Disney Recap

hi all. i have been oh so swamped lately but i am back [hopefully] to reality meaning work and school. blah. but hey i get to share all the fun i had over the weekend celebrating the bf's birthday in disney. we left early friday morning [which is his actual birthday] and got to disney by 9am. we dropped off remus at the pet kennel, checked into the hotel and went straight to epcot.

we knocked out most of the rides by noon and spent the rest of the day eating and drinking our way around the world. i was so happy to find out that some of my favorite drinks and foods from last year were available this year. i go to indulge in some escargot in france, mead in germany, a happy lychee in china and a berry colada from the caribbean's. by 4pm we had eaten ourselves into a serious food coma so we walked back to the hotel and took a power nap before our dinner reservations at 8:30pm. we had a wonderful birthday dinner at a restaurant in the japan pavilion where they cook right in front of you. it was absolutely delicious! after dinner we walked along the boarwalk hotel and discovered a dueling pianos bar that was so much fun. we spent about two hours singing our lives away. it was the perfect end to a long day of fun.

on saturday we woke up to stormy weather but since i had packed rainboots i was ready to hit the parks. we spent the day in the magic kingdom which had a good amount of people there even with it raining off and on all day. we had to end our fun at the park by 4pm because we had dinner reservations at the animal kingdom lodge at 6pm so we headed to the hotel to shower before dinner. we went to jiko which was so beautiful inside and the food was great. we sang happy birthday to the bf one last time and ended our last night in disney by having a nightcap at the bar in our hotel.

we had such a great time, probably one of the best trips ever. 
my disney obsession continues : )


  1. What a perfect trip-it looks like you guys had the best time!

  2. SO CUTE, I don't think I will ever outgrow Disney World! What a fun and adorable day!!

  3. Looks like so much fun, you guys are adorable!

  4. so.much.fun! I would probably be in trouble if I lived close to Disney... or even if I lived in a near by state :)


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