wedding wednesday [three]

happy wednesday. this week has been rather blah because the fiance has been out of town and doesn't get back until friday. it's strange, you get so used to sharing your daily life with someone that when they aren't there your day to day just seems off. plus i do miss cuddling with him too. but since today is wedding wednesday i'll focus a bit more on weddings than missing my other half.

i have been trying to envision my centerpieces lately, but i feel before i can create what i would like my centerpieces to look like i need to figure out whether my table numbers will be part of the theme or just serve their purpose. there are so many new and exciting ways to showcase table numbers i'm not so sure whether i just want the usual framed card stock or painted wooden numbers but maybe something a bit more interactive? or something that ties into the wedding theme?

[by the way, the silhouette and wooden log happen to be my favorites]

so what do you think?
go with the classics or add some flair and theme?



friday fancies [thirty-two]

i can't believe it's friday again but hey, i'm definitely ready for another weekend. this weekend will most likely be more of the usual, which means more wedding planning. i don't think i ever realized just how many details went into a wedding, but i am quickly becoming very aware of it.

one thing i am very excited for this weekend is the oscars. as a big movie buff and a lover of fashion one night where both combine is always worth getting excited for. i have heard lots of people talking about hosting oscar's watching parties and sadly i haven't gotten invited to any but that doesn't mean i still can't dream up an outfit, right?!

kenneth jay lane - black & gold leaf earrings [$72] - i have to admit, i planned this outfit around these earrings. i find them absolutely stunning. they are so classy and elegant and i wish they could hang on my ears.
alexis bittar - gold baroque coral resin ring [$225] - i have been eyeing this ring for a bit now and am so glad i could incorporate it into this outfit. gold and black have to be one of my favorite color combinations ever! this ring is so bold, with its gold detailing...simply perfect.
shoshanna - mackenzie one shoulder dress [$395] - the simple elegance of this dress definitely does not go unnoticed. i usually don't gravitate towards a one shoulder number but this red beauty caught my eye instantly.
b brian atwood - cassiane metal fringe sandals [$400] - with the outfit thus far bringing all your attention towards your upper torso i had to add some flair with these lovelies. the metal chains pack such a punch and the dark color definitely helps add contrast.
soo ihn kim - jinx cuff [$58] - this bangle does the same for the arm but on a much smaller scale as the shoes do with brining some color contrast with out overdoing it. 
rebecca minkoff - the amour clutch [$195] - lastly the clutch with its gold and black color helps tie in the overall look and does so with elegance. a good clutch always adds to an ensemble, just as this one does.

are any of you planning an oscar's watching party??


wedding wednesday [two]

hello and happy wednesday. i am very excited about...well it being almost thursday, actually. i have an appointment to try on wedding dresses tomorrow for the very first time!! eep!! i can hardly wait! and while on the subject of weddings i am planning a winter wedding, which leads me to ask just when does winter decor cross the line?

i have seen some adorable winter themed weddings and as christmas is my favorite holiday i am of course drawn to them. the fact that i can have a winter white wedding when i've never had a white christmas also makes me smile. 
so is incorporating pine cones a bit much 
or is there a way to do it tastefully?



reading is by far my favorite hobby. to be honest, i feel like the word hobby doesn't properly describe what reading means to me. to me reading is like breathing, dreaming, hoping and loving. when you open a book there is so much promise and as each page turns you can dive further into the world of the unknown allowing yourself to dream, hope and fall in love. with every breath, you breathe in the story as it unfolds and create the dream in your mind. reading is an escape. reading is an adventure. reading is a dream unfolding right before your very eyes.


weekend festivities

last friday was my stepdad's 52nd birthday so we all went out that night to celebrate. we had so much fun just enjoying each other's company while eating delicious food. it really got me excited for all that this year will bring!

what are you looking forward to most this year?


wedding wednesday [one]

i am tickled pink to be posting my very first wedding wednesday. since i have started planning the wedding i have quickly realized how stressful it is. i have also realized how great it is to have help and advice, which is where all of you come in. i always dreamed about a wedding but never really planned what i wanted and boy do i regret that. it seems like i am playing catch up and let me tell you, i'm way behind. so feel free to share any helpful tips, hints and links...they will be much appreciated.

i don't have a date nailed down just yet but i am most likely getting married december of 2012. i am really leaning toward that month cause down here in miami we really don't get much of a winter but if i don't want to be sweatin' bullets in my big white dress then there really aren't very many options. i am hoping to have the wedding in the beginning of the month but again it seems like i'm late to the party so keep your fingers crossed.

so far these are some images that have captured my heart and imagination...



hello lovelies! how i have missed you all so much. i realize it has been quite a while since i was posting regularly but i a extremely happy to say that i now have internet! currently i'm plugged into it [still no wireless] and i gotta say how thrilled i am after not having internet at home for more than a year.

we currently live in a temporary apartment and we used to have wireless through the association. late in 2010 they decided to no longer provide that service and since we figured we would be moving soon we never installed the internet. as time passed [and it passed so slowly] i realized there was no way i could survive without it. fast forward a few months of calling various providers cause apparently we live in an area where not everyone services and here we are : )

i think it is quite perfect that i got internet on valentine's day because i can tell all of you how much i love you all. blogging has become part of me. interacting with all of you is something i love and on a day all about love i want to say thank you!

i wish you all LOVE.


friday fancies [thirty-one]

this friday i wish i could be celebrating valentine's day but i have a friend's birthday party instead. i styled this outfit with red and pink on my mind of course but i think i could easily blend in at a party because the heart accessories blend in so nicely. 

lauren merkin handbags - louise raffia clutch [$200] - this handbag ties in the red heels quite nicely. plus i like how simple it is since this outfit has so many lovely details.
a.l.c. - rotating heart ring [$145] - this ring steals my heart. i absolutely love hearts so any excuse to wear one on my finger suits me just fine!
marchesa - strapless dress [$1,980] - this dress is the centerpiece of this outfit and how can it not be?! with the organza flower catching your eye immediately and sealing the deal with the lovely and quite neutral pink tone. it is so very flattering while being quite classic as well.
alice + olivia - bethie embossed pumps [$295] - these pumps add an extra kick to off set the dress. in case you thought i was being too safe.
ginette_ny - be mine pearl studs [$170] - and of course no valentine's day outfit is complete without some 'be mine' love.

what are your thoughts for valentine's day outfits? 
are hearts, red and pink too much to wear altogether? or are you all in when it comes to celebrating the day of love?



with everyone constantly asking when i'm going to start dress shopping for the wedding i can't stop thinking about my fitness regime, or lack there of. i used to be relatively fit [and by fit i mean that i actively worked out] but lately i can't seem to find any time to exercise. i definitely am happy with my current weight and don't feel like i need to lose any but i can't help but feel like i would like my arms to look toned in a strapless dress and if i do have a fitted bodice i would like my stomach to be a bit flatter.

do you currently have a fitness regime? 
did you start one during an important 
time in your life like a wedding?


what a mess

so i guess i'm completely past the point of apologizing for what an awful blogger i've been lately. life really has just taken me by surprise in an amazing and out of control roller coaster ride. i have been working hard at my new job, which i absolutely love, and it seems like i'm finally getting things down. and on the wedding front we have officially left a deposit on a church and have a meeting tomorrow afternoon which will hopefully result in a signed venue contract. i promise to share more details and photos as soon as all is official. to make it even worse i still don't have Internet at home but hopefully that will change by march at the latest. basically i'm a mess but hey haven't we all been there at one point or another?!