the ideal date

i was recently thinking about what my ideal date would look like and even though various ideas came to mind one was pretty predominant. it would be a beautiful day in winter. cold enough that i could wear a jacket but not too cold so that you would be uncomfortable sitting outdoors. the sky would be spotted with beautiful white clouds and it would be slightly windy. we would go to a beautiful cafe and sit outdoors, eat, drink, talk and laugh for hours. and of course some beautiful, fresh flowers would be included. 

what does your ideal date look like?


laughteriscatching.com said...

i dont think i have an ideal date but i had a great one the other month when i was forced to break into mini golf at night and play. it was so cute! love the blog

la petite coquine said...

This sounds so divine! I tease John that we're terrible at dates, but I love long afternoons with lazy lunches and music!

Celita said...

That sounds great!
I answered this question in a post of my own, giving credit where it's due!


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