nine months to 'i do'

today marks nine months until our wedding and i couldn't be happier. things in my life might be completely chaotic right not but thinking pass the wedding, about spending the rest of my life with the person i love make me smile ear to ear! so today i want to share nine reasons why i love him...

1. i love when you send me random text messages during the day saying "i love you"
2. i love how when i ask you to do me a favor, you always ask for payment in the form of kisses [currently i think i owe you over a million kisses]
3. i love how you enjoy the movies just as much as i do. and what's even better is that you are willing to go every week to see something with me
4. i love how you try to talk sports to me even though you know it's practically a foreign language
5. i love how easily you can break down my walls and make any stressful day that much better instantly
6. i love the how even when i try to be mad at you, it never really works out for very long
7.  love how you consistently teach me how to place dishes in the dishwasher even though i never really understand it [which results in a new lesson almost twice a week]
8. i love how you have embraced disney [my favorite place on earth] and enjoy taking trips there with me as often as we can afford to

9. and most of all i love how it sounds when you call me your future wife


  1. This is a SUPER sweet post, and I absolutely love the last picture :)

  2. Jen, this post is so sweet!! I couldn't be happier that you've met someone you love like this!

  3. awwwwwww Jen :) this is so perfect. i'm so glad you've found your special someone :)


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