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Hello there! I'm Jamie and I blog over at Making the Mundane Magical. I'm so excited to guest post for Jen today! She's one awesome chick -- but of course you guys already know that. 

I thought it would be fun to share my current obsession with you: wreaths! In June, I decided to make it my new project to make a wreath for every month. This project is taking longer than expected due to life being life, but I'm still having so much fun with it! Here are a few that I've finished so far: 

This one is for August. I used all of my husband's old textbooks that we couldn't sell back. It was the most time consuming craft I've ever done (and my favorite)! I made the paper flowers while watching TV or taking road trips so that it seemed like I wasn't wasting time, haha. 

This one is for July. I wrapped it with old bandannas. 

This one is for November. I found the fake leaves at a thrift store. My cat, Anita, approved. 

This one is for December. All materials were found at the thrift store (I love that place). 

The rest of these are my inspiration for the rest of the year: 

Felt balls for January.

Doilies for February. 

Green foam balls (found at hobby lobby) for March.

Scrap fabric for April.

Felt flowers for May. 

Old ties or painted acorns for June, still can't decide. 

Yarn and felt for September.

Polaroids for October.

If you have any good ideas for wreaths I would love to hear them! For most of the wreaths I shared today,  their tutorials can be found here. Thanks for letting me share my obsession with you! Have a great Monday!


  1. la petite coquineNov 21, 2011 02:36 PM
    What amazing wreaths!!

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