MANIC MONDAY [Kendra from Dancing in the Rain]

happy halloween everyone! here to add some color to this fun day is the adorable kendra, take it away....

Hi Lovelies! I'm Kendra from Dancing in the Rain! I'm so excited to be with you on this very Manic Monday. Life has been a bit crazy lately with some unexpected hiccups (I just had brain surgery a few weeks ago- I know! So crazy! You can read about it here.) but I'm fine now and ready to share with you what I've been obsessing over for the past couple of weeks...


I just love them! In every color! 

I don't know about you, but when I was in elementary school colored jeans were all the rage and lets just say I had every color (I rocked the purple slimfits). 
What a great way to spice up an outfit
I still have yet to get a pair of these bright bottoms (I'm kind of picky), but there are tons of places to grab some! Just head to JCPenny, Urban Outfitters, Forever21, or Old Navy! Thanks for reading! 

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sunday truths [thirty-one]


i am loving enjoying disney with my brothers.
seeing it through their eyes makes me realize that you really never are too old for fairy tales. 


Friday Fancies [twenty-four]

happy friday! i have been so busy lately and i just wanted to thank all of you for sticking with me! my life has been so chaotic and i seriously cannot wait until december so i can spend much needed time catching up with all of you. this week i had some papers and such to write for school before the weekend since i am leaving to disney tonight to celebrate my little brother's 10th birthday! i cannot believe how much he has grown!

since i will be away this weekend i will be missing out on all the halloween fun which is why i am very excited to link up with {av} to dream up the perfect halloween costume! i love halloween and dressing up, usually i go for vampire or pirate but this year i dreamt up something very nice...

and of course no costume is complete without some fabulous accessories...

vanessa mooney - spear me necklace [$62] - this necklace is just the thing to add some flair to the costume without taking away from it. it adds to the theme with a bit of a modern twist.
tory burch - fur mini bag [$495] - how adorable would this fur mini look as a cross body bag while attending some fun halloween parties?! it is the absolute perfect bag to match this costume!
diane von furstenberg - weaver suede wedge boots [$444] - these wedge boots will look great when peaking out beneath those fur leg warmers. i would paint my toes a dark color to keep with the warrior look too.

what are some of your favorite halloween costume ideas?


wish wednesday [forty-seven]

lulu dress split halter dress oversized pocket blouse beach club blazer in a haze blouse

hi wednesday. so happy to see you. i am counting down the last few days of this week because i will be leaving to disney [again, i know] on friday after work. even though the weather lately seems to be getting a bit cooler by mid-day the sun comes out and you begin to shed whatever layers you left the house with. that's why what i am wishing for this wednesday are outfits you can easily add to or wear as is depending on what the day looks like. 

these adorable dresses both felt very sexy to me and i loved the addition of the brown belt to both to accentuate the waist. you can pack a cute cardigan in case it gets chilly, otherwise bare your shoulders and enjoy the last bits of sun this year has to offer.

the white oversized blouse and chambray button down seemed so effortless. perfect for those days when you want to quickly throw something on and still look fresh and fun. these tops are the perfect canvas to later add to with fun jewelry and such. and last but not least, this blazer is the perfect addition to any outfit needing an extra punch of color.

what helps get you through your week?


night prowler

i just discovered urbanog while bored in class last week, anyone of you shop there? well while browsing through i came to a halt after these night prowler leggings demanded my attention. i have always been on the fence with animal prints. at times i love it, other times i feel a bit more hesitant. 

what are your thoughts on animal print?



being a huge lover of movies i am happy to have hannah stop by and share her fave's 
[one of which is mine too...care to guess?]

Hey I'm Hannah from The Scribbles of GirltaristHan and Instagram Dreams. When Jen was asking for guest bloggers I was very excited to join in. I was however stuck on what to blog about - but then I had the inspiration to share some of my favourite films with you.

First up is Because I Said So - it's a proper chick flick with a happy ending (they are the best one rights!) I can't actually count how many times I've seen it but it's been a lot! Not only do I love the story line I also love the outfits and the sets used in the films. So I wanted to share it with you.
Because I Said So - Milly's Loft
{via - the link should work but I was having trouble with it}
I love the idea of a chalkboard on the front of the fridge - then again our kitchen fridge has magnets all over it collected from different places we've visited.
I love how so many of the costumes (and the cake at one point!) have polka dots as part of them. 
I even have my own red and white polka dot dress now!

