wish wednesday [twenty-seven]

good morning lovelies. today marks yet another wish wednesday for me and that always puts a smile on my face. i love being able to share with all of you the various items i may be lusting for on that particular day. and today is no exception! with my sanibel trip less than a week away my mind is on fun in the sun, so this week i am all about pretty floral dresses.

one two three four
with summer in full bloom in miami these dresses would be great for any time of the day or night. 
are all of you able to get away with strapless dresses yet, 
or has the summer heat not made it to you yet?

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one of my absolute favorite things to do is read. it transports me to a world of fiction where anything is possible. reading has always been one of my favorite hobbies and i can't wait for school to be over so i can dive into a new pile of books. i know some of you are big kindle and ebook readers but to me nothing beats the feel of a book in your hands. plus i read every book with a highlighter in hand.

when i saw these pictures it left me wanting a book in my hands with an entire day of reading ahead of me. or an amazing library in my home. and trust me when i do finally own a home there will be a magnificent library.

any other avid readers out there? i would love some book suggestions too...


sunday truths [eight]

i know if i could look at the stars each night i would go to sleep with a smile on my face. 

any other star lovers out there?

and happy easter to those of you who celebrate it 


friday fancies [three]

happy friday everyone! today i am anxiously awaiting five o'clock so my weekend can officially start. i don't have any big plans but since sunday is easter i am picturing a nice day spent outside celebrating with family. and hopefully some movies, sleeping in and eating out will be included in my weekend plans too.

leyendecker lace dress $326 lisa stewart earrings $62 bryna nicole hobo bag $379 jean-michel cazabat espadrilles $295 rachel leigh bracelet $62

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what are all you lovelies planning this weekend?

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lately i have been adding rings to my daily nine to five wardrobe. i love wearing rings on the weekends but i couldn't really fit them in to my formal work attire. i have started to expand the jewelry i wear to work and with that rings! but i always wonder how many rings is too much? and which fingers should i wear rings on?

i for one love wearing rings on my middle finger. i love how it makes them look centered and since i have small fingers i can never really find rings that fit on my ring finger. lately i have seen rings on multiple fingers and i kind of like it too.

what fingers do you like to wear rings on? 
and how many rings do you normally wear at once?


wish wednesday [twenty-six]

happy wednesday lovelies. i am so very happy today! i have had two great days at work and they have left me feeling quite good. don't you just love getting praise for hard work? i am really starting to feel like i am getting a strong grasp on my new job and i couldn't be happier.

even though it is still two weeks away i can't get my sanibel trip out of my mind. i plan out outfits to pack in my head all day long. we are going to be going to the beach often but we are also going to rent some bikes, go to some local museums, shop some outlets and EAT!

i can't stop thinking of bold patterns and prints! with some fun earrings and maybe even a killer tan : ) i am so very excited that this wednesday all i am wishing for is prints!

one two three four

when you wear bold, fun prints 
what is your favorite way to accessorize?

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love for SATC

so this weekend i spent watching season one and two of sex and the city. when it originally aired i was still bouncing back and forth between my mom and my dads house which meant that i could not always watch every episode. i have always adored the amazing fashion, the friendship and of course the love affair between carrie and mr. big!

so this morning as i get ready for meetings and quarterly reviews, i much rather be watching season three of SATC, but instead i leave you all with some cute pictures : )

are there any shows you wish were still on television?


sunday truths [seven]

hope your sunday is going well. just wanted to share some winnie the pooh with all of you.

what your favorite cartoon was as a kid?


sweet saturdays

hello everyone. today i decided to share with you a story about one of my co-workers. he is getting married in june and has entered to win a FREE Donut Divas & Fun Foods station at his wedding. the contest is on facebook and requires that you "like" the Donut Divas & Fun Foods page and then "like" their adorable picture (photo 8 in the Bride Wars April 2011 album). i am hoping that all of you will help their cause as they are currently in first place but only winning by a small number of votes. the contest ends on april 29th so please vote today and share it with all of your friends.

if i won this contest the fun foods station i would request would be of candy apples, 
which would you choose?

and just in case you need more persuading before you vote for them 
check out their proposal video in disney!!!

have a happy saturday and please VOTE!


my friday fancies [two]

hello all and happy friday. this is my dream outfit for the weekend but make sure to check out all the wonderful outfits at {av} 's link up : )

one [$235] two [$240] three [$920] four [$660] five [$625]

and like always i am so so happy it is friday today even though i have to admit this week hasn't been too bad. tuesday was pretty hellish at work and then later at school but thankfully i saw WICKED on wednesday and it was beyond amazing! it was my second time seeing it and i loved it even more. we were even surprised by our seats...in the third row!! we were so close it was magical and to make it even better we left with a signed poster by the entire cast : )

this weekend i will try and relax, soak up some sun and check out a food and wine festival.

