sunday truths [twenty]


i've always said that i would not change one single thing in my life 
because then i wouldn't be who and where i am right now. 

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friday fancies [thirteen]

happy friday! this week has not been as bad as the last few. school was pretty dull, nothing was due so that was a plus. spent some much needed time with the bf in bed watching tv monday and tuesday. and even got some sleep [i haven't been sleeping well at all].

the big exciting thing that really made my week started last friday when i purchased harry potter and the chamber of secrets. i started it that very day but didn't read too much over the weekend. on tuesday i dove in and finished it that very day. wednesday, after stopping at two different book stores, i purchased years three through seven [and by thursday i had finished harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban and started the goblet of fire]. i am completely hooked and loving it.

this weekend i do not have any big plans but i would love to spend some time walking through miracle mile or maybe coconut grove and enjoy some summer night air and lovely skies glittered with stars. this outfit is what i would wear if a night of exploring the city was ahead of me.

one [minkpink behind enemy lines tie shirt] i have been in search of a loose fitting white blouse for months and this one is just perfect. i love the buttons, adorable pocket and the tie front. 

two [elizabeth and james lucien trouser pants] these pants are a more amazing replica of a pair that i have in my closet. i swear i must wear them weekly and am completely obsessed with the adorable nautical look...not to mention gold buttons.

three [marc by marc jacobs turnlock small katie bracelet] gold is my go to color. i wear it very often and this thick gold bracelet makes my heart leap.

four [diane von furstenberg tonda sliced leather clutch] this clutch caught my eye right away. the gold details and deep orange color are so magical together. it bring a nice touch of fall into the look while still making it look fresh.

five [l.a.m.b. novice wedge pumps] these pumps are gorgeous. i am a huge fan of pumps, mostly so i can keep myself steady, but truly these nude pumps make this look complete.

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new adventures in the kitchen

i am proud to say that i have recently purchased a cook book! i am absolutely in love with it. i have always been a huge baker but never really tried my hand at cooking, until recently. with school until past 9 two nights a week, i have been trying to cook at home at least twice a week and have decided to share my meals with all of you!

introducing: pork piccata with spinach and mashed potatoes

 this recipe took no more than twenty minutes to make [and included wine in the sauce] which made it both quick and great tasting. we each ate two pork tenderloins which left us both feeling full but not over stuffed. since the bf doesn't like to eat anything green [silly boy] he left all the capers and gave me all the spinach, which i was very happy to eat on his behalf.

if you like these recipes then make sure to purchase this amazing book:


wish wednesday [thirty-seven]

last week i talked about having legs for miles but if you only stand at 5'4 like me, then these funky pumps will help you get the height you need. i know some of these are a bit too wild for everyone, but sometimes you have to walk on the wild side ladies. happy wednesday.

one two three four five six seven eight
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color love: cobalt

blue. it has been my favorite color since as far back as i can remember. i was never one of those pretty pink girls growing up, even though i must admit in the last couple of years i have had a small love affair with the color, but blue [especially cobalt] has always had my heart.

what colors are you currently loving?


bangle fever

i have very small wrists, so i must admit i don't often wear bracelets but lately i have loving bangles and cuffs. i love that they naturally look big around the wrist and that you can move them up and down your arm to achieve a different look.

one two three four five six seven

are you a bangle kind of girl?

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sunday truths [nineteen]


rise above the noise

happy sunday

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friday fancies [twelve]

FRIDAY you are finally here...at last. i feel like i say that every friday but this week has gone by at a snail's pace and i feel like i have nothing to show for it! i was supposed to start back up at the gym and i didn't. i only cooked once this week (tuesday and thursday i had school and wednesday we celebrated my little brother's belt promotion in karate) which left me feeling quite lazy and i haven't even packed the bf and i lunches since tuesday. but what i did do was write a two page case paper for mattel, take a test last night after class, put together and present a presentation on the russian hotel market, answer 40 comparative questions for four companies located in emerging markets and write a five page analysis paper comparing them. so yea i guess lazy isn't really isn't the right word...exhausted is more like it, mentally exhausted.

i am so glad to be done with all of that and looking forward i don't have anything else due for school for another two weeks...yay! which brings me to this weekend, no big plans yet but i will be heading to the movies which is a sunday tradition the bf and i have started. i'm hoping to watch some tv and maybe pick up some harry potter books and start reading the series (i read the first one for school back in undergrad).

as it is friday, i am linking up with {av} and funny enough her theme for this week is the lwd (the little white dress) which is what i dreamed up last friday. i decided to let the new lengths in fashion inspire me and this is what i came up with.

kenneth jay lane sapphire prism pendant necklace [$88] i love the color of this necklace against the bold gold chain. it is fabulous. definitely something i can wear everyday and for special occasions.

tory burch jude suede platform pump [$295] love. i am in love with these pumps, i mean look at them?! that heel is to die for and if i had $300 to spend i would in a heart beat.

alice + olivia carmela draped tube top [$198] i say this every week but miami is scorching and this flowing tube top is just darling. and have i mentioned i have a fascination with white tops? well i do. a serious one. 

marc by march jacobs house of marc jacobs snappy satchel [$378] on the topic of obsessions marc jacobs is a staple of my life. and this little satchel is too cute. the inside it pretty cute too, check it out.

bcbg maxazria the nouveu pleated skirt [$348] ok now seriously bcbg is an obsession! if i could live in their clothes i would. and i wander into the store anytime i'm in the area just hoping i can convince myself to splurge and buy something. but this skirt is just beautiful. i love the colors, pleats and mesh. a total must have!

