wish wednesday [forty-two]

hello wednesday. since monday was an off day, it doesn't really feel like the middle of the week, but hey woo hoo for the middle of the week anyhow! today i am pretty swamped with meetings at work. i kinda hate days when i just shuffle in and out of meetings. sitting in meeting after meeting all day really drains you and on top of that you don't get the chance to actually do any work. but no complaints from me, i am trying to stay positive this week as work and school have really been bringing me down lately.

so what better way to stay positive than satisfying my urge to shop with a little wish wednesday. wish wednesday is one of my favorite days of the week because i get to spend time pretending to shop and then show all of you what i've currently got my eye on.

one two three four five six
ithe bag and bracelet really are adorable. i love the combination of colors. i am still very much in love with any and every chambray top i happen to pass by and this one is no exception. i am really loving this thin, brown belt. i haven't really added to my belt collection in a while, so i'm thinking i am due for a new addition. and since you can't go anywhere in miami during hurricane season without and umbrella this little baby is perfect especially since mine broke. i have been meaning to get a new one but for now i've been trailing along this huge one. i normally have a small one inside my car and a larger one in my trunk for emergencies.

do you carry an umbrella with you in the car?


la petite coquine said...

I adore this whole look-just the thing to keep the day bright! I always have an umbrella or two around, but you can never guess with SF weather! Hope everything calms down a bit, darling!

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