wish wednesday [forty-four]

hi all and happy wednesday. after announcing our big news on monday i have had my hands full keeping up with our adorable puppy. he is also teething and getting used to being in a new home so night time is a little hard.

school has been kicking my butt as usual. there is just so much to do, i really hoped that my last semester would be a breeze but it definitely isn't...at all. luckily i don't have class next wednesday so i at least get a small break which i am totally looking forward to.

but since today is wednesday it means we are half-way to the weekend! yay! and it also means i get to share with all of you what i am wishing for today. since i live in miami our fall/winter isn't really much of a season change as most, but i have to say it has been a bit more windy lately even though it is still mostly in the high 80's. regardless, all i can think about are cardigans! i love cardis and i haven't worn one since about may so i cannot wait until the temperature drops down a bit so i can wear a lovely little number like this...

cardi handbag boots

what item from your 'fall' closet are you excited to wear soon?


Han said...

Tights lol. I wore them on Saturday with my fancy dress costume for my Goddaughters 4th Birthday. I then ended up wearing them under my jeans when I had to go rescue my friend from A+E.

It actually was cold enough for tights but too warm and we ended up with a thunderstorm how random is that

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