friday fancies [thirty-six]

geeze i could not be happier it is friday! i feel like this week has seemed eternal and as much as i would love to just relax this weekend i well be busy, busy, busy! tonight i have a work event to go to and then saturday night we have a black tie wedding to attend. i have to admit i am very excited for the wedding because i will hopefully be wearing my very first rent the runway outfit! i cannot wait to try on my gorgeous picks and share some photos with all of you on monday!

since this weekend will mark the beginning of april {av} challenged us all to come up with an outfit for the showers that await us in the coming months. when it rains down here i always gravitate towards pants and exclude any white pieces in my wardrobe. i feel like pants help keep my legs dry and avoiding white ensures that i won't look like i entered any wet tshirt contests should my umbrella not offer enough shelter. which leads me to mention that not only do i own a collection of umbrellas [i always have a mini one in my car too] i also have a very fun pair of rain boots i bought when i visited seattle a few years back.

the one thing to remember when a day of rain is ahead of you is to be prepared!
this is what my 'prepared' look would be...

red bow rain boots [price unknown but they were too cute not to show off]

what are your go to items when 
april showers start to fall?


baileys salted caramel chocolate pie

if the name itself doesn't get your mouth watering then wait until you see the pictures of one of the easiest pie recipes i have found to date! i had never made a dessert with a salted addition to it, if you will, but after practically devouring this pie i am definitely sold! it was pretty strange pouring salt on a perfectly good chocolate pie, but trust me, it makes it taste that much better. as i mentioned, this pie is so easy to make anyone really can do it! best thing about it...no baking required!

what you'll need:
then melt the chocolate:
whip cream and sugar together, add baileys, then add chocolate:
pour the mix into a chocolate pie crust, top with salt and refrigerate for 4-6 hours:

then enjoy the best chocolate pie you've ever had!
what are your favorite pies to make?

ps: i want to wish a happy birthday to one of my very best friends, melissa!


wedding wednesday [six]

today i am asking all of you for your help. i have been spending almost every second of the day thinking about which of my two final photographers i like more when suddenly i realized, do i need a videographer too? i am still very new to this and i know that kind of thing was done in the past but lately all you really hear about are photographers. i do want to make sure i have my wedding as documented as possible though. i want to make sure it is a day we can easily look back upon and that we have ways to share that special day with our kids, but is a videographer an added expense i don't need?

so what i ask is that you take a look at this video and tell me, 
would you have a videographer?
ps: i think i almost cried watching this one. check out their site for more amazing videos.

Heather and Tomi from Free Mind Studios on Vimeo.


survival of the....


i recently stumbled across the cutest survival kits ever. i'm sure you've seen them before, whether you're planning a wedding or not, pictures of them are constantly floating around pinterest. some crafty people even create their own, but as i lack most of the skills needed to craft i think i have found the perfect site to provide me and my guests with the most unforgettable survival kits.

aren't these survival kits just perfect?! and don't despair, they have these for everyone from moms to working girls, from cheerleaders to the boys too!

so make sure to stop by ms. & mrs. to see what kit is the perfect one for you!


sunday truths [forty-two]

take a chance, most of them are worth it!

ps: if you're excited about mad men tonight check out these great finds from the lovely a cup of jo


friday fancies [thirty-five]

hello friday! this week has really flown by and been way too hectic for my taste. between meeting with photographers for the wedding and going to three different evening work functions i am definitely ready for what i hope will be a relaxing weekend.

whether you are a fan or not, there's no way you haven't heard that the hunger games hit theaters this week and we have tickets to check it out tomorrow at cinebistro. if you have a cinebistro or something similar in your area i definitely recommend going at least once. it literally is dinner and a movie, with a menu featuring skirt steak, cheesecake and a full bar you can't go wrong!

i decided to dream up an outfit for my date night tomorrow with a semi hunger games theme to it...

are you planning on seeing the hunger games this weekend?
or did you already catch the midnight showing?


nine months to 'i do'

today marks nine months until our wedding and i couldn't be happier. things in my life might be completely chaotic right not but thinking pass the wedding, about spending the rest of my life with the person i love make me smile ear to ear! so today i want to share nine reasons why i love him...

