my friday fancies [thirty]

it feels so great to be back and linking up with {av} for friday fancies. this week we are posting about our color crush and i have to say my color crush lately is blue and gold. those two colors are my absolute favorite colors to explore with. today is my last day at work and i will be heading to happy hour with some work friends to wish me farewell then heading to a celebrate a friend's birthday and take in some nice miami winter weather.

one. parker - cluster tank dress [$253] - this dress is perfect for a fun night out celebrating with friends. i love the loose, t-shirt top mixed with the sequined bottom.
two. wgaca vintage - vintage chanel jewel necklace [$2,420] - with small accents of blue, green and white this gold necklace does just the trick of tying together this blue and gold outfit.
three. alexander wang - emile large satchel [$975] - this bag is big enough to pack quite a punch and the unique shape will definitely turn some heads.
four. dara ettinger - victoria stacking rings [$106] - stacking rings have been on my must have list for some time and these are so simple yet fun.
five. b brian atwood - laracca high heel sandals [$350] - i'm normally not for heel sandals but these beauties are a show stopper and paired with this dress they complete the outfit!

if money were no object i would mix blue and gold and indulge myself in my color crush of the week. i have some more scouting appointments for potential wedding venues scheduled for this weekend and monday as well since i have it off and then tuesday i start my new job...wish me luck!

what colors will you be wearing this weekend?


  1. oh my gosh that dress is amazing and how can you not love a vintage Chanel necklace. Happy Weekend!!

  2. um i am so in love with blue + gold.
    i think it has now been my new inspiration! LOVE.
    that dress is to die for :] & how cute is that bag. LOVE LOVE.
    & i agree if money were no issue i would def purchase this outfit!

    have a great weekend.


  3. How fun is that handbag? Loving it!! Have a great weekend.


  4. Oh my goodness I love this outfit! That blue skirt is gorgeous!!

    Loving your blog, you have a new follower :)


  5. Blue is my favorite color. LOVE that skirt and bag. Happy weekend!

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  6. i love that dress!! the blue sparkle skirt is just terrific. have a wonderful weekend jen!

  7. Blue is my favorite color! I love all of those accessories. Especially those shoes...swoon!

    Have a fabulous weekend,

  8. 1 and 2, obsessed! That dress is amazing! Would be perfect for a night out with the girls!

    Hope you have a great night!


  9. So fantastic for celebrating your last day! I know it'll be a spectacular weekend!

  10. Gahhhh that dress is beautiful.... I love anything with sequins!!! And blue & gold is such a pretty color combo! I actually did a wedding inspiration board that used those colors! What a fabulous friday fancies!



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