wish wednesday [forty-six]

happy wednesday. i feel like this week is moving so slowly. that's probably because last week was only a three day work week for me, between disney on friday and my car dying on me on monday. this week i am hoping to get back to normal with my school routine. i feel like lately i have been leaving everything to the last possible minute. i have a midterm coming up so i need to start focusing in school, at least for the next week or so.

but since today is wednesday, let me tell all of you what i am wishing for today. recently all i can think about wearing is something comfortable. it still isn't too cool down in miami but i tried to wear a sweater on monday and well i didn't melt so that's a plus. but it also has had me thinking of pairing sweaters with shorts or a skirt to avoid being so hot and allow me to wear a comfy sweater too.

this sweater is the perfect top to go with the adorable white scalloped lace skirt. it provides a comfortable and casual alternative to the cute and feminine bottom. i also love how the grey and white look when accented with the leopard skinny belt. when you add the peach pit shades and yuma reversible bag you've got yourself a perfect look for the transition from summer to fall.

how's your week going so far?


  1. I didn't know your car died-gah! Last night I had to go on an SF scavenger hunt for my car keys (the parking attendant left early, tapped a "ransom note" with their location to the window)!

  2. I love your bio! Fast taking huh? ME TOO!

    So far my week is going well....but seriously is it Friday yet?

    Get Up & Go

  3. that skirt is amazing! why is it not in my closet?!?!


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