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pps: what are your weekend plans looking like?


legs for miles

i have always wanted to have the kind of legs that i am proud of. i envision them to be long, lean and well defined. measuring in at 5 foot 4 inches my legs definitely do not go on for miles. those tall beauties i catch on the street or grazing the runway make me realize that as women we are truly blessed with so many glorious features, our legs being one of them.

whether you have the kind of legs that go on for miles, if you are on the shorter side like me, or maybe you absolutely hate to exercise, the one thing you should know for a fact is that you are a woman and beautiful for it!

happy thursday lovelies!


wish wednesday [thirty-six]

i am trying my very hardest to survive this week. this week i have been beyond swamped. i have a 5 page paper due tomorrow and a test. yesterday i was out of the office all day in meetings and all i want to do is sleep or maybe watch tv. at the very least i want some time to just disconnect and relax.

this wish wednesday i am all about fun and summery dresses. i love the bright colors, pretty florals and fun cut-outs. lately i feel like all i wear are dressed, but really how simple are they?!

one two three four five six

how has this week been for you lovelies?


kebab'n it up

some of you may already know that the kitchen and i don't always see eye to eye. i love baking and i do eat often, but cooking isn't something i do with any frequency. i have been trying to change that recently. as the months tick away until school is finished (in december) and i will have my evenings back, i can no longer avoid the kitchen. that being said i have recently been inspired by val to explore cooking and eating new things too.

kebabs are so fun to eat that i figured it would be fun to cook and a nice way to ease into cooking more elaborate meals. i decided to make val's hula kebabs with a small change, instead of kielbasa i used steak. it was so fun and easy to make, i really enjoyed myself. and it was so delicious! the bf and i have decided it must be added to our dinner rotation, as soon as i have one that is.

the colorful ingredients
this was the first time i ever bought and cooked onions or peppers!

pineapples are one of my favorite fruits!
introducing the kebabs:

do you like to cook? 
do you ever add fruits to your meals?


the evolution of spots

even though we are in the middle of summer and here in miami we are lucky to experience a day below the 90's i have my eyes on spots. i absolutely love stripes and spots, but spots just seem so fun to accessorize with. looking around my favorite thing about spots (mostly leopard prints) is how many different varieties exist. i love how they can be used as an accessory, like a scarf or shoes, or as a statement dress.

introducing the evolution of spots
one two three four five
what is your favorite way to wear spots?


sunday truths [eighteen]


Sometimes it takes a different kind of dream to make you smile


friday fancies [eleven]

happy friday everyone! wow does it feel good to say that...friday....finally! i felt like this week would never end. it wasn't a terrible week, all in all, but for a while there i wasn't so sure i would make it through. so glad that i finally did and that i have two days of relaxation ahead of me.

tonight i am heading to another wine tasting and then pizza with some friends. saturday i am hoping to visit a friend and maybe even relax a little. and sunday i am waking up and heading straight to the movies (hoping by then the HP lines have died down a bit) to see harry potter. i seriously cannot tell you how excited i am to watch that movie. i was trying to see all of the movies again, but i couldn't find them...oh well.

this week {av} decided to make her friday fancies theme one reminiscent of summer. i know summer normally calls to mind bright colors and prints but to me nothing says summer quite like white...and spaghetti straps of course! down here it can be in the 90s for days so something white and loose fitting is the only way to survive the summer heat.

one two three four five
i am loving how sexy and feminine this dress is; also how it can go from day to night is an added bonus. this purse is perfect for the summer months when you really aren't sure what kind of trouble you can get into. it fits the summer essentials perfectly...a book, sunglasses, sunscreen, swimming suit and a cardi too.

what outfits scream summer to you?

