sunday truths [twelve]


i have the day off tomorrow which i am really excited about. hope all of you do too, but if not happy sunday.


friday fancies [six]

Friday Fancies
one two three four five
today i am thinking about red, whit and blue as memorial day weekend is upon us. i am so very happy i will have monday off so i can relax and recharge my batteries. the next few weeks will be pretty hectic both at work and at school, so i want to make sure i can survive until my birthday (june 21st).                                         this is the lovely outfit i would be wearing if i had an amazing party to go to this weekend, but since i don't i will probably just be hanging out with friends.      



i may not be married yet but i absolutely love babies and cannot wait to start a family. but this was not always the case. coming from divorced parents i was always a little reluctant to believe in happily ever after and that meant bringing kids into this world wasn't on my to do list.

when i graduated college i began working at gymboree and at first spending every day with tiny humans was a bit scary and intimidating. i liked kids, each little child i saw was a tiny miracle, i just wasn't sure whether it was the kind of miracle i was hoping for.

thankfully as i grew and worked more and more with these tiny humans i fell in love with them. it came to a point when i could not wait to bring life into this world. speaking honestly, i still get nervous about what my future may hold but now i know that children are one of the many miracles i hope for in my life.

what miracles do you wish for in your life?


wish wednesday [thirty-one]

hello lovelies. i am so happy that today is wednesday because it means the long weekend is almost here! i don't have any big plans for this weekend except hanging out with friends, watching some great movies  and hopefully spending time out on the water.

even though summer doesn't officially start until next month (on my birthday!), summer is in full swing here in miami. these picks were so perfect for the weather and current feelings down south. these light pinks or bright corals can be interchanged on a whim as long as you wear shorts or a skirt so you don't melt, of course!

these shorts with embroidered watermelons are ideal for a hot summer day or even a picnic in which watermelon might actually be on the menu. with stripes always on my mind, i am loving this colorful striped skirt, which can be paired perfectly with anything from a white tank to a pattern clashing top. 

one two three four five
what summer colors are you wishing to wear this season?


stone me

i stumbled upon these gorgeous stones earlier today and have since fallen in love with every single color kate spade offers them in. i think they are gorgeous statement earrings that can be worn to make you stand out or blend in with any color combination you wish.

one [amethyst] two [tourmaline] three [peridot] four [lapis] five [kunzite] six [ruby] seven[emerald] eight [aquamarine]

what are your thoughts on these beauties?

ps: don't forget to link up to wish wednesday tomorrow!


sunday truths [eleven]

always fight for the people you love. 


friday fancies [five]

happy friday! i am so glad it is friday and surprisingly so this week went by pretty fast. as only my second week back to school comes to an end i cannot wait until this december when i will finally graduate and be done with my mba and night school!

tonight my friends from school are getting together like we do at the end of every semester (yes we ran a bit late as we already started school again last week) to grab some drinks and have some fun. we see each other on a weekly basis but don't always go out together so this is a nice time to enjoy each other's company without whispering during class. it's also nice to meet our significant others and hang out in a group setting.

one [$48] two [$68] three [$98] four [$115] five [$395] six [$358]

i put together the outfit i would wear (if money was no object) to tonight's get together. we are grabbing drinks at a new place inside merrick park (which i am secretly scoping out for my birthday festivities next month) and if that place is a dud we are bar hoping around coral gables instead.

i love this outfit because it seems like the perfect way to end your school and work week. it is loose and comfortable while still having wonderful accents and amazing wedge sandals too!

what are your weekend plans looking like?

ps: thank you to all of you lovelies who helped me out by leaving amazing, helpful comments about your own friendships on yesterday's friend or foe post. Love you all so much for that!


friend or foe?

i've never been the kind of girl to have tons of friends. when i was in elementary school i jumped around to three different schools before the eight grade so it made it a bit difficult to develop those strong childhood bonds. getting into high school i met a good group of girls through my boyfriend at the time. we dated for six years and when our relationship ended so did my friendships with them. it was hard losing friends i had once felt close to but i had made a few other friends in high school which helped me get through it.

during college our lives changed, people moved, and it became harder to stay close friends with the girls i had once seen on a daily basis and shared so much of my life with. looking back at those years now i can distinctly say i had two to three girls that i considered to be my best friends. the kind of friend that knows everything about you, that has helped you through difficult times, that knows the real you and still loves you.

unfortunately we fought and friendships faded. some came back but not all of them. this past week as i sat at my desk a familiar face appeared outside of my office window, a friend from my past. we had been so very close once upon a time. we saw each other through the darkest points in our lives. that meant we also were at the lowest points of our lives together and at times i think that is why our friendship blew up. we were both going through so much turmoil, sometimes it was hard trying to distinguish between friend or foe?

