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happy monday to everyone! today the lovely meg from henning love will be sharing a quick and cute diy....

Happy Monday everyone! I am happy to be helping out Jen today with her blog and spreading a little creativity into all your lives. I wrote a little blog called henning love and I like to focus on DIY projects, recipes, and a little bit of everything else that I enjoy and love. Today, I have for you all DIY napkin rings with wooden.  With the holidays coming up and entertaining that is frequently done, I wanted to give you, Jen's followers a simple and easy project that can help decorate your holiday table.

For this project you will need some beads, I used wooden ones because that is what I had available but you can use any other types :-) Also you will need some wire, wire cutters and a tube or sturdy tube to wrap the wire around to create the perfect circle. I had a vacuum tube lying around and it wasn't too big or too small of a width for a napkin ring.

First, you need to wrap the wire around your tube, just one wrap around of the wire. But overlap the ends and cute the wire a little bit longer than just one wrap, this will help to secure the napkin ring with the beads.

Then slip the beads onto the wire and continue until the entire wire is filled up. With the last bead tuck the ends of the wire into the bead to secure it and not allow any wire to scrap or poke someone because that wouldn't be good.

I did these napkin rings all with different beads to give variety. Then when you set your table, your napkin rings will look like this!

Thank you Jen for letting me help you out today with a guest post. And please everyone come visit me over at henning love :-)


Sarah said...

Wow, I would have never thought to do that. It's so easy and so festive! I'm so doing this. Love Meg and her blog Henning Love!!! Very inspiring. =)

- Sarah

la petite coquine said...

How darling, and so very festive!

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