baileys salted caramel chocolate pie

if the name itself doesn't get your mouth watering then wait until you see the pictures of one of the easiest pie recipes i have found to date! i had never made a dessert with a salted addition to it, if you will, but after practically devouring this pie i am definitely sold! it was pretty strange pouring salt on a perfectly good chocolate pie, but trust me, it makes it taste that much better. as i mentioned, this pie is so easy to make anyone really can do it! best thing about it...no baking required!

what you'll need:
then melt the chocolate:
whip cream and sugar together, add baileys, then add chocolate:
pour the mix into a chocolate pie crust, top with salt and refrigerate for 4-6 hours:

then enjoy the best chocolate pie you've ever had!
what are your favorite pies to make?

ps: i want to wish a happy birthday to one of my very best friends, melissa!


  1. Holy Mother of Delicious, this looks amazing!

  2. looks amazing! I love whipping up a pie haha


thanks for commenting, i sure do appreciate it :)