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new years eve

today will be filled with baking and relaxing. i am making four different desserts so my kitchen will be smelling good while getting ridiculously dirty.

hope you all have an amazing night and a fabulous new year! 

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today i am reflecting on the fact that this year will be over so very soon. it has definitely been a year of change, struggle and truly finding what i want out of life. i have accomplished many things but i have also messed up royally. i mostly did the things i was supposed to, but looking back, i learned the most from doing the things i shouldn't have. 

this photographer is my new obsession
"And the things that I remember best - those are the things I wasn't supposed to do and I did them anyway. The thing is, life is too damn short to be following these rules"
-grey's anatomy


wish wednesday [thirteen]

i have been in love with this adorable site for quite sometime. and i have yet to purchase anything (remember i am trying to not spend any money on myself until 2011) but there are quite a few items i have been lusting for that are now on sale!! so i am sharing some of my favorites....enjoy it!

sheer fatale dress
ribbon royale dress
i'm confessing that i love this jacket
sweetest story ever told dress
gold dust dress
origami heart dress
so i hope you can all see why i am lusting over most of these gorgeous dresses. they are so chic and feminine. simple yet stunning and all in all perfect! i am thinking i will allow myself to purchase about $50 worth from here after the new year....what do you all think? any favorites??

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baking fun

i normally am in charge of baking desserts for all of the houses i visit during the holidays. i don't mind whatsoever because i absolutely love baking. i am somewhat of a good cook, but baking is my thing! i usually make pumpkin and pecan pie with a little liquor added to it. this year i decided to put a little spin on things and changed it up a bit.

i made my usual pumpkin pie but i decided to make them miniature....and they were a hit. i had first come up with the idea after reading about it here. mine did not come out as cute, but i blame that on lack of patience and it being the first time i've ever made them. see for yourself....

i also made snow caps which i had heard about from sweet paul. now these were a challenge to make because no matter what variations i attempted they never came close to looking like perfect little balls as his did. they did however taste like a brownie/cookie mixture and i added some peppermint sprinkles in honor of the holidays.

what the pseudo dough looked like

a container of confectioners sugar and regular sugar

the snowcaps on their way to the oven

the finished product, not so round and before the sprinkles
then for good measure i made and old time favorite....candy canes dipped in white chocolate. they came out delicious! and i must say everyone loved the choices they had this year so i may repeat the dessert items next year as well.

did anyone else try something making/baking something different this year? or is there one recipe that is too good to switch up?

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lovely gifts

first off merry christmas to everyone! and if you don't celebrate christmas....happy long weekend : ) i am back at work today until wednesday and then another long weekend for me. this past weekend was filled with food, family and fun. i had relatives visiting from out of town and more than three full meals a day. i went to the movies, opened gifts and hung around a fire. all in all it was a fabulous weekend!

now onto my favorite! i was surprised at the wonderful gifts i received, especially from my boyfriend. he really went all out this year and got me two amazing gifts, a ralph lauren purse and uggs. i hadn't even been hinting for anything specific, but apparently anytime i mentioned i liked something he would snap a picture of it with his iphone. gotta love technology ; )

my mom gave me a great deal of much needed clothes and also got me two beautiful things for my apartment, one of which is a big letter j to hold my keys. my dad got me something very thoughtful, as it was something i used to have when i was little....a minnie mouse toast imprint.

and now after opening tons of gifts my apartment is a horrible mess...

 what was your favorite gift this holiday season?


introducing jessie j

a co-worker recently introduced me to a fabulous girl out in the UK named jessie j. she's beyond awesome! i have totally fallen in love with her unique style and killer voice. she started out small, posting videos on you tube and now her album will be released next year. i suggest you all check her out because she's amazing!

the videos i'm posting are some of my favorite and really showcase her incredible talent...

this is her latest video which is pretty bad ass and a bit different....

her style in this video is particularly funky and i love the hoodie! best part are her lips...

let me know what you all think...anyone ever heard of her??


noche buena

well today is christmas eve and for us hispanics it means tons of pork and amazing food! we call it noche buena...which basically translates into good (buena) night (noche)....and it really is a good night! it also means i will be reliving the movie four christmases. i will be attempting to go to four houses to eat way too much food...wish me luck!

to celebrate i wanted to show you two new ornaments i got and how the finished tree looks with wrapped presents and all : )

what are your plans for christmas eve? i would love to hear some awesome family traditions!! please do tell....


new necklace

i just recently got this amazing necklace that i completely adore. i've worn it wrapped around my neck twice and then loose also. it looks amazing anytime i wear it. i wanted to share pictures of it with you so you can tell me what you go ahead and share your thoughts please...

