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the tree

i am very proud to say that i bought my very first christmas tree this past weekend.  technically it is also my boyfriend's and i first tree too. so double yay! it was such a great experience and i was so so happy about it! it's pretty mismatched but it makes it have character, i think.

so what do you think? it's my first tree and i decorated on a budget so most of the decorations were gifts or borrowed but i love it anyhow : )



so's been a while! i thought i would be so very productive during my four day mini vacation but alas i was not AT ALL! i did catch three movies with the boyfriend, and went out to a birthday dinner. i baked three pumpkin pies and went to three different houses for thanksgiving dinner. but i did not finish either of the two papers i had due, nor did i start studying for the big test i have next tuesday.

and to make matters worse i started feeling sick yesterday. sore throat, freezing, no appetite, body know the drill. so i wasn't able to bake the mini pumpkin pies : ( i am so sad. i am hoping i will be inspired to do so on wednesday, but who knows.

oh and i got my very first christmas tree!! woo hoo. i am really so excited. i can't wait to take proper pictures and show them to all of you.

well i have class soon and i need to prepare and grab some dinner and tea for my throat. i still feel sorta sick and all i want is a donut with sprinkles, in bed, under the covers.

what's your comfort food?


happy thanksgiving

happy thanksgiving! i love this time of year because from now until new year people seem generally happier : ) also because i love to bake and this is the season of baking. i have made on pumpkin pie so far, one is in the oven and the other will be started soon. i decided to make the individual pies this weekend, when i have more time to make sure they come out just expect pictures on monday.

hope everyone has a great day, whether you celebrate thanksgiving or not, whether you are close to your family or not. thanksgiving is for giving thanks and i am thankful for the opportunity to meet all of you! so have a great day : )


mini pumpkin pies

so i know i saw this post somewhere out there and i kept searching for it but i wasn't able to find it. i searched google and i was able to find something similar : )

i absolutely love baking pies and my favorite one to make is pumpkin! i love the taste and i have to say i have a secret ingredient that i like to add....grand marnier. so i thought as a cute gift to my new co-workers and school friends i could make these and they wouldn't cost much to do, but it would be a really cute and a nice touch.

introducing the cutest thing ever.....
mini pumpkin pies
is that not the cutest thing you've seen or what?!

well i will be attempting to make these on tuesday night after i get home at like 9 ish! ugh but i am determined!!! i will post pictures so don't worry but here are some more to entice any out there to try them out too (let me know if you do).



giveaway winner

  hey all...happy monday! i want to let you all know how much fun i had hosting my very first giveaway : ) it was so great to learn some fun things about all of you and i hope those of you who are new readers and those of you who are not, continue to comment and share yourselves. that is why i love blogging, because i get to share myself with all of you and hopefully you share something too.

jillian from cornflake dreams
congrats and please contact me ( to receive you prize

i hope you all had tons of fun with this giveaway and i really can't wait to have another. i'm thinking of waiting until 100 followers but i might just wait for christmas. cause really what's better than winning a giveaway on christmas day?!

what we have in common.....

  top books:                                            top tv shows:                 top movies:
- jane eyre                                             - dexter (2)                      - liar liar
- fire fly lane                                         - bones                           - dirty dancing
- harry potter (2)                                   - family guy (2)                - labyrinth 
- blue like jazz                                      - friends (3)                      - amelie
- the shack                                            - criminal minds
- frankenstein                                         - the twilight zone
- the perks of being a wall flower         - gossip girl
- the notebook                                      - the big bang theory
- catcher in the rye                               - modern family
- a million little pieces                          - saturday night live
                                                             - cougar town
                                                             - survivor

i love to read and watch movies and tv so my favorites change often but i would have to say that my favorite book has to be my sister's keeper (even if you saw the movie you NEED to read the book!), my favorite tv shows would have to be either dexter, grey's anatomy or vampire diaries and lastly my favorite movie would have to be when harry met sally or sabrina.


giveaway reminder

hi everyone! happy saturday : )

just wanted to remind everyone that tomorrow is the last day to enter to win my very first giveaway.

i am so excited so keep entering and good luck everyone!!


friday recap

hi there! so two of my new team members have been pretty sick all week and yesterday when i got home from work i felt awful! i just wanted to curl up into a ball and not move, plus i was freezing. all i took was some nyquil and watched some grey's anatomy and went to bed. this morning i wasn't feeling too hot either so i packed up every vitamin i could find, got to work early and went to jamba juice. i got some oatmeal with bananas and brown sugar and a HUGE cold buster with an immunity boost. i mixed all of that with over a dozen vitamins and after a minor tummy ache...go figure?!...i felt pretty damn good the rest of the day : )

i gotta say i am loving my new job and my new team members. yesterday we did some team building exercise and we got to really know each other. i am quite excited to be working with them and with the university! yesterday we even had a thanksgiving pot luck with our division and man did that get me in the thanksgiving mood!!