Next up is The American President, this is one of my Mum's favourites - we often watch it on our girlie nights or when we're doing craft around mum's dining room table (mainly because we've seen it that many times we don't need to worry about focusing on the TV!) Well you need some romance other wise a political film gets boring - then again the main storyline is the romance!
Every movie president has to make an epic speech - well this is Michael Douglas's one. 
(My Mum quotes it lol)

Last one is 10 Things I Hate About You - it's over 10 years old now but was one of my favourites as a teenager. Loved the Angry Chick music (and still do lol).
How young do they all look! And if you watched Numbers you'd notice how different David Krumholtz looks. (second from left if you're completely confused)
"Your eyes have a little green in them" - well at least at this point Kat (Julia Stiles) is doing her best to hate Patrick (Heath Ledger) and it doesn't really work - this picture is from a blog post about The Worst Endings Ever - well I never thought that - it was a typical chick flick ending.
Awesome prom dress :) I had a dark blue one for my Year 11 Prom but it wasn't as nice as Kat's


friday fancies [twenty-three]

i cannot believe it is friday today. where did this week go? i am not complaining at all, but wow, i feel like it seriously flew by. this week i got to purchase my cap and gown for graduation. it was so very exciting. it makes it all so real. sometimes i still feel like december will come and there will be some technical hold up that will stop me from graduating. but hey, i have my cap and gown and i passed out my five tickets to the family!

so i finally jumped on the bandwagon and got on groupon this week. this lovely, little italian place by my mom's house which the bf and i have gone to often had a great deal at half-price. so i went ahead and bought it and we are going tonight with another couple. they have this fabulous pumpkin ravioli and with this little cold front we are experiencing it will definitely feel like fall tonight!

today for my friday fancies {av} is doing a PINK theme in honor of breast cancer month. my grandmother is a breast cancer survivor, so i of course will be joining in. i was not always a pink kind of girl, so i wanted to design an outfit for all those ladies out there that do not like wearing the color. there are just so many shades of pink out there...so go ahead and have some fun with it!

alice + olivia - petunia bell sleeve dress [$330] - i have always been a fan of all things flowy. this dress drapes the body very nicely. the cropped sleeves allow for some arm candy too. i like the high neck line, and even though i didn't style this outfit with a long necklace, it would definitely look very nice. 
diane von furstenberg - harri snake patch clutch [$350] - this bag is just fabulous! i love the bright pink snake skin detailing as well as the different striped combination.
noir jewelry - fan ring [$165] - the rose gold trend is definitely still in. and as it is slightly pink, wear it with pride this month. i like to wear oversized rings, they pack such a punch.
gorjana - pharaoh earrings [$53] - these earrings are perfect to compliment the outfit while not overdoing it. i love the textured look they have too.
alice + olivia - miranda suede platform pumps [$295] - i fell in love with these pumps right away as soon as i saw the adorable bows. the color is perfect for the upcoming fall season and matches nicely with the wooden heel. 

what are your weekend plans?

ps: i still have a few spots open in 
november and december to be featured on life spelled jen, 
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MANIC MONDAY [Shana - Color Blind]

check out this fashion forward diy by shana....

Happy Monday friends!..Shana from Colorblind here....I am so honored and excited to be spending a little time with all of you! Isn't Jen amazing...she's like wonder woman...I really admire you Jen and I thank you for letting me spend some time with your friends!

Like Jen, I am a fashion addict...I have been thrifting all of my life and recently more than ever began sharing my love, tips, and thrifting tricks with everyone! Like most, I don't have a lot of money to spend..yet there never seems to be an end to the things I want and have convinced myself and my hubby that I NEED! So...today I wanted to share with you one of my newly found tricks to wearing this seasons most coveted item, the Fall poncho, for under $5!

Yep..I REALLY wanted the one from H&M...but $40 just seemed a little much for something that looked like a blanket so guess what I did?...I hope that you enjoy and if you find yourself making a poncho please share it with everyone! You can find me at (www.colorblindblog.com) and I look forward to you meeting all of you!

Step OneStep Two
Step Three
Step Four
Step five
Step Six


color love: aqua

blue is my favorite color, really any variation of it will always draw my attention. but aqua is just such a pretty color. i feel like it can be worn in any season and definitely is the perfect accent color when decorating. i know blue tends to be associated with 'the blues' but aqua really makes me smile.
what color makes you smile?

friday fancies [twenty-two]

friday. you're here! at last! i cannot begin to tell you how excited i am that today is friday. i have been so swamped lately. yesterday i had a midterm and we convinced the teacher to let us take it home, so that was nice, but school is still taking up so much of my time. 

this weekend i am excited to meet up with a friend for lunch on saturday. she hasn't met remus yet and i haven't seen her little one in so long so we are planning a nice outside date. later that night the bf and i are having a nice little date and if the weather cooperates i would love to wear something like this...

james perse - vintage sweatshirt [$135] - i am such a comfy kind of girl. with fall starting to slowly creep up i cannot wait to pull out some sweaters and start dressing them up with pumps.
j brand - maria powerstrech legging jeans [$190] - i really am still loving the trendy colored jeans. i don't own legging jeans yet but i am trying to find some cute one. these really look wonderful. i love their cut and of course their comfort level.
club monaco - brianna skinny belt [$39] - a simple, thin black belt is priceless!
elizabeth and james base suede platform booties [$395] - i modeled this outfit on these booties. i LOVE them! the suede blue color of them matches great since blue is my favorite color. and of course the flip over pattern is adorable. any booties that i can lace up seriously have my heart!  

what are your weekend plans lovelies?

