tent party

i grew up always trying to build little forts and special hiding spaces out of boxes and the like when i was little. i stumbled on this photo recently and it flooded me of memories of my childhood and how much i wish i had an experience like this. 

one of my favorite girlie movies is the holiday and i was completely captivated with the splendid tent the girls had in their room. i am trying to promise myself that i will make sure my daughter at some point in her life has some kind of tent or special place to herself.

did you have a special place when you were a kid?


Han said...

I love the tent in The Holiday - I think if and when the time comes I might have to make a tent like that for my kids lol. My bed and my desk were about a metre or so apart so I'd lay blankets over the gap and peg them together so I had this little den that when through this gap and under my desk.

We have a trampoline in our garden and what I want to do is put blankets or sheets over the top of the frame to create like a roof and then throw all the bean bags, pillows and duvets I can find into the trampoline so it's like a den of sorts.

jillian :: cornflake dreams. said...

awww I LOVED those scenes in the holiday! so cute... i really want to make tents with my children :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

ching said...

hahaha i used to build a tent with my sister.. awww, good times.

la petite coquine said...

Oh, this is just so sweet-the Holiday tent still makes me tear up! My little brother and I used to make forts out of pillows and couch cushions, and John and I still do from time to time!

Delaney said...

I love tents like this & the one in the Holiday! I'm following you now from 20SB!

semisweetshiksa said...

Aww!!! The kids I nanny for love to have snack-time picnics in their blanket tent. (They make a mess, but at least they're quiet!)

Katy said...

Hi! :)

My closet. It's about 4ft by 4ft, but I'd take blankets from all over the house and make a "bed"... then try to sleep in it... it was never too comfortable. I never did anything as intense as the forts in those photos though!

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