friday fancies [eighteen]

happy friday and happy labor day weekend! i am have some great weekend plans [mostly relaxing] so i am very excited that the weekend has finally arrived. tonight the bf and i are hanging out with my younger brothers. we still aren't sure whether we are going to take them to the movies because i refuse to watch spy kids or the smurfs and i'm pretty sure the 14yr old thinks he's 'too cool' for those movies at is age. on saturday we are planning to turn our phones off and sleep in as much as possible. i love those kinds of days, i'm definitely in need of a lazy day! sunday we will do our usual movie and hot dog and then monday...well who knows!

since i'm off for a casual and fun night hanging out with the loves of my life i think jeans and a t-shirt are just perfect, but since today is friday that means i'll be linking up with {av} and her friday fancies so i get to have some fun and forget how much my dreamy casual outfit actually costs.

this top is great because it looks nice and effortless. one of those easy tops that will make any outfit look more planned out than it really is. and of course, a little off the shoulder action to make you still look sexy on a friday night ; )
i have become a huge fan of colored denim. it is just so fun, i cannot seem to get enough of it. i love how these jeans end right at the ankle to show off a great pair of pumps, or whatever shoes you decide to pair with them.
these pumps are absolutely gorgeous. you can't see too much detail from the picture so i definitely suggest checking them out because i am sure you will not regret it. love them as a great alternative to a simple black pump.
i have a bit of an obsession with hearts so this necklace is definitely on my personal wish list [wink,wink]. i love how simple it is as well as being big and bold. perfect to add to a dressy nine to five outfit or a fun weekend look too.
this bag really does speak for itself, i mean who wouldn't want a vintage channel purse?! unfortunately right about now i would want the $3,000 a bit more but wowzers that bag is beautiful!! if only....

do you have big labor day plans or
 family rituals in store for this weekend?


jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

have a great weekend!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

meghan said...

beautiful vintage chanel bag. have a wonderful weekend!

Bloggin in PA said...

great outfit! the more I see them, the more I really am liking the color pants! and that necklace is so pretty!

Have a great Labor Day!

Mo Pie, Please said...

Have fun this weekend! I love those scarlet pants! I want to either go to the drive-in tonight or go downtown to the art trolley hop for first Friday. Not sure what we'll do tonight but seems like we'll have fun regardless. Not sure about the rest of the weekend but it does involve some cake baking, table staining and a birthday party! Hooray!

Meggan of Lila Grace said...

Gorgeous pants!! Have a great weekend! xo

la petite coquine said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend, and a perfect look! John and I don't have any big plans, and I'm so looking forward to indulging in some much needed R&R!

Elisha Lynn said...

Love this look! Especially the necklace!

Joelle said...

Love those red pants! I wish I could pull them off...

Hope you're having a fabulous day my dear!


Nikell said...

That Chanel bag is a classic. Great look!!

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend,

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