wish wednesday [thirty-nine]

today will be a very long day and i am totally dreading it. i have lunch with two co-workers, which will actually be very nice, but then i have back to back meetings until about 4pm when i am meeting with some friends to prep for our final. later i have an extra long class [past 10:30pm] in which we will be listening to 20 minute presentations from about 7 different groups, one of which is mine. meaning not only will i be bored out of my mind, but i will have to present and bore others to death as well.

luckily this is my last class until the 24th so yay for that. as it has been raining practically everyday for hours at a time since last week when, the then hurricane, emily was supposed to hit i have been dreaming of keeping dry. and what better way to do that then with some fabulous pants.

one two three four five six
are you a fan of the skinny or more of a wide-leg kind or girl?

and to celebrate my little blog's year anniversay i am going to be doing some giveaways coming up, if you are interested in being featured send me an email [lifespelledjen@gmail.com]


la petite coquine said...

GUH-thank goodness classes are nearly done! As for jeans, I'm more of a slim girl-I haven't found a pair of wide legs that suit me!

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