friday fancies [nineteen]

heeellllooo friday. so today i am very happy to announce that i have a kitty [kinda]. on tuesday a lovely little kitty literally walked into my apartment and of course i fed it and gave it water. by the time she was done eating it was pouring rain so the bf and i had her sleep in the guest bathroom. since then we have given her a bath and she has been spending time getting loved by the both of us. since i am allergic to the world i am not really supposed to have animals so the bf and i have not officially decided if we are going to keep her. i really [like seriously] want her, but even though i haven't had an allergic reaction yet i know that i may in the future. so this week has been bittersweet because i have loved having an animal in my life after moving out and leaving my cats with my mom.

moving on to my weekend plans [so i don't get sad talking about the kitty] tonight we will be going to a watch party to see FIU play UCF on ESPN, saturday we will be going to a big ol' party and sunday we will watching some movies as usual. if money were no option i would be rocking this sassy outfit on saturday night.

halston hertiage - jenny fold clutch [$195]
well before i begin talking about this adorable clutch, it has my name so of course i love it that much more. but seriously the worn sequin look really appealed to me. i felt like it added a vintage feel to this punk rock wannabe outfit.
sam edelman - marina platform pumps [$130]
these pumps are fabulous. i love sam edelman. his shoes are always beautiful and so comfortable, not to mention they last forever. the peep toe black velvet mixed with the funky metallic black add some serious style to this little number.
kova & t - marcell dress [$286]
this dress takes the little black dress to an all new level. i am loving the semi sleeves. i usually have two go to lbd's but they really are quite simple so i really appreciated this dress and its unique look. there isn't really anything more i can say...i love it.
made her think - baby claw post earrings [$102]
these earrings are interesting because even though they look simple, they really are not. their shape really intrigue me and i love a pair of out of the box earrings.
michael kors - chuncky chain ring [$55]
seeing as how i could wear michael kors daily its no wonder why i picked this ring. i love gold and i love its thickness. a perfect chunky ring.

do you have a go to little black dress?


Lara {simply irresistible} said...

This dress is soo awesome. Loving those unique sleeves!

Nikell said...

I love that bag!!! I don't have a little black dress, but I do have a go to black skirt.

Have a fabulous weekend,

Mo Pie, Please said...

Great outfit! I love the details of the dress. Happy weekend!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Super cite! That clutch is amazing :)

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Such a fabulous dress and the clutch is to die for! Have fun watching the game! My husband went to UCF for his MBA so we watch their games too :) xo

la petite coquine said...

I'm embarrassed by just how many little black dresses I have-they're a staple! I hope your kinda kitty finds a wonderful home!

Stephanie said...

Those sleeves are so hot!

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