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so stressed

ok so hello and a big i'm sorry for being so MIA all week. my life has been oh so crazy lately. blah. i'm sitting here in class counting down the minutes until i will get home (approximately 40 minutes - because i will sneak out during our break).

i have gotten some good news from work that i will hopefully share later next week...right now it is all very hush hush. plus i am planning a surprise party for my dad. my grandmother had surgery on her optic nerve two weeks and is now thankfully home and doing well. the bfs grandma had a new replacement on monday and she is doing very well too.

and best of all it is official! i am going to sanibel for five whole days! i am beyond thrilled about that since it will be during the only week of summer i will be having this year since i am taking four classes (yes i know i must be suicidal or something).

but this week has been a huge stressful mess and these pictures pretty much sum up my mood all week.










how has this week been for all of you lovelies?


sunday truths [four]

any notebook lovers out there?



The important thing is not to stop questioning. 
–Albert Einstein


pure magic [image heavy]

so i went to disney a few weeks ago and as always it was pure magic. i wanted to share some pictures of our trip that i think really show just how beautiful disney really is.

hope you enjoy them!

those are some shots of thunder mountain railroad, splash mountain and the haunted mansion

these are some pictures from the new butterfly garden in epcot

some beautiful greenery in epcot and our hotel - coronado springs

some shots us of us and my little brother with the trio from peter pan, the white bunny from alice in wonderland, the epcot globe, donald duck, stitch and disney's first teddy bear - duffy

here are some pretty views you can take in while aboard the steam boat in the magic kingdom

there are just a few more pictures i wanted to share....

it took them four days to create what you see and they weren't even finished yet. they started by wetting tons of sand and just started carving away. it rained the night before this was shot and the two artists said when they got in they had to touch it up a bit but that it could last weeks depending on the weather. isn't this just phenomenal?!

and last one...

no idea who this girl is but this shot was too cute to pass up, so i snapped a quick picture to share with all of you.

happy friday and enjoy your weekend!


better late than never

so remember back when here and here i mentioned what i was doing for new years and what fabulous desserts i made too? remember how i promised to post pictures?? well here they are!! only a few months late : )

 those are my delicious moon pies they're eating.

and remember when i told you about my v day picnic? well here are a few quick and not very good (sorry) pictures of the setup. i tried to take some better shots but between the candles and the bad lighting, it wasn't really working out.

can you tell that i have finally uploaded all the pictures from my camera? hehe. well i just wanted to show you a few quick shots. gotta get back to finishing up some school work.

how's your thursday going? 

best part of today...that it's FRIDAY tomorrow!!


wish wednesday [twenty-three]

happy wednesday everyone. i am so excited for today because that means i am two days closer to friday and my weekend. plus i am going to meet my best friend's baby girl today. she was born a few weeks ago and i have been so anxious to meet her. i bought her an adorable little outfit from disney and a beautiful card! i promise to post pics of her later this week so you can all meet olivia elise too.

so this wednesday i wanted something comfortable and cozy. so often i am stuck in dressy outfits nine to five with uncomfortable heels and suit jackets. i wanted to trade in those heels for some pretty and chic flats and give my poor feet a rest. i do enjoy wearing heels because it makes me feel a bit taller, but boy oh boy do i miss working in socks!

hope you all enjoy my to share your favorites??


what a week

so last week was so crazy BUT my golf tournament went so well! i was really excited that everyone involved had such a great time and we were able to double the amount of money we raised last woo hoo!

yesterday was back to reality with spinning (my new obsession) and then an awful finance test at night. it was probably the best spinning class i have ever been to and am so excited to do it again tomorrow. my finance test was not as bad as i thought it would be and i was actually able to pull off a 92!?!

today i have been rushing to finish an assignment i have due in just a few short hours but in reality i am just wishing the weekend would get here already. which is why today i am wanting all of these lovelies...

how has your week been so far?


guest posting

hi everyone. well today i am doing a guest post for jillian of cornflake dreams. this is my very first guest post and i am so excited about it so please stop over at her blog and show some love.

today i will be hanging with the boyfriend as long as possible before i have to get all dressed up for work. that's right another gala for this girl. except this time it's for work and not for fun : / i have to be in downtown miami by 5pm and the event doesn't start until 7pm so let's hope my make-up, hair and strapless dress (yea i know i didn't think that through) hold up!

it is going to be for a fun event (i hope). it's an award ceremony for past alumni of fiu at a very new and ritzy hotel. which means i will get to meet tons of really cool and amazing people. oh hey how many of you have heard of denis lehane? now how many of you have heard of mystic river, gone baby gone and shutter island? so yes denis lehane wrote those books and guess what?! he graduated from fiu! so hey maybe he will be there awesome would that be!!??

i'd love to hear about all the cool people graduated from your alma matter??


green beauty

in honor of st. patricks day i found this beautiful green maxi dress to share with all of you. i absolutely love the pleats of this dress and the belt really finishes the look nicely. i am hoping i am able to go out tonight and have a fun time with the boyfriend but tomorrow is my big golf event! which means i have to be at the golf course by 6am and it won't be over until 3pm. what a hot and very long day i will have. 

but it really will be a great day. i have been working so hard on this event trying to raise as much money as i can for student scholarships for the college of education. i have also gotten really cool items for the goody bags like gift cards and bawls energy drink. not to mention some awesome raffle prizes like brunch for two, dinner at flemings and more.

so since i may not be able to drink more than one green beer tonight make sure to share your lovely details so i can smile while i read them : )


wish wednesday [twenty-two]

i know some of you may still be dealing with snow storms but here in sunny miami if it isn't in the 80's it is at least in the mid 70's so i am looking for some new shorts for the spring. plus with no class this week thanks to spring break i can day dream that i am taking long strolls down the beach or sitting pool side with a cold drink in my hand. but since i work nine to five, those are just day dreams...but hey i can still share all the pretty shorts i would be wearing if i was out and about, right?

here's this weeks wish wednesday line up...


iphone photo dump [image heavy]

hi all. so recently ella (my iphone has a name...doesn't yours?) and i have been having issues. i get no service in my office so i am disconnected most of the day and then when i go to class its the same deal. i usually check twitter, txt and call people during lunch cause other than that she's unhappy and not getting any service.

so i decided to plug her into my laptop and hope that maybe she would work her issues out, which is why i am doing a huge photo dump for all of you. here is what has been going on in my day to day life over the last few weeks...

so yea there are some crazy mix of pictures in there, from pretty decorations, to events i've gone to, my adorable kitties and one that lives outside by my apartment. you have the boyfriend and my youngest brother, rings, shoes, and food i've consumed. 

anything you liked?? 

enjoy your saturday!

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