wish wednesday [one]

i decided to see if maybe i start a series...i'm thinking of 'wish wednesdays.' it'll be a mix of items and such that i wish for. let me know what you think....

my first wish wednesday!

wish number one: this adorable romper from mona et june

so this is love romper
wish number two: red leather large clasp purse from top shop

clutch me red

wish number three: peep heel and toe boots from mod cloth

living la vida mocha boot

so that is what i'm wishing for this wednesday. what are your wishes?


good day

today hasn't been that bad, all things considered. it was supposed to pour due to the tropical storm hitting us sometime between tonight and tomorrow. i haven't gotten too soaked, but i was kinda sad that i forgot to pack my rain boots : (

i also found out my grade for my business law test last week.  i got a 47 out of 65 on the multiple choice which puts me at a 72%. i am pretty pleased with that since most got a little lower if not a few points above me, so it seems i am in the medium. i also kicked butt on my long essay! i got an 10 out of 10!! woo hoo! i still don't know what i got on the short essays but i am happy with my grades thus far. fingers crossed i do good on the short answers too.

what made today better? starbucks! i had an amazing pesto chicken salad and a delicious passion iced tea lemonade. YUM


mellow sunday

yesterday was pretty mellow, but i was able to get a lot done in the apartment! i bought a pretty rug and two throw pillows to match it. i have decided to go with a blue/green color to match the earth tones i already have setup in the living and family room. i took some shots of the new stuff but i wanna retake them with more light so i will post them soon. oh and i got a lamp too! so i now officially have light in the living room : )

the boyfriend and i went to the movies and jrocks per usual and it was really nice. with all the stress this past month we really haven't had much alone time so we really appreciated it. we saw you again and i liked it. a bit over the top but still super fun. i am a huge kristen bell fan and betty white was just great!

i also made a point to take some pics of my outfit! it's super casual which is my normal look. i like to be comfortable and still look cute. hope you all enjoy!

top - victoria's secret
belt - forever 21
shoes - sam edelman
necklace - hand stamped 'strength' by cecilia gonzales

how was your weekend?



i am very happy to announce i have a twitter account for my blog! woo hoo! i am trying to get a good following going and in just a little over a month i am very happy with my 4 followers : ) blogging has always been an interest of mine and i hope to really make a commitment and share as much of myself as possible. well if you wanna follow me i promise it'll be quite an adventure.

life spelled jen twitter account


dinner for 6

so last night i had my dad (and the fam) over as a 'thank-you' dinner of sorts.  he's really helped me get on my feet and i wanted to show him that i appreciated it. so i set out to cook an italian (his favorite) meal. i searched for a fun and colorful meal and decided on chicken saltimbocca only i made it with veal and added some sage too.

it was fairly easy to make and what took the longest was all the prep work. it turned out very good, at least i enjoyed it and everyone cleaned their plates, even my boyfriend who doesn't eat green things! i added a side of linguine with a homemade lemon sauce and voila perfection!

veal saltimbocca unrolled

linguine with a homemade lemon sauce

what are your favorite recipes?



so i have had a crazy week and i wanted to keep you all updated. on monday i came to my dad's office to help him out. i am kinda/sorta working for him...just for a bit. i am considering doing some HR consulting, since i enjoy it so much...what do you think? so i have been posting adds and looking for people to hire for the open positions he has in his small business. i have scheduled tons of interviews for tomorrow and i am really excited. they are all males and most of them much older than me so i need to pick a stellar outfit. i'm thinking a mad men look would be perfect!

then yesterday i had my huge business law test which was killer! it was much harder than i expected. quite frankly i didn't study as much as i should have, which will be changing for test 2 and 3. there were 70 multiple choice questions, 5 short essays and one long essay...almost 3 hours later my brain was fried and vampire diaries was just the thing to make me feel better!

i am currently in love with vampires and of course the love triangles in every vampire tale (true blood, twilight saga and vampire diaries). this whole love triangle thing gets my blood pumping! i am secretly hoping elena ends up with damon...i think it's the eyebrows.

well anyways today i am back at my dad's office scheduling more interviews but guess what?! i got an interview myself! at my university, FIU. it's monday at 2pm which means i will be freaking out until then but hopefully it all goes well! wish me tons of luck!!


boots and socks

ok so i love boots and always get so excited for fall and winter so i can wear boots in miami and not look totally out of place. i just recently got some adorable brown leather boots and i am on the hunt for some fun socks to wear with them...any ideas on where to find some?

this is the look that i am crushing on this week...what are your thoughts? do you like the peek-a-boo socks?



so i  haven't done much from that list i made on wednesday : ( but yesterday i decided to really put some more effort into my blog and did tons of research...mainly on RSS and the like. to review i definitely didn't do number one or two, i plan on doing number three in an hour or so which means i will also be doing number four, number five and six go together as i will be working on my blog today after my HW is done, and i will try to squeeze in number 7 later too.

well last night i went bowling with my boyfriend, cousin and her husband and our uncle. it was really fun! i even started out doing really, really well. i am normally an awful bowler so i was really pleased with how i started, but of course my hot streak didn't last very long. here are some pics from last night...

