wish wednesday [fifty-one]

hi all and happy wednesday! this week kate spade is having a sample sale and i let my heart wish of all the sparkly and lovely items i would purchase if i could, but instead i selected a few of my favorites to share with all of you...enjoy!

one | two | three | four | five | six

what are you wishing for this week?



ok so it is no secret that i have a serious disney obsession, but if you were raised going there as often as i was, i am sure you would love it too. disney is and will always be my happy place. it is a place where i can be a kid, happy and all smiles. so when i stumbled across this video my heart leapt for joy!

what is the cutest proposal you have heard/seen?


MANIC MONDAY [Natalie from Lucy and the Runaways]

i hope you all had a great thanksgiving weekend, i am so happy today to present the talented Natalie...

Hi all, this is Natalie Leung from the blog 'Lucy and the Runaways'.
 I've been blogging since April 2011, as a creative outlet for myself. I've studied Fashion Design in college and since then I've worked in Fashion Buying for 2 years and worked as an intern for some famous Australian Designers.

I prefer blogging though, because the community is kind and supportive. I've decided to move into blogging full time, also taking on a fashion internship with a fellow blogger, and working part-time in a bar.

My style, as I like to describe it, is 'tough feminine' - that is, I love my feminine heels and dresses, and pretty hair and make-up. But most of the time I add a bold lipstick, or a killer stud heel, or a tough leather jacket. I also like to play with colour, colour, colour!

My blogging advice will be to definitely keep at it, blog success does not happen overnight, and also, to always be kind and compassionate to others.


friday fancies [twenty-eight]

today is black friday and i will be spending sometime at the shops with my mom getting a few last christmas gifts. i started christmas shopping early this year so i only have about four people left, including the bf. hopefully i'll be able to find some stuff and maybe even a little something for me [yay]. but tomorrow we are getting all dressed up and hitting the town to celebrate our friend's 33rd birthday and if i had all the money in the world i would definitely be sporting something like this...
james perse - off the shoulder dress [$195] - i love off the shoulder dresses and tops because i think shoulders are so very sexy. not to mention this dress hugs your curves and definitely makes you look stellar. a fun version of a little black dress to add to your closet.
kenneth jay lane - turquoise clasp necklace [$396] - this necklace is the statement piece of the ensemble. i absolutely adore it! maybe it's because i am drawn to anything blue or perhaps cause it really is just gorgeous!
tory burch - envelope clutch [$375] - i am in desperate need of a killer black clutch. something simple yet sassy and i think this one is just perfect. i love the envelope look too!
alice + olivia - bethie snake platform pumps [$295] - you can never have too many black pumps, and these snake skin ones are delish! i swear alice + olivia can do no wrong.

what do you normally do on black friday?


thank YOU

on this thanksgiving day i am thankful for my loved ones, my health and all of YOU. i would like each and every one of you to know how thankful i am to have you as readers. i hope you are enjoying this day and a big THANK YOU to all.


wish wednesday [fifty]

i am so very happy that wish wednesday has made it to its fiftieth post! woo hoo! i created wish wednesday to share with all of you the wonderful things i wish for every week. i must admit usually wish wednesday is filled with clothes, shoes and accessories but hey what can i say, i am a fashion addict. and without further ado, here is my 50th wish wednesday...

what are you wishing for this week? 
[snow perhaps, i know i sure am!!]



this picture totally describes my mood today. i am all smiles for various different reasons. remus is four months old today and cuter than ever. i am picking up my little brother from school today and then the family [my dad's side] is coming over for dinner since they are going out of town for thanksgiving. this week is a short week meaning tomorrow i will start baking some pumpkin pies for thursday. and then THANKSGIVING! 

what's making you smile today?


MANIC MONDAY [jamie from making the mundane magical]

hope you have a fun short week and enjoy a lovely post from jamie...

Hello there! I'm Jamie and I blog over at Making the Mundane Magical. I'm so excited to guest post for Jen today! She's one awesome chick -- but of course you guys already know that. 

I thought it would be fun to share my current obsession with you: wreaths! In June, I decided to make it my new project to make a wreath for every month. This project is taking longer than expected due to life being life, but I'm still having so much fun with it! Here are a few that I've finished so far: 

This one is for August. I used all of my husband's old textbooks that we couldn't sell back. It was the most time consuming craft I've ever done (and my favorite)! I made the paper flowers while watching TV or taking road trips so that it seemed like I wasn't wasting time, haha. 

This one is for July. I wrapped it with old bandannas. 

This one is for November. I found the fake leaves at a thrift store. My cat, Anita, approved. 

This one is for December. All materials were found at the thrift store (I love that place). 

The rest of these are my inspiration for the rest of the year: 

Felt balls for January.

Doilies for February. 

Green foam balls (found at hobby lobby) for March.

Scrap fabric for April.

Felt flowers for May. 

Old ties or painted acorns for June, still can't decide. 

Yarn and felt for September.

Polaroids for October.

