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flickr is up

hhiii world! ok so today and tomorrow will prove to be crazy but tons of fun...which are my two favorite combinations : ) i had to swing over to my dad's office this morning because i am currently working on launching a magazine (isn't that so exciting?!) and then i am heading to my old job (mom's work) for two halloween parties with tons of little munchkins : ) i am dressing up as alice in wonderland...i absolutely love dressing up so i can't wait. then tonight we are celebrating my little brother's ninth birthday which is officially today. i can't believe how big he is already!!!

tomorrow i have to try to get some studying in for my big business law test on tuesday, then off to two more costume parties at my mom's (i'll be going as the queen of hearts), and at night i may go to lincoln road or to see a live audience showing of rocky horror picture show (decisions, decisions). what ever i end up doing i will post pics as soon as possible...promise!

and talking about pictures i have uploaded all my pictures (i think) from my laptop, so all i have to do is upload the ones from my old laptop. so pretty please with cherries on top go and have a look. leave comments or whatever but have some fun sorting thru my little bizarre life.

i am leaving you all with a picture from last years halloween. i was a vampire (still currently obsessed with vampires) and i had red contacts and everything. i made the boyfriend dress up as a werewolf and he let me do his make-up and everything...what a trooper!

enjoy and what are you all gonna be for halloween???


Wish Wednesday [five]

I GOT THE JOB!!! i am officially going to be soliciting donations for FIU (which is also the school i attend). i am really so very excited! i start november 15th so i am sure i will be well beyond nervous in the month to come so please help and show your support. any tips, pointers or well wishes are always so so welcome here : )

in honor of my new job i am celebrating by making this edition of wish wednesday all about the nine to five pace look. i will soon be joining that world and am excited to dress in all these beautiful pieces (and so much more) that i have found. remember if you have any shops or etsys i should check out, please let me know. i love discovering new things and new people too.

i love love love sweaters so this little number is no different! plus it's tweed : ) you can find the entire outfit for under $120, so it makes it a must have.
work chic
with bcbg being one of my favorite guilty pleasures this skirt would make the perfect addition to my closet.
once again a classic yet amazingly fun look which also combines two-tone which are featured quite often in my closet.
and of course i am going to need a suit. this one is just a quick find with a lovely pleated skirt. i also like the color, black can be so harsh and in the miami heat you could melt walking to and from your car!
work chic
hope you all enjoyed my latest edition of wish is everyone doing this week? any great plans for halloween??


flickr fun

hello world : ) i am back from the happiest place on earth! i had such a great time in disney this weekend. my interview went well i hope and the drive up wasn't too bad at all. i spent the afternoon at hollywood studios and i even got to take pictures with tons of characters, which i hadn't done since i was a kid. we had dinner at a fabulous restaurant to celebrate my little brother's birthday. on sunday we had breakfast at one of the parks and spent a few hours melting in the sun lol. it is so crazy that it is almost november and we still melt in south florida if you stay out in the sun.

when i got back home sunday night i had no power and no AC : ( at about midnight half of my power had been restored but i didn't care because at least my AC was working. monday i played catch up all day and when i got home the AC was out again : ( thankfully it wasn't too hot and i was able to sleep there. i have been told that the problem has officially been fixed but i still have to clean out my entire fridge because i didn't have power so everything went bad...what a waste of food huh?!

well i have fallen in love with flickr and i am adding tons of photos as we speak! i was finally able to upload the pictures from my boyfriend's camera meaning i have pictures from june, july, august all the way to this past weekend....meaning...get ready to see tons of pictures this week!

i'll leave you with a few previews but make sure to check back often....

bowling for my bday

disney for my bday (look how short my hair was!!)

fashions night out


disney this weekend with the incredibles
how was your weekend?


my today and tomorrow

so i know i have been a bit busy this week but between holding the interviews for my dad, school, halloween, my big interview tomorrow, and getting ready for the road trip i have been feeling a little under the weather. i think it's just a sore-throat, hopefully. i am a really, overly nervous person. the kind of person who gets sick (literally) when i get too nervous, so i think this interview is making me feel that way. i have been preparing for it all week. practicing what i was going to say and buy a fabulous dress to wear (i will take a pic of me in it tomorrow if i'm not too nervous). it is tomorrow morning at 8:40 AM so please wish me luck or pray (if that's what you do) cause i'm totally freaking out!!!

