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wish wednesday [forty-five]

hi there. welcome to wish wednesday. the day where i share what i wish i could add to my closet. since we are technically in fall i am very excited that i will hopefully be able to wear an adorable tweed blazer like this one very soon. since it is still so hot in miami, pairing this blazer with a racerback tank will help me beat the heat and still look very cute. and that skirt is seriously so adorable. i am totally loving pleats this season and since blue is my favorite color this pep rally skirt has my name written all over it. i really wish i could buy it [hint,hint to anyone out there]. of course no outfit is complete with a purse. usually i wouldn't go with a chain bag, but this orange one is too cute to pass up! this outfit would be perfect for anything really, a date night or long day at school/work. what would you wear something like this to?

are you a blazer kind of girl or more of a cardigan wearer?



one of my favorite trends [that i am hoping will transfer into the fall] are bright colors. i loved incorporating bright pinks, fuchsias, oranges, yellows and cobalts into my life. some of the fall trends i have seen so far seem to have the warmer tones and of course lovely nudes but i am really hoping that bright colors won't be something left solely as a summer trend.

are you still loving brights?


photo dump [image heavy]

happy monday lovelies! how was your weekend? mine was pretty fabulous. i got to hang out with some friends i hadn't seen in a while and i celebrated my grandma's birthday with a lovely family brunch on sunday. i am so very excited that next week begins my first feature series MANIC MONDAY!

since i haven't shared ella's [yes my iphone has a name, doesn't yours?] photos with you lately i thought i would do a quick photo dump. i have saved a whole mess of remus photos so that he can have his own post, so these are remus free but full of my cats, food and my day to day.

[i really wish i wasn't allergic to cats]

[laugh if you must, but i'm obsessed with vampires]

[love this song]

[my cats are the cutest]

[my very own karate kid]

[she's such a lover]

[why do cats think they are statues?]

[every so often i can be crafty]

[second generation gymboree baby]

[fat cat]

[trains are very cool]

[love this romper and those wedges]

[miami buildings are beautiful]

[friend fun]

[i wanna be a gypsy]

[flowers make me more productive]

[i love sunsets]

[movies make me smile]

[yellow, orange, white and green]

[my favorite book of the series]

[soup and rescue me]

[i love those so much]

[baby feet and shoes are too cute]

[i officially own an apron]

[i seriously love this little one]

[my brother is in high school - i'm in denial]

[movie marathon]

[apparently i have super strength and broke my key in the lock]

[coke in bottles are pretty cute]

[doing groceries makes me happy]

[this adorable cutie is mason]

[orange in bloom]

how was your weekend? anything out of the ordinary?

and make sure to email me if you are interested in being featured on Life Spelled Jen


sunday truths [twenty-six]

If you do not raise your eyes you will think that 
you are the highest point.  
- Antonio Porchia


friday fancies [twenty-one]

hello friday!  today i am taking remus for his first vet appointment since being home and i have to say i'm a bit nervous. if he gets the all clear we can finally introduce him to the family and begin taking him outdoors to socialize him. later on tonight i will be meeting up with some friends and heading out for some drinks and fun.

if it was fall [which i can't wait for] or even a bit more cooler out, i would be wearing something like this...

juliet & company - mirage necklace [$150] - i feel like bib necklaces are such a wonderful addition to any outfit in need of a pick me up. this casual and cozy number gets instantly dressed up when you add this glam beauty to the mix. i love the layers and mix of chains, it's stellar.
velvet - caryna jacket [$150] - this jacket seems warm while still wearable in miami which makes me want to buy it so bad. i love wearing cardigans and jackets and to me every fall outfit should have one.
levi's vintage clothing - 505 jeans [$285] - i wear jeans often, at least weekly. most of my jeans have holes, are loose and can roll up at the ankle, which is a must since i'm a shorty. these jeans are practically perfect for me. i would love to put them on after a long day at work and dress them up with pumps.
ash betty - mini pony haircalf satchel [$235] - this little wonder is so very cute. i love the handle and details and believe it or not i even love the size. i am an oversized handbag kind of girl, but this tiny thing is too cute to pass up.
rag & bone - lovell platform booties [$495] - i have a few pair of booties in my closet and i can't wait until it's cool enough to wear them. i love the heel on these and that they lace up. they seriously tie the outfit together, casual yet sophisticated. 

do you prefer jeans or dresses/skirts for a night out on the town?

don't forget to ask how you can be part of my new feature series MANIC MONDAY.



i recently stumbled across these on pinterest and fell in love with them. i love the contrasting colors and the look and style of these fabulous ladies. not sure if it's just me but i am always such a fan for an out of the box style shoot.


help me!

so as all of you have heard by now i am so stressed. between working nine to five, school six to nine, taking care of the new pup, being a girlfriend, daughter, sister and friend i have no time for anything. this is where all of you come in....

i am starting a new series featuring all of you! the series will feature a different blogger every monday, which is one of the busiest days of the week for me. i have had such an amazing time meeting all of you on blogland and spent countless hours falling in love with your blogs, that i figured this would be a perfect way to share your blogs with others.