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wish wednesday [forty-six]

happy wednesday. i feel like this week is moving so slowly. that's probably because last week was only a three day work week for me, between disney on friday and my car dying on me on monday. this week i am hoping to get back to normal with my school routine. i feel like lately i have been leaving everything to the last possible minute. i have a midterm coming up so i need to start focusing in school, at least for the next week or so.

but since today is wednesday, let me tell all of you what i am wishing for today. recently all i can think about wearing is something comfortable. it still isn't too cool down in miami but i tried to wear a sweater on monday and well i didn't melt so that's a plus. but it also has had me thinking of pairing sweaters with shorts or a skirt to avoid being so hot and allow me to wear a comfy sweater too.

this sweater is the perfect top to go with the adorable white scalloped lace skirt. it provides a comfortable and casual alternative to the cute and feminine bottom. i also love how the grey and white look when accented with the leopard skinny belt. when you add the peach pit shades and yuma reversible bag you've got yourself a perfect look for the transition from summer to fall.

how's your week going so far?


Disney Recap

hi all. i have been oh so swamped lately but i am back [hopefully] to reality meaning work and school. blah. but hey i get to share all the fun i had over the weekend celebrating the bf's birthday in disney. we left early friday morning [which is his actual birthday] and got to disney by 9am. we dropped off remus at the pet kennel, checked into the hotel and went straight to epcot.

we knocked out most of the rides by noon and spent the rest of the day eating and drinking our way around the world. i was so happy to find out that some of my favorite drinks and foods from last year were available this year. i go to indulge in some escargot in france, mead in germany, a happy lychee in china and a berry colada from the caribbean's. by 4pm we had eaten ourselves into a serious food coma so we walked back to the hotel and took a power nap before our dinner reservations at 8:30pm. we had a wonderful birthday dinner at a restaurant in the japan pavilion where they cook right in front of you. it was absolutely delicious! after dinner we walked along the boarwalk hotel and discovered a dueling pianos bar that was so much fun. we spent about two hours singing our lives away. it was the perfect end to a long day of fun.

on saturday we woke up to stormy weather but since i had packed rainboots i was ready to hit the parks. we spent the day in the magic kingdom which had a good amount of people there even with it raining off and on all day. we had to end our fun at the park by 4pm because we had dinner reservations at the animal kingdom lodge at 6pm so we headed to the hotel to shower before dinner. we went to jiko which was so beautiful inside and the food was great. we sang happy birthday to the bf one last time and ended our last night in disney by having a nightcap at the bar in our hotel.

we had such a great time, probably one of the best trips ever. 
my disney obsession continues : )


MANIC MONDAY [meg of henning love]

happy monday to everyone! today the lovely meg from henning love will be sharing a quick and cute diy....

Happy Monday everyone! I am happy to be helping out Jen today with her blog and spreading a little creativity into all your lives. I wrote a little blog called henning love and I like to focus on DIY projects, recipes, and a little bit of everything else that I enjoy and love. Today, I have for you all DIY napkin rings with wooden.  With the holidays coming up and entertaining that is frequently done, I wanted to give you, Jen's followers a simple and easy project that can help decorate your holiday table.

For this project you will need some beads, I used wooden ones because that is what I had available but you can use any other types :-) Also you will need some wire, wire cutters and a tube or sturdy tube to wrap the wire around to create the perfect circle. I had a vacuum tube lying around and it wasn't too big or too small of a width for a napkin ring.

First, you need to wrap the wire around your tube, just one wrap around of the wire. But overlap the ends and cute the wire a little bit longer than just one wrap, this will help to secure the napkin ring with the beads.

Then slip the beads onto the wire and continue until the entire wire is filled up. With the last bead tuck the ends of the wire into the bead to secure it and not allow any wire to scrap or poke someone because that wouldn't be good.

I did these napkin rings all with different beads to give variety. Then when you set your table, your napkin rings will look like this!

Thank you Jen for letting me help you out today with a guest post. And please everyone come visit me over at henning love :-)


sunday truths [twenty-eight]

i am having a fabulous time in disney and so sad that we are leaving, 
but the outlet malls are calling.

how is your sunday going?