looking back


“look back, and smile on perils past.”

-sir walter scott


wish wednesday [thirty-three]

hello lovelies. i have decided to do a special edition for this week and show all of you my amazing birthday gifts! i was really excited to get such great gifts this year and have been wearing them non-stop since tuesday.

1 my dad got me a precious black bone tiffany key which is perfect since the two things i collect are corks and keys! 

2 the adorable bf got me a killer michael kors bag which is just my style, with gold accents and all.

3 my mom got me the perfect little black purse, except it isn't so little and with a the traditional kate spade flair the interior is polka dots!

what are you wishing for this wednesday?



"in the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar."
evelyn beilenson


this picture make my heart melt and skip a beat all at the same time. 
if i had to come up with a picture of what love looks like this would be it.


birthday recap

hi there...remember me? well with my birthday last week life has been crazy to say the least. but alas i am back and will be filling your senses with pretty little things. i thought i would start the week off on the right foot by sharing a little recap of what the bf and i did on my birthday.

i turned twenty-four last tuesday and to celebrate i took the whole day off! i woke up early to have breakfast with my dad and then took him to the airport, met up with my mom for some birthday shopping and then headed off to the salon to change up my hair (cut it a bit and dyed it chocolate brown). after i went home and relaxed before the bf came home to swoop me up for dinner. we went to flemings and it was delish!

i had such a fun day spending it with the people i love. it wasn't full of festivities, probably for the first time in a long time, but it was quite perfect in its simplicity - my favorite birthday so far!

what was your favorite birthday like?


sunday truths [fifteen]


let your love fly


friday fancies [eight]

this weekend can technically be considered my birthday weekend since my birthday is tuesday the 21st which means i plan on acting like it is. this outfit would be perfect for a nice evening with the boyfriend spent eating, drinking and laughing the night away.

i love maxi dresses. they are comfortable and always look so trendy and chic. with all of this summer sun everything in miami is blooming luscious green which i would love to incorporate into my summer style as you can see with the green flats and green bag.

one two three four
what summer colors are you incorporating in your wardrobe?


sunday truths [fourteen]


on this beautiful sunday i hope you all can find beauty in your lives...


friday fancies [seven]

well this friday is pretty special because i will be attending a happy hour fundraiser for the sabrina cohen foundation for stem cell research. sabrina is an amazing woman who is really trying to make a positive change in this world. in an effort to help her i emailed all my friends and asked that in lieu of celebrating my birthday this month that they join me to support her cause this evening. i really hope she has a great turn out and if you feel up to it, check out her page and feel free to donate.

since today will be a pseudo-bday celebration i want to wear something fun and girlie. this dress caught my eye right away, i love the print and cut of it. i am always wearing gold jewelry so it's no surprise i picked these bold cc zkye accessories. and to top it all off some cayenne suede booties!

one two three four

are there any causes or foundations you love to support?


wish wednesday [thirty-two]

in honor of our white hot miami heat this week wish wednesday is WHITE HOT! my go to (and favorite) outfit has always been wearing white tops with jeans or bottoms of any color. i love how simple it looks and how many options you have when choosing accessories. with the heat wave we are experiencing down here white has become a staple in my wardrobe and these beauties would fit in perfectly!

one two three four 

what's your take on wearing white? love it or hate it?


test day

later tonight will be the first test of my summer semester and i am so not ready for it! i really should have studied more during the weekend, but i always find it so hard to. does that ever happen to you? i just always seem to find better things to do than study, like watch tv or go to the movies....let's face it, anything is better then spending your weekend studying!


ps: don't forget to link up whatever it is you are wishing for tomorrow! 
whether it's clothes, a new pet, a vacation or anything really : )


monday mantra

happy monday lovelies. hope your weekend went well, mine was quite busy and fun. we went to a wine tasting on friday, my brother's communion saturday followed by dinner with my mom and stepdad. then sunday we went to a friend's house for a bbq and came back home for some lovely pizza while watching the heat beat the mavs.

last night while getting ready for today and the rest of this week it occurred to me just how busy the upcoming days will be. i tend to stress over the slighest things so it is quite easy for me to feel overwhelmed, luckily i work best under pressure. but nonetheless i felt like i needed a mantra to get me through this week and while searching for some lovely inspiration i found this...

this week my mantra will be 'inhale love, exhale hate.' i haven't been dealing with too much hate lately but with a heavy load at work and at school, making time to exercise and see my friends, spend time with my boyfriend and both my families...i often feel like i am being pulled in a lot of different directions. that result is me feeling like i 'hate' my situation, or school, or work, or the pressure of it all. in reality i love my life and truly feel that my current state has been the happiest ever, but stress does get the best of me. this week i am determined to 'inhale love, exhale hate.'

what are some things you do or say to get you through a rough week?


sunday truths [thirteen]





i wish i lived in the french country side. 
i feel like this is exactly what those wonderful women look like. 
classic and beautiful.

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