1. i love when you send me random text messages during the day saying "i love you"
2. i love how when i ask you to do me a favor, you always ask for payment in the form of kisses [currently i think i owe you over a million kisses]
3. i love how you enjoy the movies just as much as i do. and what's even better is that you are willing to go every week to see something with me
4. i love how you try to talk sports to me even though you know it's practically a foreign language
5. i love how easily you can break down my walls and make any stressful day that much better instantly
6. i love the how even when i try to be mad at you, it never really works out for very long
7.  love how you consistently teach me how to place dishes in the dishwasher even though i never really understand it [which results in a new lesson almost twice a week]
8. i love how you have embraced disney [my favorite place on earth] and enjoy taking trips there with me as often as we can afford to

9. and most of all i love how it sounds when you call me your future wife


wedding wednesday [five]

my favorite kinds of weddings are the ones where you can really see the couple's style come through. i have been racking my brain trying to think of what ways we could possibly do the same. the first thing that came to mind are things i collect...keys, corks and movie ticket stubs. here are a couple of my favorite ways to incorporate keys into wedding decor.
how did or how would you make your wedding unique?


corned beef and cabbage and a six pack

if you are new to the blog then you most likely do not know that the kitchen and i have not always been on good terms. sure i can bake delicious pies and yummy desserts but other than boiling water [what the fiance calls making pasta] i couldn't really do much else. i was motivated to learn how to cook by a friend who could make just about anything and make it well. i bought a cook book and haven't looked back.

when we decided to have a low key st. patty's day and invite some friends over i knew i wanted to cook something irish, and there's nothing more irish than corned beef and cabbage [and a six pack of guinness]. i searched for a recipe that incorporated guinness because i absolutely love cooking/baking with alcohol. it adds a certain something that most can't quite pick up on and changes a meal for the better. and if you are thinking of trying this out i definitely recommend it! the recipe was so easy to follow and the finished product was delicious!
that was my corned beef right before i rinsed it, dried it and rubbed it down with brown sugar.
the recipe called for the brisket to be cooked in a dutch oven and to be completely covered in guinness. but as you can see, one bottle alone didn't cover it enough.
after three bottles it was sufficiently covered and ready to head inside the oven. i cooked my corned beef for over 6 hours and it came out so very tender. i also added my veggies about three hours before it was done. i couldn't fit all the potatoes, corn and cabbage in with the corned beef so i set them up [with another three bottles of guinness] in a separate dutch oven. 
the finished product definitely surpassed my expectations and left me eagerly waiting for next year so we can celebrate st. patty's day in true irish style.

have you ever made corned beef before?
I would love to hear how they turned out!


weekend in review

hello all and happy monday. normally i am already wishing i could rewind the clock to yesterday by this point but i do have a few good things happening this week and this weekend isn't looking too shabby either, meaning i am actually looking forward to this week. yay. but let me fill you in on all that happened this weekend...
as i mentioned last week, we had some friends over for st. patrick's day and i was determined to make the event as green and irish as possible. i searched for the very best corned beef and cabbage recipe, followed by a search for places where i could actually buy corned beef [and not the kind that you put on your sandwich] luckily i found some at norman brothers.
that night we headed to one of our favorite sushi spots, siam palace, to get our sushi on and by coincidence of course they also happen to make the absolute best lychee martinis. yum. my mom and stepdad joined us for dinner and she is the talented photographer behind this pic [hi mom!]
saturday i headed out to stock up on groceries for the festivities [don't miss the big head of cabbage on the top left] and for the week as well. of course i had to pick up a wedding magazine to add to my ever growing collection. i haven't really picked a favorite wedding magazine, so if you have one feel free to share!
then once back home the cooking began. i was so very happy with how the meal turned out i am planning to do a whole post on it so look out for that but i will share that an entire six pack of guinness went into seasoning the main course and it was delish!
and on sunday, after pilates and our weekly adventure to the movies [where we saw seeking justice] my youngest brother called to invite us over to a ladybug releasing party. it wasn't much of a party but it had to be the coolest thing i have done in quite sometime. they bought over 1,500 ladybugs to help with a pest problem they are having and released them on sunday evening. it was so beautiful seeing all of these ladybugs crawling and flying around. of course, you have to be ok with bugs, but even though ladybugs do have the word bug in the name they are hardly as icky as other bugs. 

