friday fancies [twenty]

yay it is friday again! i am hoping today goes by pretty fast because i have not been feeling well all week. i could either be getting sick or the more likely alternative is that i am allergic to the adorable kitty we have adopted for a 'trial run.' i was really hoping she could stay and last week i did so well, but the last few days i have not been able to breathe and i've been sneezing constantly. i really am so sad and in a bit of denial, i don't want to let her go.

this week has been a bit of a blur too, i have a feeling every week until graduation in december will be a bit of a blur. yesterday i spent the evening at a happy hour networking event. i have a love/hate relationship with events like that. i can be a social person but it is pretty hard for me to walk up to a total stranger and introduce myself. last night i did a bit of that and i think i even surprised myself. i met some very nice people and of course a few odd balls too.

while i was getting ready to leave i was standing in my closet putting an outfit together that i definitely did not own and knew that was the look i wanted to show all of you this week on friday fancies, so here it is...

alice + olivia - sonia side zip dress [$242] - this style of dress is really one of my favorites. i love how feminine it looks while still showing off some great curves. the sleeves are lovely and that deep v cut in the back makes this dress transition nicely from nine to five into happy hour. 
marc by marc jacobs - infinity bracelet [$88] - i am seriously loving the color contrast with this bracelet and it goes so well with the nude dress and amazing pumps.
westward - the wanderlust satchel [$795] - this satchel caught my eye right away. it doesn't call for too much attention which means you can pair it with an outfit and not draw attention away from it. but yet the detail wins you over and makes me at least fall head over heels for it.
marc by marc jacobs - small infinity necklace [$118] - to match the fabulous bracelet i chose the long necklace so that it does not interfere with the neck line of the dress. again the gold contrasting with tortoise shell is one of my fall favorites. 
rachel zoe - dasha platform pumps [$295] - i saw these pumps about a week ago and have been so in love with them. the color combination of this whole outfit is pulled together in these pumps. they are a fall must have.

what colors are you planning on wearing this fall?


Annika said...

Before you get rid of her, does she sleep on your bed? I'm allergic to cats as well but we have 2 and I'm doing just fine! The trick is to keep them out of your room (it's the worst when they sleep on your pillow) and vacuum a little more than you used to. Did the trick for me!

A Sweet Release

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Love the color and fit of that dress! Gorgeous! I am really into pretty neutral colors for fall too!

I'm sorry you are not feeling well and hope you get to rest this weekend! xo

Nikell said...

Lovin' those accessories!

Have a fabulous weekend,

la petite coquine said...

WOW-that look is a total knock out! Feel better you poor thing, and have the most wonderful, relaxing(?) weekend!

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