corned beef and cabbage and a six pack

if you are new to the blog then you most likely do not know that the kitchen and i have not always been on good terms. sure i can bake delicious pies and yummy desserts but other than boiling water [what the fiance calls making pasta] i couldn't really do much else. i was motivated to learn how to cook by a friend who could make just about anything and make it well. i bought a cook book and haven't looked back.

when we decided to have a low key st. patty's day and invite some friends over i knew i wanted to cook something irish, and there's nothing more irish than corned beef and cabbage [and a six pack of guinness]. i searched for a recipe that incorporated guinness because i absolutely love cooking/baking with alcohol. it adds a certain something that most can't quite pick up on and changes a meal for the better. and if you are thinking of trying this out i definitely recommend it! the recipe was so easy to follow and the finished product was delicious!
that was my corned beef right before i rinsed it, dried it and rubbed it down with brown sugar.
the recipe called for the brisket to be cooked in a dutch oven and to be completely covered in guinness. but as you can see, one bottle alone didn't cover it enough.
after three bottles it was sufficiently covered and ready to head inside the oven. i cooked my corned beef for over 6 hours and it came out so very tender. i also added my veggies about three hours before it was done. i couldn't fit all the potatoes, corn and cabbage in with the corned beef so i set them up [with another three bottles of guinness] in a separate dutch oven. 
the finished product definitely surpassed my expectations and left me eagerly waiting for next year so we can celebrate st. patty's day in true irish style.

have you ever made corned beef before?
I would love to hear how they turned out!


  1. See when you said corned beef I was expecting a tin of corned beef that looks like it was all chopped up and stuck back together again. Guiness is definitely an irish thing but I'm not sure what I would have picked food wise for Ireland.

  2. This looks so delicious! Horray to getting creative in the kitchen (and with such tasty results)!


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