she asked if she could speak with me, and we did just that. we spoke for only about ten minutes which mostly consisted of awkward pauses. we hadn't spoke for almost two to three years. it turns out she is moving out of state in a few months and did not want to move and leave things the way they currently are between us. i valued her effort but i am so cautious. i have been hurt so many times by my so called 'friends' in the past that i am very reluctant to hear her out.

i am just not sure whether this is her trying to hurt me again or perhaps she has changed. i know i have changed and feel it would be hypocritical to not give her the benefit of the doubt. i am just so confused as to how i feel about her sudden reappearance and what i should do henceforth? we are grabbing coffee next week and i feel like this situation is the only thing i can think about.

have you ever had a friendship that went sour? did you ever speak to that person again? can friendships truly come back to life?


wish wednesday [thirty]

this week i have been trying to incorporate bangles into my wardrobe. i have found that it is much easier to do on the weekends. i can be more bold and wear lovely statement pieces like the ones above when i am letting loose on the weekends. during the week and my nine to five grind have to be a bit more upscale and proper. also i have found that wearing bangles gets in the way when i type...does that happen to anyone else while they work?

regardless these beautiful and bold bangles are calling to me this week. to me bangles like these remind me that summer is right around the corner. they add the right amount of flair for any summer day, whether it's shopping or heading to the beach.

do you enjoy wearing bright bangles? or do you prefer less bold and colorful bangles to accessorize with?
wish wednesday [thirty]
one two three four five six seven eight nine


the power of words

last week during my marketing class our teacher showed us this video and honestly i was at a loss for words. this video moved me so much. i immediately wanted to share it with everyone i knew and quickly started showing it to my co-workers, family and friends. they all loved it and some almost cried.

i had wanted to blog it that very moment but with the loss of internet at home and then the blogger issues i wanted to wait until today to share it with all of you as a way to say whatever you are going through this week remember others are going through something similar or unfortunately worse, so chin up and smile. 

hope you all enjoy the video and do pass it on if you feel moved to. it definitely made my day and i've watched it every day since.


color love: pink

growing up i was never one of those girls that loved pink, my favorite color was always blue. i loved wearing any shade of it and would not be caught dead in pink. funny thing is i wasn't a tomboy, i was just anti-pink. but recently i have absolutely fallen head over heels for PINK!

really any shade of pink is currently calling to me. i love the pale, hush tones of the light pinks. how they can make anyone look feminine and sweet. at the same time those bright, in your face pink tones are the perfect accent or statement color for any outfit. they grab attention while making you look...well...pretty in pink (i couldn't very well do a post about pink and not use that line).

one two three four five six seven

how do pinks make you feel?

any colors you are lusting over this summer?


sunday truths [ten]

loving those scrabble pieces.

happy sunday.



well i hadn't mentioned this much just to be cautious but my step mom and i planned a surprise party for my dad on his birthday last weekend. it was so fun and he was very surprised! we had it at this wine bar we love, cavas. they offer delicious wines and the best selection of cheeses. i am also a huge fan of their sandwiches. if you have one in your area i suggest checking it out, but be careful if you don't pay attention to how much you are drinking it can get kinda pricey.

a co-worker of mine was nice enough to do some adorable party invites (she really is fantastic, you should check her out over at amarticus) and i got everyone to rsvp to me so it wouldn't raise any suspicions. i purchased some happy birthday candles and cupcakes to celebrate with and later on completely devour.

it was a great time and he really enjoyed himself. happy birthday dad!


wish wednesday [twenty-nine]

hello lovelies! well this wednesday i am still wishing i was in sunny and relaxing sanibel but instead i am stuck here at work with a small window about 8 feet up so i can't even catch a glimpse of the lovely FIU scenery.

i am wishing for a lazy day where i can wear this beautiful maxi dress while enjoying some shopping and fun with the bf. maybe this weekend i can go out on the town and attempt my own rendition of this lovely ensemble. but because i am a bit of a shorty i couldn't decide between these beautiful and exotic flats and these gorgeous wedges perfect for this sunny summer weather.

usually i either opt for statement earrings or a necklace but once i found these earrings i fell in love. for under $10 you cannot go wrong with these beauties which add that perfect flair without taking too much away from the dress.

one two three four five
do you prefer to wear wedges or flats with maxi dresses? 
i would love to hear from people of all heights : )


sanibel recap

well there really is no way to describe my trip to sanibel, other than completely amazing. it was so very relaxing and exceeded all of my expectations. we left late tuesday night and arrived just in time to fall asleep. once we woke up wednesday our nonstop eating and laughing began. we had bought some food before we left miami and tried to cook at least on meal per day in the 2 bedroom loft apartment we rented.