the best part about tomorrow is after i have kicked ass in my interview (that's my building up my ego...hopefully it works) i will driving up to my favorite place in the whole world...disney! ok yes i know i am an adult but i love love love disney with all my heart. if you've never been you must! it is the most magical place ever! and yes i know there are places filled with culture, history and art like europe which i adore but disney is pure magical bliss. it makes you feel like dreams really do come true.

me and my mickey and minnie pool

me in the dog house with pluto
i have decided to take pictures every hour after reading a post onlove elycia so i can share the magic of disney with everyone. now remember it'll tae about three hours to get there and we are celebrating my little brother's birthday at 8:00 PM so i will try my best to make sure i get lots of magic in my pictures (but if not i am going back the first weekend in november).

hope everyone has a great weekend and wish me luck for tomorrow...PLEASE!


wish wednesday [four]

hello all! this weeks wish wednesday is all going to be from a super funky shop, my rocking wardrobe.

hope you enjoy!

i've been totally in love with denim lately. i went thrifting today and had no such luck finding a perfect denim long this one....

chambray long shirt
this sweater top is very cute and lose which i love

eiffel tower
i love dresses and even though it is fall weather in most places, in miami it is still in the 80's

layered chiffon dress

and as always i LOVE sweaters. being a quirky, big button, baggy sleeve, crop, knit sweater makes this one even better!

which were your favorites? and let me know what shops i should check out for next week!


weekend recap & outfit post: new dress

hello all! welcome to my new followers...hope you all enjoy my little blog and thanks for following! make sure you check out my twitter and formspring too. i got lots of comments and questions on my last post about my beautiful mountain lion, kimba. i wanted to let everyone know that later this week i will be doing a question and answer post so make sure to stop by and read some more about her : )

i have been so busy lately. this weekend was very chill yet busy...strange i know.  the boyfriend and i woke up early saturday and sunday. saturday we hit the malls to return/exchange some of his birthday gifts and it took us almost all day. at night we had a business dinner...sushi...YUM. sunday we caught up on some shows and had pizza too.

monday i had a huge test in my principles of leadership class. i spent the whole day studying (sorry i didn't post) and i still feel like i failed. the test was impossible! tons of true/false questions...which i hate! some multiple choice, but he made it tricky with choices like a) blah blah blah, b) blah blah blah, c) blah blah blah, d) a or b, e) b or c. i hate when professors do that. then we had some very detailed fill in the blank, tons of short essay questions and two long essay questions. i technically don't have my grade yet so maybe i didn't fail...i'll let you all know, don't worry.

and here is a new dress i got and wore out to dinner recently. i love it because it is so simple and sexy. it's the perfect last minute dress and i wore my favorite heels of course.

happy tuesday...looking forward to anything this week?



first let me say thank you to all who commented on my last blog entry. it is so nice to feel supported : ) and i hope everyone has a happy friday and a great weekend.

i wanted to do a post on the first cat i ever had, the one responsible for making me be a HUGE cat lover. i recently commented on A Cup Of Jo's post on Lion prints and mentioned how i had a pet mountain lion. since then i have gotten a few questions about my kitty so here it goes.

when i was about six or seven i wanted a cat for christmas. my dad being who he is, does nothing normal, and when i woke up to a medium sized box on christmas morning i had no idea what i was about to see. what popped out of that box was the size of a medium to large size puppy. she was a beige/tan color with dark brown spots all over her body. she had huge paws and a cute little tail. her eyes were a deep, dark blue like the ocean. she was the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. (i promise to look for some pictures of when i first got her to share them with you all)

since then she has become part of the family! she lives outside in the backyard, in a large cage. she eats canned food made especially for that breed. she is very friendly and has never bitten anyone. and now i would like to introduce you to kimba...

the boyfriend playing with her

so that's kimba! i know i'm not in any pictures with her but i do have a video of me feeding her that i will try to post once i figure it out. i know this isn't the normal kind of pet to have so if you have any questions just ask : )


follow me

so i am trying to grow my following and being new to blogging i am trying it all.  i started this blog to document my life, starting over, back in august. i felt that moving out, being in a serious and official relationship, finishing my MBA and a career search were all worthy of a fresh start. it all happened so fast and i need a space where i could express my feelings. i needed more than a journal, i needed opinions and comments. i needed to make new friends and share my life with others, to help me and perhaps even help you. 

