wedding wednesday [five]

my favorite kinds of weddings are the ones where you can really see the couple's style come through. i have been racking my brain trying to think of what ways we could possibly do the same. the first thing that came to mind are things i collect...keys, corks and movie ticket stubs. here are a couple of my favorite ways to incorporate keys into wedding decor.
how did or how would you make your wedding unique?


  1. Incorporating things you collect sounds like the perfect way to infuse a little of you guys!

  2. The keys are adorable! I like that they're something really solid and cool to hold on to.

    I have a pearl with diamond engagement ring, something I envisioned when I was little actually. So I'm finding ways to work in pearls, for example the cake will be dotted with little sugar pearls!

    Also, I collect movie ticket stubs, too!
    I started in 2001; the first I have is from A Knights Tale haha.


thanks for commenting, i sure do appreciate it :)