what are your weekend plans?


top it off

1. off the hook 2. sea kelp 3. scrunchy face 4. obey navajo

so very happy that tomorrow is friday yet again.

found these fun tops and it felt like a great day to share them with you. definitely something i would wear this weekend since we will be getting into the high 80's all weekend long.

what are you lovelies up to this weekend?


wish wednesday [twenty-five]

1. diamonds and champagne 2. mowtown white 3. destiny's date 4. take it easy 5. bb dakota 6. louis xiv

i am very happy that today is wednesday because i am going to see WICKED tonight! yay! i cannot wait to see all those vibrant colors, beautiful sets and crazy talented singers. to contrast all of the green i will be seeing tonight this wish wednesday is all about lace. i am really loving these off whites and champagnes tones. as always lace is high on my list of favorites.

which is your favorite?

and don't forget to link up and show everyone what you are wishing for this wish wednesday...


eating high

a few weeks ago i found the amazing site for dinner in the sky from a cup of jo and recently thought about how i really really really want to do this! i think it is seriously fantastic. i can only imagine having my closest family and friends hoisted high up in the air for dinner. talk about a memorable dinner party. and they even have weddings in the sky! wow...now that is a wedding that no one will ever forget.

ok so seriously isn't this the most amazing 
thing you have ever seen?! 

what are your thoughts, is it just me?



one of the things i love most is hearts.
i have a serious obsession with hearts and if you look around my apartment you can find heart prints and the like everywhere. hearts make me happy. i thought i would share something that makes me happy this monday morning and maybe it would make all of you happy too.


sunday truths [six]

can you believe that we are half way through april?

happy sunday


crazy stupid love

i cannot wait for this movie to come out!

any ryan gosling fans out there?


my friday fancies [one]

hello everyone. 
i am too excited for today. i am hoping it goes by quickly so i can enjoy a wine tasting event i am going to tonight and then some dinner with friends. 
 i am also very excited to post my very first friday fancies thanks to {av}

make sure to check her blog out and have a great weekend!

what are your plans for this weekend??



these bathrooms are located in top hotels around the world. some of these have made the top ten list for bathrooms alone. they are exquisite, unique, modern and exotic. from the range of colors to the types of tubs or showers they offer - these bathrooms are just perfect.

bellinter house
huvafen fushi
new majestic hotel
hotel on rivington
royalton hotel

have you ever stayed at a hotel with an exquisite bathroom? where was it?


wish wednesday [twenty-four]

today i am lusting for these lovelies. i think this outfit combo is perfect for a nice day out in the sun. i might even pack this for my sanibel trip. i am loving high wasted shorts lately and have a blue pair i must wear soon. these platforms are also similar to some i got last weekend which are just fabulous and very comfortable.

i'm so interested to know how many readers out there are living in places where it is still too cold to wear shorts or crop tops?

and for the first time ever you can 
link up below 
so come on and show everyone what you are wishing for this wednesday!



i recently found these adorable bangles and had to share them with all of you. if you haven't heard of mango tree bangles then you need to check them out. the story of how these bold bangles came to be is quite cute. back in 2004 helen and david met in india, fell in love and the rest is history. these bangles are made from organic mango trees that can no longer bear fruit. each bangle is uniquely painted, offering over 50 colors and 3 styles (slim, samba & bold).

which color is your favorite?



hello everyone and happy monday. so this weekend was pretty great in that perfect relaxing way. 

on friday i went to see disney on ice and it was truly amazing! it was by far the best one i've seen so far. then i spent the rest of the day shopping with my mom. i got some great things and even some sunnies and a hat for my trip in may : ) friday night the bf and i had sushi and then went to a wine bar, which was the perfect way to end the night.

saturday i spent some more time with my mom and then had a perfectly relaxing day spent in bed watching movies with the bf.

sunday the bf surprised me by cleaning the house while i was washing clothes and then we headed to the movies to see the source code. i was pretty entertained. we got some groceries later and i got ready for the week while he watched the heat game. then we caught up on some new shows like camelot and the borgias. i am pretty excited to see them develop.

this is a quick shot of the shirt i'm wearing today, which i'm pretty in love with. my mom gave me a bunch of her tops and skirts and i'm excited to mix them in with some of my favorite items.

what was your weekend like??

ps: want to guest post on life spelled jen? i'm going on vacation in may so please let me know (lifespelledjen@gmail.com)


sunday truths [five]

for me this means you're almost done with this semester...keep going. 

what does it mean to you?


oh boy

happy april fools. i found this picture and fell absolutely in love with it. hope all of you do too.

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