If you have any good ideas for wreaths I would love to hear them! For most of the wreaths I shared today,  their tutorials can be found here. Thanks for letting me share my obsession with you! Have a great Monday!


sunday truths [thirty-four]


Chaos is a name for any order that 
produces confusion in our minds.  
-George Santayana


friday fancies [twenty-seven]

today is friday and i am so very excited that it means we are that much closer to thanksgiving and the holidays. today i have a thanksgiving pot luck at work and i am really looking forward to having some turkey with cranberry sauce. later on this evening i am going to a wine tasting at the little liquor store we frequent and i would love to wear this snazzy number if money were no object!

diane von furstenberg - new krystie cover up [$265] - this week {av} gave the challenge to mix and match. now i am a bit of a matchy-matchy gal so this was a bit hard for me but this dress has an amazing combination of colors and prints and caught my eye right away. if i was trying to get out of my own style bubble then this would be an excellent first step. don't forget to check out the gorgeous back!
kenneth jay lane - coral link necklace [$80] - i wanted to bring out the burst of color in this dress and decided the best way to do that was with accessories. this necklace comes in various colors and i could do an outfit for each one of them. i so love a nice chunky and bold necklace. 
be & d - argen satchel [$868] - this bag matches perfectly with the necklace while not clashing too much with the dress, earrings and shoes. something bold but not overpowering. 
vanessa mooney - the big barbie stud earrings [$29] - i have had my eye on these studs for quite sometime. i mean look at them...what do they not match with?! 
k. jacques - delta thong sandals [$224] - these sandals look so simple and delicate not to mention they are in my absolute favorite color. lately remus has been chewing on my sandals so i am in need of some new ones [hint, hint].


wish wednesday [forty-nine]

hello wednesday! my week has been so hectic but an end is in sight...only a few more days until friday rolls around. i'm actually pretty excited for this weekend cause i have a work pot luck on friday and a lovely date night with the bf on sunday. but today is wednesday so i get to let my mind wander on the beautiful items i wish i could add to my closet this week.

since the weather has been getting a bit cooler in miami i am seriously lusting for a nice cable knit sweater. it's hard to buy winter clothes in miami cause a true winter does not really hit us, but hey i can wear a cable knit sweater with shorts...right?

and of course no fall/winter outfit is complete with out some booties! i absolutely love the slightly distressed look of these booties and the exposed zipper. moving along on the black theme this gorgeous wrap watch and tory burch iphone cover are right up my alley and don't even get me started on the rebecca minkoff pouch! you're impossible...well i am, depending on who you ask ; )

anything you are wishing for today lovelies?


climbing up the ladder

what a cute and clever way to use your shoes to help decorate while adding color to any little space. 

do you use shoes, clothes or any other items 
to decorate your rooms?


MANIC MONDAY [Joelle from Where We Love is Home]

to get us thinking about the upcoming christmas holiday, Joelle is here to share her wish list...

Hi everyone! I'm Joelle from Where We Love is Home, and Jen has so graciously asked me to post for Manic Mondays today! Now that it's November, I have no shame in the fact that I am seriously Christmas obsessed. I'm already ready to start bringing out my Christmas tree and start ordering peppermint mochas from Starbucks. But don't worry, I'll control myself. For now.

I have no shame in admitting that I've already started my Christmas wish list though! I thought I would share with all of you a few things that are on my list this year.

I own a pair of regular green TOMS and I absolutely adore them. I wanted a pair of their crocheted flats, but I think they discontinued those, so these will have to do. Aren't they fabulous though? And they look so comfortable!

I have a pretty silver watch from Fossil, but funky watches are really in these days. I'm seriously loving this fabulous leather cuff watch from Urban Outfitters right now. It's just so pretty and different!

A Gift Card to Modcloth

I've been swooning over Modcloth's dresses and skirts for a long time now, but I have yet to buy anything. These three are just a few of the thousands of dresses on their site, and I want every one! They have such a unique and retro feel to them, but without being too fussy or outdated. TheyĆ­re classic, which is exactly my style.

These are just a few of the things on my Christmas wish list for this year, but at least it's a start! You can stop by my blog at the beginning of December to see the rest, and to link up your own!

Thanks Jen for having me here! And I hope you all have a beautiful week.


friday fancies [twenty-six]

hi there and welcome. today is friday and i have the day off...YAY! hopefully most of you do too. today also marks {av}'s 50th anniversary of friday fancies posts and even though this is only my 26th link up i am joining in on the golden fun. i wear gold on a daily basis and really most of my closet has some kind of gold accent. but instead of doing the traditional all out gold post i decided to do a more toned done version instead. i think this little number is something anyone can wear, even if you aren't a gold fanatic like i am.

