photo dump [image heavy]

happy monday lovelies! how was your weekend? mine was pretty fabulous. i got to hang out with some friends i hadn't seen in a while and i celebrated my grandma's birthday with a lovely family brunch on sunday. i am so very excited that next week begins my first feature series MANIC MONDAY!

since i haven't shared ella's [yes my iphone has a name, doesn't yours?] photos with you lately i thought i would do a quick photo dump. i have saved a whole mess of remus photos so that he can have his own post, so these are remus free but full of my cats, food and my day to day.

[i really wish i wasn't allergic to cats]

[laugh if you must, but i'm obsessed with vampires]

[love this song]

[my cats are the cutest]

[my very own karate kid]

[she's such a lover]

[why do cats think they are statues?]

[every so often i can be crafty]

[second generation gymboree baby]

[fat cat]

[trains are very cool]

[love this romper and those wedges]

[miami buildings are beautiful]

[friend fun]

[i wanna be a gypsy]

[flowers make me more productive]

[i love sunsets]

[movies make me smile]

[yellow, orange, white and green]

[my favorite book of the series]

[soup and rescue me]

[i love those cats...so so much]

[baby feet and shoes are too cute]

[i officially own an apron]

[i seriously love this little one]

[my brother is in high school - i'm in denial]

[movie marathon]

[apparently i have super strength and broke my key in the lock]

[coke in bottles are pretty cute]

[doing groceries makes me happy]

[this adorable cutie is mason]

[orange in bloom]

how was your weekend? anything out of the ordinary?

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Han said...

I haven't named my iPhone lol. Maybe I need your help on that one. What should I call her? (I figure she's a girl then again she doesn't always behave so maybe she's a boy instead lol). She has a blue cover to try and protect her from me lol.

Me, My Cousin and my Aunt were discussing Twilight at my Grandparents Wedding Anniversary party on Saturday - my little cousin (he's 10)said to my Uncle that it was like we were talking in code! lol. Then we discussed One Day and generally got into mischief!

Amanda said...

Omg your cats are hilarious! An that romper is super cute!!

la petite coquine said...

Cute, cute and cuter than cute! I should have known you were from Miami-all that gorgeous weather and frosted glass is a dead giveaway!

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