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tent party

i grew up always trying to build little forts and special hiding spaces out of boxes and the like when i was little. i stumbled on this photo recently and it flooded me of memories of my childhood and how much i wish i had an experience like this. 

one of my favorite girlie movies is the holiday and i was completely captivated with the splendid tent the girls had in their room. i am trying to promise myself that i will make sure my daughter at some point in her life has some kind of tent or special place to herself.

did you have a special place when you were a kid?


wish wednesday [thirty-five]

this week has been pretty hectic. i feel like school and work are becoming harder and harder to tune out when i am home, i hate it when that happens. i have also been bouncing in and out of meetings and not necessarily on campus which means lots of driving, which i am not particularly fond of. maybe i take driving for granted but i wish i didn't have to drive as much as i do. i love traveling to places were the most popular form of transportation is by foot! but hey today is wednesday which means i get to share some lovely items with you and celebrate the middle of the work week too!

one two three four five six
what colorful and brights items are 
new to your wardrobe recently?


piano keys

i used to play the piano when i was younger and i truly enjoyed it. but silly me, i was afraid to play in any recitals, so when they pushed me i quit. looking back i wish i would have stuck with it, i find the piano to be one of the most elegant instruments out there.

that being said, this adorable kate spade clutch can be styled with a fun outfit or a conservative piece too. i love the look, especially the clasp. it even looks like it has a pretty roomy interior, which is hard to find in a clutch.

what instruments are your favorite?

and are you loving this clutch as much as i am??


make the attempt

"that which is never attempted never transpires"
- jack vance


sunday truths [seventeen]


sometimes leaving your past in the past is the hardest thing to do. but in order to live in the present and dream about the future your past must remain your past.

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friday fancies [ten]

this weekend will be a mixture of events and relaxation. the bf and i had a non-stop weekend last week spent with my family in disney so we are in serious need of some snuggling and movies. we didn't get to satisfy our weekly movie fix so this weekend we will definitely have to catch up.

we also have a baby shower on sunday, or i guess i do since it will be an all girls event. he will be hanging out with the dad-to-be and the rest of the guys. i still have to pass by and pick up a present from the registry, if there is even anything left. i also have a good friend from high school coming down for her birthday on sunday. she still isn't set on any plans but i will have to balance a baby shower and birthday if she has her heart set on sunday.

i thought this outfit would be prefect if i have to jump from a boy/under the sea themed baby shower to a sunday evening out on the town celebrating a good friend's bday.

what plans do you have for this weekend?

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drinking happiness

not sure if anyone else agrees with me, but there is nothing like coke out of a bottle. i absolutely love this country style photo. the bf is a fiend for coke and this crate would make such a nice gift filled with other little goodies for our anniversary.


wish wednesday [thirty-four]

i have been trying so very hard to save money and not buy every beautiful thing i see, and believe me i see so many beautiful things! i really hate to save money, mostly because i love to dress up and i love to decorate and those are two costly hobbies. i absolutely love wednesdays because i get to share with all of you the lovely things i wish i could buy. it helps to wish and share rather than oogle alone on cyberspace.

these are the fun pieces i wish i could add to my closet this week....

one two three four five
what are you wishing for today?


home again

this weekend was a nice little escape from my current reality and the frustrations accompanying it lately. i was glad to spend some time with my brothers, even though they are hitting those 'talking back' years. and i especially enjoyed being in the happiest place on earth with my love. we absolutely love going there and always enjoy it so much!

we ate delicious ice cream which helped cool us off. it was supposed to be storming all weekend but we did not get a single dark cloud, instead it was mostly a sweltering and sunny day in the 90's.

we rode the new winnie the pooh ride, which i really enjoyed! that's the bf moving the honey around so that you can catch a glimpse of tigger!

we got to se our favorite couple! and they really are so cute! i love taking pictures with mickey and minnie, they make me smile so so much : )

and we got to see amazing fireworks and my two favorite shows, fantasmic and the lovely lights show you see above!

how was your long weekend?


movie monday

happy monday and happy july fourth to all of you who celebrate it of course. i am not sure if you all know this about me but i absolutely adore movies. i go to the movies at least once a week and even though i don't have a netflix account i am constantly renting and watching movies. i have decided to share my love of movies with all of you by selecting a few movies i have my eye on and showing you their trailers.

to kick this week off i have selected some which i think have a little kick in them, to say the least, in honor of our firework filled holiday. enjoy.

salvation boulevard


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sunday truths [sixteen]

"experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you."
 –aldous huxley

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guess where i'm at?

i am very excited to say that we are going on a spur of the moment trip to disney! i know it may not be much of a surprise since i go so often but to me it truly is the happiest place on earth. i hope you all have a very lovely weekend : )


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friday fancies [nine]

this weekend i will be celebrating the fourth of july and the independence of our great nation. i, as of yet, still do not have any plans but that doesn't mean i can't dream up a beautiful red, white & blue themed friday fancies outfit.

this outfit would be just the thing for celebrating the fourth of july with a drink in one hand and a sparkler in another (that is if you aren't a huge chicken and scared of sparklers and matches for that matter like me!).  with the miami heat in full swing i would stay cool with the gorgeous back this romper offers. and i am absolutely loving the new open style of this lovely michael kors bag. complete with statement earrings, to-die-for wedges, and a posh wide brim hat i would say my dream outfit is just perfect!

what are you lovelies doing to celebrate?

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