i have tons of homework to finish this weekend, with the end of the semester two weeks away all the professors are cramming things in. but i WILL be seeing harry potter tomorrow night and taking my little brothers too! i am ll too excited to see it, but i am also sad that the series is ending : (

wish i had time to make these!
i hope everyone has a great weekend and hey anyone else planning on seeing harry potter??


wish wednesday [eight]

welcome to wish wednesday! happy middle of the week everyone : ) of course this week is about shoes! one of my obsessions, and i'm sure some of you out there love shoes too....right? well today will be all about dsw. i recently fell in love with them all over again. they have great shoes at a bit of a discount, but best of all a huge selection. and better yet the shoes are available for you right there, which i love! lately my feet have not been cooperating with me and i am one size in heels and another in booties and another in sandals. all of this makes me feel so bad for the poor shoe sales person who brings me two different sizes per shoe : /

so here it goes...a nice mix of shoes i'm loving this week....

oxford pump

lady tie mary janes

flapper bootie
lukas clog

oh and keep entering my very first giveaway! it is open until the 21st and there are so many ways to enter! make sure you tweet and blog about my giveaway for extra entries : )



today this is what i felt like. i felt like i was under water, drowning. yet i was somewhat excited for what the future holds. today was my first real day of training and i have to say i am too excited! it was a whole bunch of information and quite a full day, too. nine to five in training and then class from six to nine. plus i will be in training for the next three weeks but after that i am on my own and that is so exciting. 

i know i haven't been responding to your comments and it makes me so sad that i haven't had a chance to! i am so sorry but i promise to do so tomorrow since i don't have class. thank you all for your lovely comments : )

moving forward

life is about moving on and moving forward. you need to keep moving constantly. here are some pretty words of wisdom to get you moving this tuesday morning.

happy tuesday

signs of wisdom challenge embrace
travel and courage wall art

remember there is still time to enter my very first giveaway


first day

hi all. today was my first day, but not really. it was my orientation, but it was in a large room with about 20 other new FIU employees. it wasn't too bad; some speakers were more lively than others. it was very informative and all in all i am really excited to start working.  i am going to be one of six in my team. we are all new hires but a few of them know each other. i am hoping to be able to fit in well enough so that we can grow together. we are three males and three females, surprisingly only two of us are miami natives!

well i did pretty well today keeping it together. i am a neurotic mess and let my nerves get the best of me but really it wasn't too bad. after we got out we went for drinks together and it really was nice getting to know them. i think we mesh well together. tomorrow marks day one of a three week training program that will run nine to five. so please wish me luck cause tomorrow i meet all of the people i will be learning from and reporting to.

my weekend wasn't as productive as i would have liked but i got to hang out at home with my love bug so that was nice. i also ran two miles on saturday and on sunday, so go me! i also did a while bunch of shopping...but for work clothes. i got some great ralph lauren heels that are super comfy and will be my go to work heels. well i am in class so i should be going. here are some images that are inspiring me today...

all images via we heart it

a strange mix of things that makes my heart beat faster. love you all. hope you had a happy monday.


sweets saturday: martha stewart

i don't know about any of you but i think martha stewart is a genius and she is one of my cooking idols. she has amazing recipes that not only taste delicious, but they look so cute that it makes you think twice about eating them! and don't even get me started on her crafts!! here are a few of her amazing holiday edible masterpieces....enjoy!



guess what?? 

i am signed up to do a 5k run on saturday, december 11th. i am really excited because i love to run. between my knee incident and breaking my little toe i haven't been able to run in such a long time. but i refuse to keep making excuses...i am doing this! tomorrow we start training for it and i cannot wait. wish me luck, cause i have most definitely never done a marathon before.

but really all i have been thinking about is how quickly these last few months have passed! only three months ago i was still living at home and working with my mom. now i am living in my own little apartment and going to start a brand new job on monday. WOW. well everything has a way of working itself out doesn't it? hope you all find something to make you smile today and always. remember even when life seems tricky or hard, just keep at it : ) i wanted to leave you all with some fun little pictures of clocks to remind you to enjoy every minute you have....

all images from we heart it

have a great weekend everyone and heyyyy don't forget to enter in my very first giveaway!

what are your plans? any new obsessions? i'd love to know....

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