'm having brunch with my dad's side in the morning and then heading to a family movie date with my mom's side in the afternoon. i wanted to create a look that would be versatile and easily transition with me throughout the day.

have you incorporated spring flowers 
into your wardrobe yet?

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when it rains, it pours

not sure if you follow me on instagram or twitter, but if you do then you might know the kind of night i had. after getting home close to 9PM, due to a work function i attended, i was pretty beat and hit the shower so i could blow dry my hair for another event i have tonight. before i started that i got some qtips out to dry my ears after showering. not sure how everyone else feels about this, but i can't stand the sensation of water in my ears. after inserting the first qtip, i realized something was wrong and pulled it out to find the cotton tip no longer attached. yep, that's right, i got a qtip stuck in my ear! about two hours, some tears, a good amount of pain and way too many things shoved in my ear later the problem was eventually solved.

after a pretty hectic evening it is not wonder why i am so very tired this morning and feel like i could use another couple of hours in bed. and to top it all of it's raining outside. i really could have used a sunny day to avoid the extra ordeal rain usually brings with it. but instead i'm getting ready to head to work prepared for the wet weather that awaits me.
do rainy days get you down? 
or do you long for the grey days 
and the sound of raindrops hitting the ground?


wedding wednesday [seven]

[all images can be found on my pinterest board]
i have been totally stressed this week when it comes to wedding planning. it's time to make a final decision on a photographer and i have two great ones i am currently loving! they have very similar styles and are both very talented, but i feel like i have an instant connection with one over the other. problem is when i ask for opinions based on their work, most side with the one i didn't 'click' with as easily [even though she is still lovely]. to make it even more difficult, before i met either of them i was leaning towards the one everyone else seems to favor.

so which do you choose?! is having a relationship with your photographer more important than who your originally wanted?? if you have any thoughts on this please share! i know a few of you are wedding vendors/planners so i hope you don't find this completely unethical, cause i totally need help...what's more important?!

[all images can be found on my pinterest board]


RTR in review

have you heard of rent the runway? if you haven't you need to check it out right now! i have been hearing about it for ages, mostly from {av} and had been putting of actually trying it out. it felt a bit strange renting a dress from a complete stranger. sure we've all borrowed clothes and accessories from friends, but having something sent that i selected from a website was something i hadn't been sold on yet. then came the fear of actually committing to trying RTR only to have the dress arrive and not fit well. need less to say i had my fair share of doubts.

last saturday i had a black tie wedding to attend and was bored of wearing my go to black tie gown. it's a bcbg classic, but there are only so many times you can wear the same dress without wanting to buy a new one. with the wedding later this year we have been trying to hold off our spending a bit so i realized this was the perfect time to try out RTR.

i joined the site a little over a month ago and hesitated picking out a dress since i wasn't able to actually try it on. i had my eyes on a few beauties but i waited until almost a week before the wedding to select the dress and some of my options were no longer available [plan ahead people!]. i selected what i thought would be a safe pick for my first time trying it out and even decided to add some earrings to go along with it. what i absolutely loved about the site is they include a second size option at no additional charge! that's right you get two of the same dresses!

i eagerly waited the arrival of my items which got here the day it was scheduled to. even though the wedding wasn't until saturday i selected the dress to arrive on thursday, giving me time to head to the mall should i need a replacement. but once it arrived i was hooked! the dress fit perfectly and looked amazing! i couldn't find any wear and tear showing that it had been previously worn by anyone. the earrings were also like new and i couldn't have been happier over all.

have you tried it out yet? 
any recommendations on what i should rent next?


weekend recap

this weekend seemed to go by way too fast. i think i say that every monday but it seems to always feel that way. on friday i had a work event at the stage in midtown and it was the first time i had ever been there. it was such a cool place, everything was very open with a relaxed vibe and an industrial/unfinished look to it. by the time i got home i was too tired to go out so i heated up some soup and we caught up on some tivo.

saturday we spent most of the day catching up on things around the apartment and getting ready for a wedding we were attending later that evening [i wore my finds from rent the runway so stay tuned tomorrow to hear all about it!] in the sister hotel of where we will be getting married later this year. i was very excited to scope out the place and take notes for our reception, which is exactly what i did.

sunday i headed to my usual reformer pilates class in the morning and after a quick breakfast we were off to the movies to see wrath of the titans. i was very excited to debut my new gap flats and cannot wait to wear them to disney next weekend. we met up with some friends for dinner and some pinkberry to wrap up our evening and weekend.

what did you all do this weekend?

ps: check out my disney guest post on ftashion
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