since starting this blog i have absolutely fallen in love with blogging. i feel like, even though most of the people i follow don't really know me, i know them. i am on my way to making new friends and sharing my day to day life. expressing what i feel and sharing the things i love. i know i am new at this but i would love your help...

suggest me to your friends, or follow my blog yourself. i am on twitter and my life may not be insanely interesting but i promise to tweet often : ) i am also just starting on bloglovin' so come find me there too. i just created a formspring and i'm trying to figure out stumble upon so please, if you feel up to it, follow me : )

also if you have any pointers feel free to email me at

ohhh and i am getting a new blog layout thanks to jaelynn from pardon my ffrench so make sure to stop by and see it : )


Wish Wednesday [three]

as i was looking through various etsy shops for some art/photography to complete my apartment i decided to share some of my favorites with you for this weeks Wish Wednesday! i have so many different color schemes going on and i still need to fill up walls in the kitchen, kitchen nook or eating area, living/family room, the office, bathrooms and my bedroom! lots of things are left so here is my wish list...

all the flowers would have very extra special powers
this is lovely...maybe in the kitchen or in one of the bathrooms.  really anywhere this would look so great! beautiful tulips and great rain boots...what more could you ask for? 

the fairy and the frog
i absolutely love fairy tales and this whimsical piece reminds me a bit of the fall and halloween too.

good morning sunshine
this print is so very cute and i think it would look adorable in my bathroom. it would definitely brighten my day to see this every morning!

this print is from the same etsy shop and it's so adorable and fresh and kinda works with the colors i have in the family room.

hello. also, i love you

birds on a powerline
i would love this really anywhere but i think it would be great over my desk : )

love forest
if there is one thing you need to know about me, it's that i absolutely love hearts! i adore them. i collect art that has to do with hearts and this is so perfect! i would redo my room just so that i can add this love forest. simply in love.

which are your favorites? any great etsy shops you could recommend?


where does all my time go?

i have quickly realized that i go to bed every night and make lists of what i have to do tomorrow. i fall to sleep thinking of things i still have to do, things i have to finish or start, things i have to figure out. getting my mind to shut off seems impossible lately. i am kept up by my own worrying, over analyzing, non-stop list making.

when i wake up i am motivated to accomplish it all and as my day progresses more and more issues arise. i am constantly running around, trying to get more things done. by the time 6 o'clock rolls around and i am fighting traffic to get to class i am stressed and ready for bed, not school.

i have class until nine and then i am meeting a friend to take three quizzes, which will takes us around two hours. this means i will not be heading home for another five hours. by the time i get home you think i would be sleepy but in reality all i want to do is disconnect, watch tv and cuddle with the boyfriend.

i can't help but think i haven't accomplished half if any of the things i set out to. where does all my time go? how do i get more of it? any ideas??

time spiral


birthday celebrations and an outfit post

this weekend has been so busy and hectic.  all the birthday celebrations for the boyfriend went great! we all had such a great time. the restaurants we went to were so beautiful and spending time with friends is always fun : ) i have some pictures of our dinner on thursday night...hope you enjoy!

what i wore:

marc jacobs necklace
forever 21 ring
bag unknown

loving my bcbg shoes

amazing outfit is from the dressing room

our drinks:
Diamonds are Forever: Grey Goose Citron Vodka, Triple Sec and Lemonade with Citron Vodka Popsicle and a sugar stick.

Buddhalicious: wasabe sake infused vodka, pureed lychees, a splash of cranberry juice and a Nitro-pop of wasabe sake infused vodka and lychees.
what we ate:
lobster pop tarts and a bucket of bones
Cotton Candy

cotton candy...YUM
everything was so good and we had an amazing was your weekend?


barton g

today i decided i would give everyone a preview of barton g, the restaurant i am taking the boyfriend to for his 30th birthday dinner.  i have been there 3 times before and each time i am left in awe by the presentation of everything, and it tastes good too. this place truly is the kind of restaurant where you can eat with your eyes! it's located in miami beach and though it's pricey it is worth going to at least once.