for all of the other meals we ate out in sanibel and captiva experiencing all the amazing food they had to offer. most mornings we headed to the lighthouse cafe where we ate things like their whole wheat blueberry pancakes, their homemade strawberry jam and by far the best breakfast potatoes i have ever had!

for lunch we mostly cooked hot dogs, pasta, fish we caught on the island, quesadillas with homemade guacamole and more. surprisingly so we always had room for dessert over at pinocchio's which has been a sanibel tradition for over 30 years. their homemade ice creams are delicious, but my favorite by far was their carrot cake ice cream!

and our dinners were always the perfect blend of sanibel homemade cooking and fun! starting with the never ending menu at the island cow where we ate gator bites, ribs and hush puppies over to a more upscale dinning experience at the mad hatter. but one thing i strongly encourage you to do (other than eat at every restaurant i have mentioned) is stop for dinner at the bubble room. it is such a fun time with elaborate decorations and club scouts for waiters. their desserts are HUGE slices of pie so make sure you save room for them, even though starting off every meal with bubble bread will make you want to spoil your appetite on that alone.

we were able to enjoy the serene beach and drive along the coast to catch the sunset. i must say this was by far one of my favorite and most relaxing vacations ever! i enjoyed every second of it and can't wait to return. if you are ever looking for a relaxing break from your own version of reality, consider sanibel. you will not regret it!


hello reality

hi dolls! how have all of you been? i have to say as much as i LOVED being on vacation i did miss interacting with all of you! i wanted to say a big thank you to my fabulous guest bloggers jillian from cornflake dreamsamanda from samantha holiday{av} from long distance loving and stephanie from femmena mala. they were absolutely amazing so make sure you check them out.

so now that i am back to reality i am looking back at my vacation and realizing how truly amazing it really was! we arrived late tuesday night after a dinner stop at cracker barrel (where i devoured three sides of spiced apples) and the fun, sun and eating did not stop until we hit miami on sunday afternoon.

our days consisted of breakfast (either cooking or going to lighthouse cafe), heading to the beach for a few hours, eating lunch, relaxing and then dinner (where i would eat and eat and eat!) and of course some shopping! i took some pictures but my camera died and i packed the wrong charger so i don't have as many as i wish i did. i will get them together and post them soon so make sure to stop by!

how is everyone doing? i've missed you all!


sunday truths [nine - a guest post by Stephanie from Femmena Mala]

Hello, everyone! Stephanie, here, from Femmena Mala Blog & Shop. Jen is out of town this week, and asked me to do a Sunday Truths post for you. Hope you are all having a fabulous Sunday! 

It's not secret on my blog that I am a huge fan of these British inspirational posters from WWII. This is one of the best. We should all take a second to think about how we can put this to work in our lives this week! 

<3 Stephanie


friday fancies [four] - guest post by {long distance loving}

Hi! My name is {av}--and most days, you can find me at {long distance loving}! I'm writing while Jen is enjoying some sunshine in Sanibel, Florida. I thrilled she asked me to step in while she is away because I get to share with you my Friday's Fancies for a day in sunny Sanibel. I created this link-up a few months back and have been overjoyed to have Jen as a Friday's Fancies Faithful! 

Here are a few of my Friday's Fancies for today:
{all images are screenshots from the corresponding links below}

1) When I think of Florida, I envision people with smiles on their faces wearing bright colors like the ones in this Free People Hibiscus Floral Top. After reading what I wrote, I realize it sounds a bit odd, but truly, I think Florida is one of the happier places I've encountered {hello, it's home to Disney World!}.
2) To match the beachy vibe, this Caramel Masquerade Sunhat would be a perfect accessory to throw in that gorg Celine Tote.
3) I have been eying cropped white denim for some time now--and these Goldsign Idle Mid-Rise Capri Jeans fit my bill perfectly. I love that they're not super tight. They also look more like trousers than jeans, which suits me just fine!
4) Bright yellow shades always bring a smile to my face, so this Celine Soft Leather Tote had to be included in this outfit. It draws out the yellow in the Free People shirt and the detailing on the hat from Anthro. In my opinion, this bag equals perfection.
5) In addition to white denim, I've also been keeping my eyes peeled for espadrilles...and these Kors by Michael Kors Wynn Espadrilles made me wish I succumbed to this trend earlier in the season. They have a touch of extra support in the ankle, which the klutzy girl in me needs ;)
6) In Rhode Island, Alex and Ani are all the rage. This Expandable Wire Bracelet Set has me swooning--and I think it's a strong way to top off this fun, summery outfit!

Be sure to stop by {long distance loving} and check out the other Friday's Fancies posts today!
{You're always welcome to join in the fun too!}

Happy Friday, everyone! Thanks again for having me, Jen!
xoxo {av}


Guest Post from Samantha Holiday!

