weekend recap

this weekend was such a whirlwind. with my mom's birthday on friday it has felt like a non-stop, family filled weekend. to celebrate her birthday i invited her, my stepdad and grandmother over to our place for dinner. i cooked some garlic-basil shrimp on friday and we played some games ending the night on a fun note. saturday the bf and i had some down time to just relax and we got to see the help [which was excellent] before the festivities began again. the family came over for dinner again on saturday [my mom requested two home cooked meals as her bday 'gift'] and i cooked my favorite, pork piccata. on sunday we did some chores to get ready for the upcoming week and then celebrated another birthday later that evening.

it was a great weekend but we were thoroughly exhausted and feel like we need another two days of rest after three very festive nights. which, for me, is exactly what this week will be...a break. i have no school this week and am so excited for my last, and only second, week of summer. classes start next monday [i only have class wednesday and thursdays] and then graduation in december will hopefully be here very soon.

how was your weekend lovelies?

ps: thank you for all of the very nice compliments about my mom on her birthday : )


la petite coquine said...

What a wonderful weekend, and a terrific celebration! I could go for 2 more days off to recover from my weekend, but we'll survive!

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