weekend in review

hello all and happy monday. normally i am already wishing i could rewind the clock to yesterday by this point but i do have a few good things happening this week and this weekend isn't looking too shabby either, meaning i am actually looking forward to this week. yay. but let me fill you in on all that happened this weekend...
as i mentioned last week, we had some friends over for st. patrick's day and i was determined to make the event as green and irish as possible. i searched for the very best corned beef and cabbage recipe, followed by a search for places where i could actually buy corned beef [and not the kind that you put on your sandwich] luckily i found some at norman brothers.
that night we headed to one of our favorite sushi spots, siam palace, to get our sushi on and by coincidence of course they also happen to make the absolute best lychee martinis. yum. my mom and stepdad joined us for dinner and she is the talented photographer behind this pic [hi mom!]
saturday i headed out to stock up on groceries for the festivities [don't miss the big head of cabbage on the top left] and for the week as well. of course i had to pick up a wedding magazine to add to my ever growing collection. i haven't really picked a favorite wedding magazine, so if you have one feel free to share!
then once back home the cooking began. i was so very happy with how the meal turned out i am planning to do a whole post on it so look out for that but i will share that an entire six pack of guinness went into seasoning the main course and it was delish!
and on sunday, after pilates and our weekly adventure to the movies [where we saw seeking justice] my youngest brother called to invite us over to a ladybug releasing party. it wasn't much of a party but it had to be the coolest thing i have done in quite sometime. they bought over 1,500 ladybugs to help with a pest problem they are having and released them on sunday evening. it was so beautiful seeing all of these ladybugs crawling and flying around. of course, you have to be ok with bugs, but even though ladybugs do have the word bug in the name they are hardly as icky as other bugs. 

did you do anything out of the ordinary this weekend?
and if you celebrated st. patricks day, 
i would love to hear the details!


  1. That's so cool about the ladybug party!

  2. What an amazing weekend! And I loved Southern Living Weddings–plenty of classic inspiration I know will be perfect for you! Now to reply to your sweet email!


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