wish wednesday [forty-eight]

wednesday...you're here! well today i am trying to spend some much needed time catching up with school and various 'to do' lists but i wanted to stop by and share a few things i wish i could add to my closet today. after spending the weekend in orlando and experiencing temperatures below 60 degrees for the first time this season all i can think about is winter! i can't wait to bring out my scarves, jackets and uggs. we don't have a very long winter at all down here and most days start off cold but by midday it's back in the 70's which means you learn to layer so you can add them on at night and take them off during the day.

but still a good scarf can be worn even if it's not too chilly out....

what are you wishing for today?


  1. la petite coquineNov 9, 2011 02:05 PM
    What gorgeous scarves! I just picked my favorite boots up from the cobbler, and I can't wait to wear 'em with a good wrapper!

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