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books upon books

The pages are still blank, but there is a miraculous feeling of the words being there, written in invisible ink and clamoring to become visible. 

–Vladimir Nabokov

any of you avid readers? what are you favorite authors/books?



i really, really, really want a bicycle. i think owning one will make me smile. i love feeling the wind in my face and i miss being young and enjoy a simple bike ride. i also think it'll help me with some cardio : )

any of you bicycle owners? do you love it?


wristlet love

guess what i got...yes i know i have an addiction but i love it. 

it is really practical and pretty light weight. it's also fabulous.



wish wednesday [fifteen]

i have a serious shopping addiction, but i cannot and probably will not help it. this week i am really loving these looks...

each is so different and yet i love them all!

your thoughts??



this reminds me of birthdays. i absolutely love birthdays. i love to have birthweeks in fact.

what are your thoughts on birthdays?



hi all! happy monday. not much to report on my end but...

i am a little sad and embarrassed to admit that i just took down my Christmas tree yesterday. i know that is beyond crazy but it was my first tree and i just couldn't part with it. since we will be moving at some point in the near future as i took down the decorations i packed them into two boxes which i think made it worse. i felt like christmas was really being closed up and it's my favorite time of year. i am proud to say that the tree was still very green and not even that droopy!

any of you keep your tree up a little extra this year??



so i am still not able to really manage my new all. what makes it more difficult is i have no internet at home. have i mentioned that before? meaning i have to squeeze in time to catch up on all your wonderful blogs at work or in class. i also have been having a blah kind of week. you know those days when you just coast through? that's what i've been feeling like. i'm waiting for something to wake me up but nothing yet. i wish i was an ostrich so i could burry my head in the ground until i was ready to continue....

how has your week been progressing??


the most amazing old man ever

i was catching up on the blogs i love to read after last weeks craziness and came across this story from little chief honeybee.

this adorable old man has saved 160 people from suicide. he lives across the street from "the gap" where one person a week jumps to their death and yet he has never moved. instead of seeing this as a negative he says "I think, 'Isn't it wonderful that we live here and we can help people?'"

isn't he the most adorable thing ever??? if you want to read more click here


haiti tents

one of the great things i did this week at work was help commemorate the year anniversary of the devastating earthquake in haiti last year. it was a sad event and haiti still has a long way to go but the fact that people are still willing to give them the support they need is magnificent.

fiu was lucky enough to have the base paint tents displayed on campus and i was lucky enough that they were right in front of mu building. i got to see them all day long and they were truly inspiring. these tents were created by artists and will serve as schools and the like for children in haiti. i was so inspired by them that i had to share the photos with all of you...enjoy.

gean moreno

leonel matheu

nicolas leiva - the arrival of divinity

ruben millares and antonia wright

damian sarno

edouard duval carrie

antuan and elba luis lago - barcode noir.

pedro barbeito - zemi, 1492

jose bedia

jose garcia cordero
i think what they represent is both sad and tragic while being uplifting and motivating. what are your thoughts??


hey friday!

so hello i am back. this week has really been such a whirlwind. i knew i would freak out a little at the new schedule but all in all i think i kept my cool pretty well. i am still trying to plan out my life better, organize and compartmentalize myself and just figure things out.

and i thought it would be nice to highlight some of the good things i survived/accomplished this week...

  1. i packed a healthy lunch (and dinner for the nights i have school) to eat at work so i didn't have to spend money
  2. made and ate breakfast every morning
  3. made it to class on time
  4. tried really hard to pay attention
  5. did well at work this week
  6. made the boyfriend lunch on three days
  7. washed dishes
  8. took some me time to relax
  9. caught up on almost all my tv shows : )
  10. and really tried to blog 

so my weekend is proving to be a mixture of fun and relaxation. i have my best friends baby shower on saturday which i'm really excited about and a gala for haiti in the evening. but i have monday off so i get to relax!!!

what are your plans???


wish wednesday [fourteen]

so what i have been really needing lately is a wristlet to hold my phone, credit card and business cards when i am walking around campus. remember i work at fiu, the school i go to and it's difficult trying to hold all that when you're wearing something without pockets.

here are a few possible solutions...

please offer me any other solutions : )


crazy day...again

so today was beyond crazy! great things happened at work and now i'm in class...again. quick summary is that my boss invited me into a project she is working on so that i can take it over and get a donation for the university. it will begin tomorrow with a hope for haiti event going on at fiu to commemorate the one year anniversary of the tragic earthquake. fyi take a moment of silence at 4:53 PM if you'd like.

so that was really exciting and i had to do a walk through of the event and tweak any issues. i heated up my dinner that i packed the night before...pretty much swallowed, not chewed it and drove across campus to class. my feet are killing me and tomorrow will be another full day of walking.

basically i wish i was here...

how about all of you?



today is only the first day of my crazy schedule and i am already freaking out! quick little hi and i'll be back tomorrow : )

anyone else missing their weekend??


kitty cats

so after posting the awards for my little blog i got a few questions about my cat...the cougar. well i wanted to update those of you who had not read/seen my first post about kimba. i have a pet cougar. i got her when i was seven and she is just adorable. she acts like a regular cat...mostly. if you want to know more about her check out my original post.

here are a few pictures of her and my other two kitties...



dakota (she's camera shy)

anyone out there a cat lover?? have a happy weekend!


NYE desserts by yours truly

so i am sure that i have mentioned how much i enjoy baking and making yummy desserts altogether, especially on special occasions. for NYE i was in charge of desserts and even though i made my traditional pumpkin pie i wanted to branch out and try new things and boy am i glad i did. each and every dessert was beyond amazing! these recipes are insanely easy to make so i seriously suggest you give 'em a try!

the finished product after the strawberries have been frozen, dipped in chocolate, fried and covered in sugar!

don't they look beyond yummy?!

these were probably the best tasting dessert ever! they were rich and flavorful and also heavy in alcohol. and best yet, they were probably the easiest and fastest to make!

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