Sabrinatini: Absolut Mandarin, Watermelon Pucker, adorned with a Nitro-champagne swizzle stick and a chocolate chimp.
Diamonds are Forever: Grey Goose Citron Vodka, Triple Sec and Lemonade with Citron Vodka Popsicle and a sugar stick.
Buddhalicious: wasabe sake infused vodka, pureed lychees, a splash of cranberry juice and a Nitro-pop of wasabe sake infused vodka and lychees.
Geoffrey's Java-tini: Van Gogh Espresso Vodka, Godiva Chocolate Liquor with Van Gogh Espresso, Godiva Chocolate Popsicle and a Bailey's Cream Pudding.
i will most likely be going with the buddhalicious martini since i love lychees. but the best part about these specialty drinks is the liquid nitogen, which gives it that dry ice kind of look. served at -320 degrees it is sure to be a cool drink : )


Firehouse Baby Back Ribs: smoked and glazed with bourbon barbeque sauce with creamy cole slaw and house pickles.
Chinese Duck Decoy: hoisin molasses glazed roasted half duck with fried rice and crispy sweet potatoes.
Lobster Pop-Tarts, lobster and gruyere in a flaky crust with a trio of sauces.
since the boyfriend loves lobster i can guarantee that we will be getting the lobster pop tarts that really do come out in a vintage toaster. i have had the duck before and i love the mallard wooden duck it comes served in. but tonight i am hoping to get two appetizers so we can each get our own desserts. the portions are relatively normal but the desserts can definitely be shared...if you want to that is.


Big-Top Cotton Candy and Over-the-Top Popcorn Surprise.
Carnival Fun Cakes: funnel cakes lightly dusted with powdered sugar and served with fun dipping sauces -- chocolate, strawberry, caramel -- spiced powdered sugar and whipped cream.
The Chocolate Fun-Do: an overflowing fountain with four pounds of Belgian dark chocolate and an abundance of treats for dipping.
Cup Cake Picnic: vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream with colorful icing and sprinkles to decorate your own way.
The Sabrina Sundae: Barton "G"iant martini filled with a variety of flavors of house-made ice cream and outrageous toppings.
i am dying to have the funnel cakes but maybe that's just cause i want to play with my food. that's right it includes a carnival game! the sabrina sundae is beyond huge, the cup cake picnic is divine, the big-top cotton candy is bigger than my head and the chocolate fun-do is to die for.

i cannot wait for dinner...well actually dessert : )

what would you get?


Wish Wednesday [two]

for this weeks wish wednesday i decided to dedicate it all to boots! i absolutely love boots! in miami you rarely get to wear boots so when the season is right for them i like to take advantage of it. so far i've worn my boots 3 times in less than two weeks. the temperature here finally settled into the low 80s and the wind has been picking up enough to make most days relatively nice out.

this week has been a bit crazy...i didn't even realize it was wednesday until a couple hours ago.  the boyfriend's birthday is tomorrow and i finished wrapping his gifts today. i also made reservations at barton g - the restaurant for tomorrow and the forge for saturday. one solo dinner for us two and then friday we'll celebrate the big 3 0 with friends.  i promise to post pics!

wish wednesday: boots

annex high leg
these boots are just the right length. you can pair them with crop jeans, shorts, skirts or dresses. i would love to wear some over the knee socks with these too : )

dolce vita tread
these boots, also the perfect hight, are a bit more rugged. they provide a completely different look from chic to kick ass ; )

jenny ruched
last but not least are these gorgeous ankle boots. i love the heigh and the peep toe adds some sex appeal. the ruched top adds great texture to match any outfit. what makes them even better is their name...
jenny : )

what boots are your favorite?


jelly flats with some flowers on top

flower on top
a friend of mine handmade these adorable flowers onto these great jelly sandals. i got my sandals in clear but she is selling her last pair in a charcoal color. she can make them in different colors but the ones she has available are black flowers (like mine) on top of charcoal jellies.  if you're interested let me a price : )

random side note: i broke my pinky toe on my left foot in july. it was awful and it resulted in me having to wear an horrible boot for two months and now most shoes are rather painful. so please excuse the fact that my poor broken toe looks like it's falling off the shoe : (


over the knee

this weekend the boyfriend and i decided to grab some sushi (my favorite) at one of our usual spots. i took the opportunity to try out the over the knee socks with boots combo! i had been dying to try it and realized it was now or never. it was a simple little outfit, which is usually my style. i didn't overload it with accessories since we were just doing a casual dinner date.

here are some pics and don't forget to let me know what you think!

marc jacobs magnifying glass necklace
the entire outfit
socks & boots with my favorite jean shorts

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