did you do anything out of the ordinary this weekend?
and if you celebrated st. patricks day, 
i would love to hear the details!


friday fancies[thirty-four]

hello and happy friday. i've gotta say i am way too excited for this weekend and for absolutely no reason in particular. i guess it has just been one of those weeks where i have been craving some time to snuggle in bed and hang out with friends and that is exactly what i have planned for this weekend.

i am looking forward to catching up on some tivo [have i ever mentioned how tivo completes me?!] this evening and maybe even opening up a bottle of wine. then cleanning the apartment tomorrow in preparation for a small gathering we are having to celebrate st. patrick's day. i know this may not be everyone's favorite holiday, but a day that you are encouraged to drink heavily and wear a fun color like green is right up my alley.

i have been thinking long and hard for possible appetizer, main course and dessert options that i could either dye green or that already have that color naturally and it is much harder than i thought! other than green veggies [which the fiance hates] the only thing i've thought of is spinach dip. looks like i will be loading up on green jello and green food coloring at the grocery store.

and here is the little number i've dreamed up for my evening celebrating all things green and irish!

sergio rossi - cork wedge sandals [$450] - these beauties look like the perfect summer wedge to me! i absolutely love how the crisscross ankle strap has a button closure and that the letter continues onto the heel of the wedge. 
parker - racer pleat dress [$253] - this dress is the perfect shade of green, not too bright and not to dull either. of course mint is a shade of green too and with spring in full bloom would definitely be a great color to wear too. now this lady is a huge fan of pleats so this dress has me completely hooked!
charles albert - thick neckwire collar [$105] - i wanted to pair this ensemble with a rather simple yet eye catching necklace since after all i was going for a look i could sport at a house party. this necklace seems like the perfect choice to attract attention without being over done, yet it has the flexibility to be dressed up as well. just perfect!
rachel zoe - isabel shopper [$550] - i love a big bag and this rachel zoe one is just the thing for the rather relaxed and fun look i was going for. even though this outfit is dreamt up to stay home, i love purses way too much not to dream one up as well!!

what do you have planned for st. patrick's day?
and if you have any green food ideas, let me know!



so if you don't know yet, i'm getting married at the end of this year. that means i would very much like to get into shape before then. now i do not want to lose wait, i just want to get some muscle definition. my idea is that when i'm standing up in front of over 100 plus people and all they have to look at for an hour is me, i'm hoping my arms don't look pathetic.

that being said i would never really use the word athletic to describe me. i do like to exercise, though. i use to love running but because of knee issues it has become painful to just get around let alone run. i have tried spinning and absolutely love it but with the new job i haven't been able to fit it into my schedule just yet.

a good friend of mine is definitely athletic and really enjoys yoga, pilates and spinning so we more or less have similar taste in workouts. she convinced me to buy one of those ridiculously inexpensive coupons for reformer pilates classes and against my better judgement i jumped in and gave it a whirl. i definitely thought i would end up looking like a tangled up mess but so far i have completed a whole TWO classes and i am in love!

have you ever tried reformer pilates? 
what did you love/hate about it? 
would you ever try it, if you haven't?


wedding wednesday [four]

i absolutely love lights. if i could have string lights all over my wedding, i would be the happiest girl on earth. but since not everyone shares my love of lights, i have to be creative in finding lighting that appeals to all...cue lanterns. i happen to think that paper lanterns are so whimsical and add a touch of fantasy to any event. i know fantasy might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but it really completes the fairy tale concept for me.

i have seen lanterns in various colors, shapes and even textures. i am currently searching for a lighting expert of my own [if you have any vendors, help a girl out!] to hopefully add some much needed sparkle to my big day. but until then i will let my heart dream of these lovely images...

married ladies and dreamers/planners alike, 
what kind of lighting would you like for your wedding?


front to back

since most are on spring break this week or the next i thought this would be the perfect time to share some sexy little numbers i am just itching to get my hands on. not everyone gets to wear 'summer' clothing all year long, but as a miami native i own more dresses, tanks and shorts than i do sweaters and pants. but the key to making sure you look extra fabulous this spring & summer is by making your outfit draw attention from front to back...

