color love: orange

orange is such a fun color. depending on its shade it can be the orange of the sun and represent summer, the color of a pumpkin and represent the fall, or even the color of beautiful blooming flowers and represent the spring. as summer comes to somewhat of an end here in sunny miami, orange is a color that will still be present in my wardrobe and in my home decor.

what season does orange represent for you?


Annika said...

I see orange as more of a summery color, actually! It just reminds me of all the orange fields ripe with little orange dots.

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la petite coquine said...

Orange always reminds me of the holidays-my parents used to put oranges in our Christmas stockings, since the fruit is season in the winter!

Han said...

I'd agree with Summer or Autumn depending on the shade - if it's more of a burnt umber then it's an autumn colour (like the orange of leaves as they turn to brown) but like orange like the fruit is summery

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