and of course the added benefit is that you will be helping me survive until graduation in december. if you want to take part in my new feature series send me an email []

wish wednesday [forty-four]

hi all and happy wednesday. after announcing our big news on monday i have had my hands full keeping up with our adorable puppy. he is also teething and getting used to being in a new home so night time is a little hard.

school has been kicking my butt as usual. there is just so much to do, i really hoped that my last semester would be a breeze but it definitely isn' all. luckily i don't have class next wednesday so i at least get a small break which i am totally looking forward to.

but since today is wednesday it means we are half-way to the weekend! yay! and it also means i get to share with all of you what i am wishing for today. since i live in miami our fall/winter isn't really much of a season change as most, but i have to say it has been a bit more windy lately even though it is still mostly in the high 80's. regardless, all i can think about are cardigans! i love cardis and i haven't worn one since about may so i cannot wait until the temperature drops down a bit so i can wear a lovely little number like this...

cardi handbag boots

what item from your 'fall' closet are you excited to wear soon?


the ideal date

i was recently thinking about what my ideal date would look like and even though various ideas came to mind one was pretty predominant. it would be a beautiful day in winter. cold enough that i could wear a jacket but not too cold so that you would be uncomfortable sitting outdoors. the sky would be spotted with beautiful white clouds and it would be slightly windy. we would go to a beautiful cafe and sit outdoors, eat, drink, talk and laugh for hours. and of course some beautiful, fresh flowers would be included. 

what does your ideal date look like?


introducing: remus

happy monday! this weekend was absolutely fabulous because we got to pick up our big surprise! REMUS! he is an adorable two month old husky pup. we have been anxiously awaiting him for more than a month. we searched all over the internet for different breeders and finally found him about three weeks ago. we are so very happy with him and i have to say i am totally in love. his beautiful blue eyes, huggable fur and playful demeanor has me head over heels.

[disclaimer: i am completely obsessed with him and have to say i will probably be posting pictures of him all the time.] 

but seriously isn't he adorable??


friday fancies [twenty]

yay it is friday again! i am hoping today goes by pretty fast because i have not been feeling well all week. i could either be getting sick or the more likely alternative is that i am allergic to the adorable kitty we have adopted for a 'trial run.' i was really hoping she could stay and last week i did so well, but the last few days i have not been able to breathe and i've been sneezing constantly. i really am so sad and in a bit of denial, i don't want to let her go.

this week has been a bit of a blur too, i have a feeling every week until graduation in december will be a bit of a blur. yesterday i spent the evening at a happy hour networking event. i have a love/hate relationship with events like that. i can be a social person but it is pretty hard for me to walk up to a total stranger and introduce myself. last night i did a bit of that and i think i even surprised myself. i met some very nice people and of course a few odd balls too.

while i was getting ready to leave i was standing in my closet putting an outfit together that i definitely did not own and knew that was the look i wanted to show all of you this week on friday fancies, so here it is...

alice + olivia - sonia side zip dress [$242] - this style of dress is really one of my favorites. i love how feminine it looks while still showing off some great curves. the sleeves are lovely and that deep v cut in the back makes this dress transition nicely from nine to five into happy hour. 
marc by marc jacobs - infinity bracelet [$88] - i am seriously loving the color contrast with this bracelet and it goes so well with the nude dress and amazing pumps.
westward - the wanderlust satchel [$795] - this satchel caught my eye right away. it doesn't call for too much attention which means you can pair it with an outfit and not draw attention away from it. but yet the detail wins you over and makes me at least fall head over heels for it.
marc by marc jacobs - small infinity necklace [$118] - to match the fabulous bracelet i chose the long necklace so that it does not interfere with the neck line of the dress. again the gold contrasting with tortoise shell is one of my fall favorites. 
rachel zoe - dasha platform pumps [$295] - i saw these pumps about a week ago and have been so in love with them. the color combination of this whole outfit is pulled together in these pumps. they are a fall must have.

what colors are you planning on wearing this fall?


color love: orange

orange is such a fun color. depending on its shade it can be the orange of the sun and represent summer, the color of a pumpkin and represent the fall, or even the color of beautiful blooming flowers and represent the spring. as summer comes to somewhat of an end here in sunny miami, orange is a color that will still be present in my wardrobe and in my home decor.

what season does orange represent for you?


wish wednesday [forty-three]

one & two
this wednesday i am so excited that we are half-way through the week. i have a rather big secret that i will be sharing with everyone this weekend [if you follow me on twitter]. i promise to share it on the blog on monday, but the bf and i decided not to say anything just yet. i am so excited and can barely wait until saturday but since today is wednesday i am satisfying my urge to shop by sharing some lovely finds with all of you.

clearly i have blue and gold [my school colors] on my mind. i am just really loving that combination recently. i feel like it is helping me mentally transition into fall after a summer full of fun colors. and wow i can barely believe we are in the middle of september. this year has flown by. school has been insanely stressful so i'm hoping time keeps going by quickly.

three, four, & five

let's give a little school pride shout out, 
what are your school colors?

don't forget to check out my fall favorites while i guest post on 
dancing in the rain

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