Halloween Recap

hi all! how was your halloween night? 

since we spent the weekend in disney celebrating my little brother's 10th birthday i didn't get a chance to dress up, meaning i didn't actually have a costume planned out for this year. on the drive back sunday night, my brother asked if i could paint his face since he was dressing up as the grim reaper. of course i said yes and spent most of monday searching the web for the best images of the grim reaper. while doing some fun research i came across tons of images of the mexican sugar skulls. i have always found these to be so beautiful and yet very spooky. not being too talented on the painting or make-up front i was a bit cautious but thought hey, this will be fun to try. i bought the bf a skull hoodie and decided to wear a black and white striped tee with my red colored jeans and of course the signature red rose in my hair. below is the finished product [believe it or not i did all of our face painting myself].... 

don't we all look so eerie? i just love it!


Amanda said...

What an awesome job you did! Amazing?

ftashion said...

oh my, yes you all look eerie but so fun!

Ash :o)

la petite coquine said...

HOW AMAZING-I love it, too!!

Shana said...

Love! It's super simple and super creepy! I love disney!

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Mo Pie, Please said...

You all look so awesome!

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