Hi everyone. I am Amanda from Samantha Holiday! and I am super pumped to be posting my very first guest blog post on Jen's blog! I am a music enthusiast and since Jen is on holiday (which we are all very jealous of), and spring is all around, I thought it would be fun to post the (read: my) top five musical artists of Spring 2011. So without further ado...

Wolf Gang

I heard these guys on KCRW (public radio) here in LA. Instant addiction. Wolf Gang hails from London, United Kingdom, and apparently has toured with the likes of Florence and the Machine, Miike Snow and Metric. Big names for a band I can find very little information on! I got their "Dancing With the Devil" EP recently and the entire thing is incredibly epic. They will be releasing a full-length album this summer in the UK (hopefully shortly thereafter in the US) called "Suego Faults" that I am eagerly awaiting! Enjoy my favorite off their Dancing With the Devil EP, "Lions in Cages":

Lions In Cages by wolfgang

The Chain Gang of 1974

Ok, so these guys (or guy, I guess) are not so new on the scene, but they are just picking up mega-steam this spring! The Chain Gang of 1974 was created by Kamtin Mohager, in Denver, Colorado. I got the first album "White Guts" back in February and have been rocking out every since. The sound is a broad mix of genres that I really can't put a name on it, though Unsung Party Hero claimed their sound to be "electro rock with a touch of 'dream wave'" which is a term I have never heard before. I'd say they're like new-new-wave/80's synthy; they definitely sound like they could be in Sixteen Candles ("Taste of Heaven," anyone?). There is a strong chance you may fall in love with these guys. I saw them live this past weekend with the Hero himself and not only were we sold on their performance, but we hung out with them after the show and they were cool as hell. Their new album, "Wayward Fire" comes out on June 21, but you can preview it on Soundcloud right now.. They were also just announced on the line up at Lollapalooza 2011. Enjoy "Hold On" of their album "White Guts":

The Chain Gang of 1974 - Hold On by rayray4290 


Another London band! Wow. These dudes have it going on. I found Monarchy a few months ago and it was an obvious win because they were wearing crazy masks in their video. Of course, they played Coachella a few weeks ago and I caught their set and it was pure bliss (awesome masks included). According to their Facebook page, they have classified their music as "Glacial pop with a throbbing undercurrent of humanity" and I like the sound of that. They have an EP out right now and I am very excited to see more music from them soon. Enjoy the (*warning* somewhat graphic) video for "I Won't Let Go" (and enjoy the masks too):


Here is a band that was formed in Greece while doing a music study, and now hail from my good old hometown of Los Angeles. I saw Grouplove back in March and heart them even more now that I've seen them live. I have their EP entitled "Grouplove" (how fitting) and it has gotten some serious iPod/iTunes play. They have a full-length album coming out soon, I believe, but for now you can download their EP from iTunes. Grouplove was also announced on the lineup for Lollapalooza 2011. Enjoy "Colours" from their EP "Grouplove":

Grouplove - Colours by Atlantic Records UK

Amon Tobin

If you like weird, epic, electronic sounds, Amon Tobin is your man. I am only new into his music though he has been around for quite some time, but it was still love at first listen. This dude is so kick-ass that he is releasing THREE albums in 2011. The second of these is about to be released in May (though it was digitally released recently) and it's called ISAM and I've heard it and it's epic and fantastic and you should enjoy it. Since I can't pick one song from the album, enjoy the whole album "ISAM":

ISAM by Amon Tobin

So, what are YOU listening to this spring?!


wish wednesday [twenty-eight] Guest Post by Cornflake Dreams

hi there, it's jillian from cornflake dreams- a life and style blog about all the dreamy things in the city and abroad. my wishlist seems to always be changing and growing (thanks to other inspiring bloggers --little miss jen included!) right now there are a few spring things i would love to add to my closet to help mix up my wardrobe for summer:: 

dolce vita idalia sandal $160, aqua leather mini clutch $36, fedora $24, vanilla drusy gold dipped necklace $58

a big thank you to jen for letting me guest post! stop by cornflake dreams anytime for a daily dose of style and design inspiration! now your turn-- what's on your spring wishlist? 



bye bye

hello all! i am quickly packing up all my belongings because as usual i am running late (what's new?!). well i am so sorry for being so out of it but my week has been crazy! i am way too excited for this trip though : ) in exactly one hour i will be driving to sanibel with two other wonderful couples and the bf to enjoy five long sun and fun filled days. 

i promise to take lots of pictures and share them with you all when i return. make sure to stop by the blog for the rest of the week as i will have some fabulous guest posts! and if you don't follow me on twitter...start following to see glimpses of my fab trip!

have a great week and i will miss you all! 

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