cover up love

my go to item of clothing is a cardigan or some kind of cover up. i wear them so often you would think i was always cold or hated my arms, but in reality i just love how they look. if i throw on an outfit cause i'm in a rush, i know i can grab my favorite cardigan as i run out the door to finish the look. and if i'm experimenting and trying to wear something out of my comfort zone adding a cover up makes me feel more confident and ready to go.

do you have a favorite item of clothing or accessory?


sunday truths [three]

i love you boyfriend of mine.

who are you loving this sunday?


random facts award

i got another award for my blog...yay! caity was nice enough to give me this award and it really makes me so happy. i feel really honored that people like all of you take the time to read my blog and share your lovely thoughts!

i am supposed to tell you all 7 random facts about me but with the last award i got i already gave you all some interesting facts about me, like kimba my pet cougar, so just check out my seven random facts and the fifteen people i would award here.

and thanks again to my amazing readers! blogging would not be the same without you!



i am sure all of you have lusted over the new bhldn line as i have, but i must say i still can't get enough. i have become obsessed with the intricate details of all of the beautiful dresses and gowns.

i thought i would share a few of my favorites...


love this girl

not sure if any of you have or have not seen this but this 10 year old girl is so amazing and really blew my mind. she seems so adorable and humble, not to mention incredibly talented!

after going viral for her cover of born this way lady gaga invited her to sing on stage with her in toronto....

and later she went on ellen and performed again....

wanted to share it...what do you all think??

wish wednesday [nineteen]

this weekend i saw i am number four and fell in love with every ensemble dianna agron wore. i tend to buy every cardigan i see and wear them weekly so i loved her cardigan styling, especially how she matched it with a bright pattern dress. 

and that is why this week i am wishing for more floral prints and cardigans galore!

ps i just tried out polyvore and would love some help...any experts out there?


mischief managed

gosh i love harry potter! any other potter fans out there? show your love!


sunday truths [two]

i absolutely love waking up next to the love of my life every morning. i can't wait to spend the rest of my life doing so.


disney again

i am so very excited to be leaving to disney today! YAY! i know you are all well aware of my love for that place so i won't bombard you with all the reasons i love disney, but boy do i love it!

remember i will be there until sunday so if you've never been or haven't been in a while and want me to snap a quick picture for you please let me know (lifespelledjen@gmail.com). i promise to post all the pictures i get emailed about so it should be fun...please join in and send me an email : )



my week is almost over and it's been a tough one. just wanted to stop by really quick before my second test of the week to say hi to all of you!

i found this picture recently and it pretty much sums up my mood...climbing and almost there....

tomorrow i will be leaving to disney and i am so so excited! i really love that place but i'm sure you have all figured that out by now. i was thinking that i am not sure how many of you have actually been to disney in orlando, fl? is there anything in particular i can show you while i'm there? i would love to bring that disney magic to all of you so whether you've been there before or not let me know what you either want to see pictures or video of and i will try my best to make it happen : )


vday recap on wish wednesday [eighteen]

this year was the first time i celebrated valentines day in about five years and i have to say it went perfectly. i wanted to do something low key since the bf and i are really celebrating with a romantic trip just the two of us this weekend. i decided to surprise him and skip class on monday night. i rushed home and laid out some blankets in the family room and lit tons of candles. i went to  local market (norman brothers) and got some amazing steak, cheese, fruit toppings, champagne and dessert wine. i also made chocolate covered strawberries before he got home. i had everything set up on our "picnic" blanket with the lights off and some dean martin on the ipod. it really was so perfect! we ate, drank, danced and really enjoyed ourselves, just us two! i am so very happy and in love!! hope you all had a great valentines day too!

and as promised here are some lovely items i am wishing for this week....

missing piece puzzle

personalized stump ring

connected by love


a love letter

aren't these just the cutest??


madness and love

When love is not madness, it is not love. 

–pedro calderon de la barca

agreed? and please do tell how your valentine's day was!!


sunday truths [one]

happy early valentines day....

and i miss you grandpa



The future isn't what it used to be 

- Arthur C Clarke

lately i feel like the future is so rapidly changing and really it is for the best. 
hope your future keeps changing for the better too. 



Until we accept the fact that life itself is founded in mystery, we shall learn nothing. 

-Henry miller


wish wednesday [seventeen]

this week has really been coming on so fast! i can't believe we are two weeks into february...that is so crazy.

here are some updates:

my monday corporate finance test was moved to sunday morning and now we are taking it online, so hopefully that will help. i have two tests next week, one tuesday and one on thursday. AND next friday i leave to disney...YAY! this saturday i am going to the heart and stroke ball so i've been trying to save money and i will hopefully be borrowing a long evening gown...i will post pictures i promise.

moving on to the best part of today...the amazing pieces i found for this post from anthropologie...

standing on stars

petite sirah

jumping jade

pearl link
winged blouson

slung silk

back porch

creased swirls
what are you loving this fine wednesday??



so today when i opened my computer to start studying for the finance test i will be taking in 15 minutes the post i had written for yesterday (which apparently failed to past yesterday) posted TODAY! WHOOPS!! it is clearly not sunday, but if you happened along my 'sunday truths' post hope you laughed a little. i've been so stressed...this month is going to be crazy.

wish me luck on this test and hope you all had a happy weekend!

care to share what you did this weekend??


kristen stewart or bella?

so i am a huge vampire fan...it's really more like an obsession. i understand there are those of you out there that really don't get the addiction but there it is and i am not embarrassed to admit it...i LOVE vampires. i watch true blood and the vampire diaries and i have also read the twilight saga.

if you haven't read the books and saw one of the movies, do yourself the favor and pick up the book. they are ten times better than the movies. regardless i truly enjoy reading about bella and think that kristen stewart does do an ok job at portraying her.

these shots from her vogue shot seem to be more bella-ish, or not very kristen stewart in my opinion. but none the less she looks very pretty so go you!



love, snow and tiffanys

i have to say that this picture kinda pulls at my heart strings.


wish wednesday [sixteen]

i was browsing lulu's and stumbled upon their valentine's day gift guide. i doubt i will be getting a gift this valentine's, it's the first time i will be celebrating it since my grandfather passed five years ago on february 13th. it's always been difficult to get over how his passing really affected me and my want or need to celebrate valentine's day. but i have decided to celebrate it this year, most likely something simple and intimate, and was oogling over these beautiful dresses...


disco dance

gardenia breeze

bat your lashes


crazy love

queen of anything
i am completely in love with the beige and nude colors lately so this last number, queen of anything, really makes me crazy!

which one is your favorite? and do share your valentine's day plans so i can get some ideas...


blog apps

so i have been looking for a super awesome blogging app for iphones!! i know i've asked before but i was hoping that maybe some people since then have either switched to the iphone or found an app that they love. i want something that is easy to use, let's me check the blogs i follow and comment!!

anyone out there know of a blog app that works for blogger and the iphone??

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