wish wednesday [forty-three]

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this wednesday i am so excited that we are half-way through the week. i have a rather big secret that i will be sharing with everyone this weekend [if you follow me on twitter]. i promise to share it on the blog on monday, but the bf and i decided not to say anything just yet. i am so excited and can barely wait until saturday but since today is wednesday i am satisfying my urge to shop by sharing some lovely finds with all of you.

clearly i have blue and gold [my school colors] on my mind. i am just really loving that combination recently. i feel like it is helping me mentally transition into fall after a summer full of fun colors. and wow i can barely believe we are in the middle of september. this year has flown by. school has been insanely stressful so i'm hoping time keeps going by quickly.

three, four, & five

let's give a little school pride shout out, 
what are your school colors?

don't forget to check out my fall favorites while i guest post on 
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la petite coquine said...

I am racking my brain thinking about what your big news could be-I'm desperate to know! In the meantime I will admit that I have no idea what my undergrad colors were, but that I would happily grab that cable knit sweater!

Annika said...

I lucked out with my school colors in all honesty. Black and gold! Dressing to show school pride has never been easier than a little black dress and tons of gold jewelry!

A Sweet Release

Annie said...

My school colors are Maize and Blue and I always find myself attracted to them. In clothes, home decor, everything, if I have to pick two colors for something they will usually be maize and blue!

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