big plans

hello all! so this year has flown by way too fast already! as you might have read, i got engaged christmas morning and my life has been in fast forward since then. some other big news that happened just a few days after the engagement is i got an amazing job offer. i resigned from my current position and i will be starting a new job next tuesday. i am so very excited about all of this! big things are happening this year and i can't wait!

why has my life been so crazy recently? well these last two weeks are my last at FIU and i've been preparing for my transition out which has been ridiculously hectic. it's also been sprinkled with good bye parties and the like. on the wedding front i feel like i am already in panic mode. we are looking to have our wedding in november/december of 2012 and i thought that meant i had tons of time but some places i've looked into are already booked! i feel like i need to find a church and venue for the reception by this month or my head is going to explode! on that note if any of you lovely readers have suggestions for me please feel free to share...

so how have all of you been? i am so happy to see i have some new readers, make sure to send me links to your site so i can pass by and say hi.

hope this new year is treating all of you right and remember to dream big!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! So exciting to be engaged AND to start a new job! Good luck finding a venue for the big day! It will happen when it's meant to be :)

  2. wow! what big plans for 2012! congratulations on all fronts! take a deep breath. you can do it...don't be afraid to ask for help. congrats again!!

  3. glad your year is starting off on a good note, good luck on the new job!

  4. Oh congratulations! I've been pretty out of the blogging loop so I didn't know you've been engaged. Great news with the job too!

    Very happy for you.

  5. seriously when it rains it POURS! congratulations to you!! xo


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