wedding wednesday [six]

today i am asking all of you for your help. i have been spending almost every second of the day thinking about which of my two final photographers i like more when suddenly i realized, do i need a videographer too? i am still very new to this and i know that kind of thing was done in the past but lately all you really hear about are photographers. i do want to make sure i have my wedding as documented as possible though. i want to make sure it is a day we can easily look back upon and that we have ways to share that special day with our kids, but is a videographer an added expense i don't need?

so what i ask is that you take a look at this video and tell me, 
would you have a videographer?
ps: i think i almost cried watching this one. check out their site for more amazing videos.

Heather and Tomi from Free Mind Studios on Vimeo.


  1. Before you hire a videographer have a look see if there is something like this in the US Shoot It Yourself.My friends Bex and Adam had this for their wedding in December - Me and Mr Han were the videographers for the day - we were armed with a camera each (Which was hired from the company), we then video-ed the ceremony and bits at the reception like the speeches and the first dance. Then after the wedding you send off the cameras and then the company edit all the footage together.

    We didn't have a videographer and I do kind of miss the fact that we didn't have it but I'd instructed my friends to all bring their cameras so I had hundreds of pictures (I think just one set of pictures was about 150 pictures! My best friend uploaded them to my FB account while I was on my honeymoon - I'm a social media geek I can't help it lol)

  2. Okay so there is a link in that gap - it should direct to http://www.shoot-it-yourself.co.uk/

  3. We were lucky enough to have a friend record our wedding for us, which was great! But to be honest, I think we've watched it maybe twice in the two years we've been married? I think that having it on video is great, but I'm not entirely sure that the cost of videographers is worth it...well, let me rephrase that. Videographers like the one above are very talented and should charge that much money, but you need to assess whether or not you need a really elaborate video. I mean, it would be fun to show your kids one day, but I'm not sure you'd watch it more than a few times in your life :/

    That's just my opinion. Sorry I can't be much help...


  4. I don't know if you need one! I always find they look more dated than photos!

  5. Hello! Found you on Wedding Wednesday!
    Bear with me, I'm a photographer who's been to way too many weddings and has a TON of opinions. Hopefully this is helpful!

    I've watched my wedding video once in 5 years.
    In the end, I loved having the video because my grandparents weren't able to make it to the wedding. My Nana was too sick to travel, so after we got back from our honeymoon we were able to go and show them the video. I showed up at their house with my dress on and everything! That was really special to me.

    I used to agree with Kristin's comment above, about videos looking super dated. Now with DSLRs being able to do video, it really has changed the game. I'd suggest doing video for part of the time if you're going to do it, just the ceremony and for part of the reception, you really don't need video of everything and having a short montage is all you really need.


thanks for commenting, i sure do appreciate it :)