it's quite clear that what first caught my eye are the lovely bright colors. yellow is quickly becoming my color of choice and with good reason. it is easy to pair with other bright colors that are making a splash this spring and will contrast great with your tan too. but like i said, if you want to stand out of the crowd make sure you give people something to look at, from front to back...

you can thank the lovely ladies from electric boutique for these gorgeous numbers that have me wishing i could be decked out in these soon. but if it isn't quite warm enough for you to strut your stuff and your back, just keep checking their site and they will keep you coming back for more, i promise!

which one of these picks would you wear over the break 
and how would you style it?


monday, again.

hello all and hello monday. this weekend was pretty fun and even though we all lost an hour i tried to squeeze in as much as possible...thankfully, i succeeded!

friday started off great, with a fabulous work luncheon and THE best dessert ever. then we headed to shorty's to have some old fashion bbq with a past co-worker of mine visting from boston. saturday we headed to the movies and saw john carter. i gotta admit it was much better than i expected it to be and i'm not just saying that cause it's a disney movie. that night we headed to dinner to celebrate a family birthday and i had some delicious italian. sunday after some pilates we had breakfast, i did some shopping and we rented some movies.

it was a fun filled weekend for me! 
what about you?


friday fancies [thirty-three]

hello and happy friday lovelies. i cannot believe it is already march?! isn't that complete madness? i swear it was december just days ago. with this year quickly passing by i feel like i might spend this weekend just relaxing and enjoying some much needed quality time with my little family [the fiance and pup, of course].

this week the lovely {av} gave us the challenge of incorporating tangerine tango into our outfit and i gotta say i thought it would be much harder than it was. i looked in my actual closet to see how much orange/tangerine clothes i actually have and all i've got are two blouses. after creating this fun look i might need to go shop for some more pieces to add to my wardrobe.

rag & bone - silver tuxedo blazer [$450] - if this blazer doesn't shout fun, then i suggest you spend sometime in the sun cause down here in miami this would fit right in. i love how bright and playful it is and how well it could be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up for the nine to five crunch. 

rag & bone/jean - beach top [$175] - this mesh top is the perfect shirt to pair with a blazer since it will really breathe and stop you from ruining a gorgeous outfit via heat exhaustion. i'm sure most of you are still experiencing beautiful, cool weather but we are already reaching the 80's. plus who doesn't like to show some skin in a tasteful way?

rag & bone/jean - the biba shorts [$154] - clearly rag & bone spoke to me with this gorgeous ensemble but how could they not? i am seriously in love with these print denim shorts. and if you're new to print denim, instead of committing prematurely to full length jeans, try the look out with some shorts first. 

marc by marc jacobs - back pocket small clutch [$298] - this man is seriously a miracle worker. how adorable is this clutch?! it matches perfectly with this outfit or can be worn to add some flair to a more toned down look as well. and if you are leaning towards purchasing this baby the lined interior is adorable with two patch pockets.

a peace treaty - yaluc earrings [$176] - these dangling gold beauties caught my eye with their mix of inlay and spikes. not stealing the show but adding to this fun and bold look these earrings are all i would wear as far as jewelry goes with this look. 

rag & bone - apollo suede high heel sandals [$595] - being a huge history fan anything with the word apollo in it has my vote already and this time i think i win. these shoes have a bit of suede to soften the color palette and make them stand out from your normal dark sandal. plus with an adorable button closure who could say no? i certainly couldn't. 

do you have lots of orange and tangerine in your closet or is it too bright for your taste?



there are some days that just get under my skin. days when all i want to do is just scream and not necessarily at someone but just scream in general. i feel like once in a while we are all entitled and in need of a good scream.

life can be so stressful, even the smallest things can somehow become show stoppers that mess with your plans and shake you to the very core. i always try to be a strong and confident person, but somedays i spend more time trying to convince myself of that then really feeling and believing it. ever feel that way?

well if you do, then go ahead and let it out. just give yourself the space and freedom to have a good scream. it really does work wonders but if it doesn't then hey, at least tomorrow is friday.