susana monaco - sequin party dress [$275] this dress is so feminine my inner ballerina was all smiles when i stumbled across it. i love the pleated bottom paired with the sequined top. it is so simple yet very elegant. the perfect dress to wear for any occasion since you can dress it up or dress it down.
juliet & company - deux dates earrings [$35] these earrings continued my gold theme while adding a bit of pink and neutral tones to the color palette. they are also more antique looking which matches nicely with the overall posh, elegant look.
anya hindmarch - valorie clutch [$650] this clutch was the perfect accessory to compliment the look while stealing enough attention away from the overall outfit. the neutral colors don't clash with the outfit and it has a hint of gold to keep the theme going.
giuseppe zanotti - peep toe t strap pumps [$595] these peep toe pumps have caught my eye in the past and i was happy i could finally incorporate them into an outfit. i love the look of these t strap pumps, they make any outfit a bit more sexy if you ask me!

do you have any big plans for 11-11-11??


disney recap [animal kingdom]

i have been so excited to share these pictures with all of you! i absolutely love animals and this trip i got to see some amazing ones up close and personal. first though, i have to share this stellar tree lady. she was nestled into the trees and blended in so well she gave most passing people quite a fright. she had stilts on her hands and feet which made it easier for her to position herself as a tree. her makeup was phenomenal and i just stood there watching her do her thing for a few minutes and was totally inspired. what a great costume this would make for halloween next year, right?
as we moved into the park they had nature trails and jungle treks where you could see animals roaming around and that is exactly what we did. we spent sometime walking through to see the tigers, bats, elephants, giraffes and so much more!
i hadn't been to this park in a while and i fell back in love with it instantly. even if you aren't much of an animal lover it has some wonderful views and such detailed backdrop it is definitely worth a visit if you're ever close by.
well i hope you enjoyed the photos, i had a great time experiencing and sharing it all with you. have a great thursday and chin up....tomorrow is FRIDAY!


wish wednesday [forty-eight]

wednesday...you're here! well today i am trying to spend some much needed time catching up with school and various 'to do' lists but i wanted to stop by and share a few things i wish i could add to my closet today. after spending the weekend in orlando and experiencing temperatures below 60 degrees for the first time this season all i can think about is winter! i can't wait to bring out my scarves, jackets and uggs. we don't have a very long winter at all down here and most days start off cold but by midday it's back in the 70's which means you learn to layer so you can add them on at night and take them off during the day.

but still a good scarf can be worn even if it's not too chilly out....

what are you wishing for today?


disney recap [food and wine festival]

happy tuesday! so today marks 35 days until graduation and i truly could not be any more excited. i feel like once january rolls around i will have so much more time on my hands. but until then i still have to bust my behind and turn in two papers this week. plus i had a work event last night, one tonight, class tomorrow and thursday night and one last event on saturday night. need less to say, i came back from my vacation and didn't have any time to recoup! 

we had such a fabulous time in disney, spending three whole days eating and laughing.  i tried to take more pictures of the delicious things we ate and drank while at the EPCOT food and wine festival, but the food and drinks didn't last very long. it felt like i spent all day friday eating and well i guess i did since i ate some delicious things like chicken souvlaki with tzatziki, candian cheddar cheese soup, maple and moosehead beer glazed salmon with barley salad, frozen dragon berry coladad, clack pepper shrimp with sichuan noodles, pork pot stickers, a happy lychee, escargots persillade en brioche, new england lobster roll, lobster and scallop fisherman's pie, kerrygold cheese seletion, honey meade and rosa regale. WOW?! in my defense most of this was shared and the portions were the perfect size to satisfy you without filling you. 

after enjoying the food and wine festival we hoped on over to another park to watch my favorite closing show, fantasmic! it was just wonderful even though it was below 60 degrees, something i had definitely not anticipated. on saturday we spent the morning shopping and in the evening we went to magic kingdom.

we ended the trip with animal kingdom on sunday which was such a great time! i took lots of pictures so make sure to stop by on thursday to see the rest of my disney recap!

ever been to a food and wine festival? 
what were your favorite delicacies there? 


MANIC MONDAY [cornflake dreams]

happy monday, we have jillian over today from cornflake dreams...enjoy!

hello there! it's jillian from cornflake dreams, a life and style blog from chicago. i am so excited to be guest posting on life spelled jen! lately i have been busy with lots of exciting stuff...balancing my new job with blogging, planning my 2012 summer wedding and decorating my new condo! my fiance, h and i shared an apartment before we bought our condo so living together isn't a new experience but i am still trying to mesh our styles. one thing we both love is a mix of modern and vintage pieces. in terms of decorating we're minimalists but we love to have pieces that have lots of detail and a story.

my fiance h has a collection of typewriters! i love the vintage charm of the old machines but because of their weight and size it can be a little tricky to find a place for each one (he has five!) in addition to typewriters i have a few bee things, and i love elephants (i blame that on my obsession with india). 

do you have any quirky collections? 

jillian of cornflake dreams 


sunday truths [thirty-two]

as always enjoying disney so much. it is so wonderful being here with my grandma since she hasn't been here in 10 plus years and is so very excited to see and experience everything.