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hello all and happy thursday. this week has just flown by and i am so excited to tell you all about what i have cooked this week. i was so excited to shop for the wonderful ingredients for this meal, which included things like baby corn, sesame oil, soy sauce, mushrooms, broccoli and a red pepper. i am a little shy to admit this is the first red pepper i have ever purchased, sliced and cooked. i was really so proud of myself for having come this far [i am a huge chicken when it comes to spicy food] and not only buying and cooking the pepper but eating a small amount of it too.

introducing: asian noodle bowl
the wonderful ingredients
my first red pepper [yay]
adding all the veggies [yum]
the finished product

this recipe was the best smelling thing i have cooked yet! the soy sauce and ginger made the kitchen smell so amazing. i called the bf over [i normally make him stay out of the kitchen until i am finished] and he didn't think it smelled good at all...so silly he is i tell you. but i absolutely loved the smell and have had my heart set on cooking with ginger again very soon. 

do you eat veggies often? 
how do you incorporate them?


Jenn said...

That looks deeeeelish!
Also, red peppers (bell peppers, which is what you have pictured it looks like) aren't spicy at all! I've eaten them with dressing or veggie dip before and they are yum! You shouldn't have waited so long to try them!! :)

smr2189 said...

Yummmm! You're blog is so much fun, Jen! I added it to my new blogroll hope you don't mind.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

mmm that sounds fantastic! we eat a LOT of veggies at home.. lots of red/green peppers, onions, spinach. its fun to throw in newbies too :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

Katya said...

I love anything and everything as long as it has veggies in it. This dish looks delicious! Going to try it next week for dinner :)

Boyfriend is going to be thanking you!


la petite coquine said...

How delicious-I love red peppers! John and I use them and jalapenos in a corn salsa we love for tacos!

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