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wish wednesday [twelve]

so i haven't been shopping at forever 21 in such a long time and i've recently gotten the strong urge to go! i've been trying to not spend any money until the new year and i fully intend on trying to keep that deal but it's just so hard to resist. i thought i would share some fabulous dresses i'm totally dying over...enjoy!

criss cross mesh dress

mesh yoke one shoulder dress

surplice sweater dress

in love with sequins dress
what dresses are you dying for this week??


happy half birthday

today is my half birthday! i know i may sound very childish, but i absolutely L O V E birthdays! i feel like they are a celebration of your entire life and should be celebrated as such!! well today is my half birthday and i won't be doing anything special except smiling at the fact that today i am twenty-three and a half : )


my love affair with shoes

so i recently (last thursday) went shopping for Christmas gifts for the various gift exchanges parties i was going to and happened to find myself trying on these amazing beauties that i just had to get!! i absolutely love them and to make it even better they are beyond comfortable...what do you think??

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featuring coyote rose

Hi people who have never heard of me before. I am Coyote Rose from Dancing at the Bar of Life. I write about the crazy shit that goes on in my life from work, dating, sex, Top Chef and my kooky friends. So 20 something bloggers decided to have a blog swap and I'm a swappy kinda girl (you know except with people's boyfriends cause that's weird). Anyways I got swapped with the lovely Jen (who has totes awesome taste in shoes) and we decided that the blog swap prompt sucked, so we changed it. So instead of writing about "Action: What will you do next year that you've been putting off too long?" I will be writing about "2011: what i am not going to fuck up next year."

Dear 2011:

Here is a list of thing i won't be doing next year, k? thanx

I am not going to waste my time on crappy people. I spent entirely too much of 2010 caring about what other people are thinking or doing or saying and the honest truth is none of it actually effects my life. I don't care if my boss is sleeping with one of my trashy co-workers. I don't care that my ex-boyfriends are getting married. I don't care that Lindsey Lohan is in jail or rehab for the third time. I could have used all that time doing something useful like knitting a scarf or learning to read Portuguese.

I am not going to settle for mediocre sex. I'm looking at you boys that are lucky enough to sleep with me. Stop phoning it in. I am hot and fun and willing to let you do crazy things to me. Stop being lazy asses and put a little work into fucking me. I do not want to count the number of holes in your ceilings or play connect the dots with your freckles ever again.

I am not going to waste my money. I live in a tourist trap which means in the summer i make bank, but in the winter I eat buttered bread and tomato soup for 3 months. This year I am totally going to squirrel my nuts away and actually put money in that savings account that i almost never use.

I am not going to goof off anymore. I'm 26 years old and i need to get my act together. I need to move to city I actually like living in, get a real job where i am not whoring myself out for tips and I need to get My Future Husband (who I'm not actually dating...yet) to realize that i am the only girl for him. I need to finish my novel, just so that i can finally say i did it.

So essentially I am going to take 2011 by the balls and own his ass.


i heart fridays

i am very excited for today, especially since it is friday!
 i want a weekend AND i can't wait to have two mornings of sleeping in. 

any great plans for this weekend?

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dumpster diving

over the weekend i took my camera to the shopping event i was hosting and accidentally placed it in a box behind the desk and forgot about it. later that night i realized i didn't have it with me and phoned my mom to ask her to pick it up for me the next day. she then informed me that she had thrown out that box in the DUMPSTER!! my pooor camera!

i was instantly mortified that my camera would be forever lost and then kinda excited that i had an excuse to buy a new one : ) but my hilarious and amazing step father put on gloves, boots and a hard hat and jumped in the dumpster to find the box and ultimately my camera.

my poor camera went through a great deal this weekend and even though i was a little happy to think i had a justifiable need to replace it, i'm glad i don't have to spend the money right now. 


wish wednesday [eleven]

i love shopping and with christmas next week i'm hoping i may get some of these lovely things...

this dress is so simple and yet very elegant. 
i love that i can dress it down or up and spice it up with color too!

i am in some serious need of sequins! especially black shorts with sequins!!

this dress is also feeding my need for sequins and i love the split too

these shoes are beyond adorable! the two tone is one of my loves and have you seen the bows?!

this red is so bold and beautiful! plus look at those cuts!

once again with the them!

in dire need of some grey pumps and these are just right

i love the pleats on this skirt and they also have it in red too.

what is on your christmas list?

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