i started the game with two strikes and was in the lead but in the end i came in second with 84 points but i did get to try arrogant bastard ale which i had been hearing about for a while and i liked it : )

happy friday!



so today has been pretty hectic but in reality all i did was put off what i had to do : (  i have decided a few things:

1. i will find my sneakers
2. once i have found what box i have thrown my sneakers into i will work out at least 5 times a week
3. i will do homework
4. i will try really, really, really hard to stay current on my reading for school
5. i will try and make this blog uber successful (any tips?? PLEASE)
6. i will do one thing for me daily
7. i will try and take photos of my outfits, even if they aren't all that great

i probably have more things in that list but as usual i am running late!! i am having dinner with my best friend in this whole wide world mel and her hubby. it's a little middle of the week double date. i am really excited cause she is preggers and i can't wait to see her bump! it's crazy to think of her married and with a baby on the way, we have grown so much since we met : )

i am off to get ready and fetch my camera from a box and take pics of my outfit and possibly my place too!



so i am stuck in business law class but i needed to tell you all that last night when i got home after class my boyfriend surprised me and i now have furniture!!! yayyyy. i also have my very nice camera back so pictures will be up soon. i have a kitchen table and chairs, a huge sectional sofa and the rest of my bedroom furniture.  since he is moving i inherited his furniture which is perfectly fine with me. and since i promised a picture of my outfit from last friday i took one on my cell phone (just until i find the camera cord).


so what do you all think??


FNO part three

WOW is all i could say for a while on friday night in the midst of all that beautiful fashion! i am not exaggerating when i say that it was just beyond anything i thought it would be. last year was great and so much fun but this year people really stepped it up and there was no where you could turn without seeing amazing fashion. whether it was tweens or the elderly and everyone in between they had on amazing outfits in so many different styles! they also had incredible models walking around decked out in amazing clothing and they would stop on front of you so you could admire them...just incredible!

i took my camera and tried to snap a few pics but since the move i can't find the cord that connects it to the computer : ( but all i could think of is those spy glasses that double as cameras...i need to own those for the next event so i can snap pictures without anyone noticing!!

i have been searching the web so that i can give you at least some eye candy of the event and i hope you all enjoy!

miami new times posted some great pictures of the event including the bocce ball tournament that was going on. check out their photo gallery for all the pics but here are my favs...

so WOW isn't it all just great! and as i was searching for pictures i stumbled upon the examiner and some of the pictures they had posted and guess who i found? ME!

so it isn't the best picture of my outfit and i promise to post more as soon as i find the cord but here is my boyfriend (in a michael kors suit) and me in my gorgeous outfit! we spent most of the night in the david yurman store enjoying the beautiful jewelry, mini kobe beef sliders and some bubbly. all in all it was an amazing night!



ok so today my boyfriend asked me to help him move, or rather move stuff for him. (have i mentioned he is moving as well?) so i went to his place and packed up boxes of clothes, christmas decorations, toiletries until i could not fit one more thing into my car.  it took about two hours, then i had to drive to my place (his new storage area) and put all of his things away. i also decided to put away more of my clothes since i was able to use a good amount of his hangers.

anyway today is FNO and i am so beat! i just want a bath and a drink and maybe some tv, instead i am stressing! it is currently 4:34 pm and i have to be at my dad's by 5:30 pm.  it will take me roughly half an hour to get to his place and i still haven't showered so yea i am running late (as usual). so i am going to make this one short but promise to take some great pictures for everyone tonight!

have a great weekend!


FNO part two

so i am getting ready for tomorrow evenings Fashion's Night Out at Bal Harbour. I found this great link that talks about what i will be looking forward to...i really can't wait! I went shopping (yes i know i need to be saving money) today and found the perfect outfit to match these amazing shoes i got recently.  the shoes were a birthday gift from my amazing boyfriend back in june but i broke my toe soon after and haven't been able to wear heels, let alone normal shoes for two months! imagine the agony!!! so i am very excited to get all dressed up and finally put on a pair of heels.

dress and earrings from electric couture
shoes from bcbg
so i am thinking of putting my hair into a messy pony tail and showing of the gun metal earrings. what do you all think? please give me all opinions the event is tomorrow! thankss


owed you pictures

my shower with my funky mat

my essentials (mostly make-up)

my perfumes on display

my closet lacking almost all of my clothes
and all my flats

that is the dresser that will soon be filled with clothes
and a small portion of my wonderful jewelry

my bed

the only light (not counting an open window) that i currently have in my room
so as promised here are a few shots of the only furniture in my 3/2 - my bedroom. as you can see i really need to buy a lamp and some hangers. that will hopefully get done today. but even more exciting...my boyfriend brought over pots, pans, dishes, silverware and cups last night when i got out of school as a surprise! which meant that i cooked for the first time in my new little place...yayyy. i made pasta nothing special it was ten at night but still...it's all coming together and i couldn't be happier!

have a great day and what do you think of my place so far??



so i finally slept at my new place! woo hoo. i am so excited, it is finally coming together. this weekend was so hectic since i was staying at my dad's to take care of my two younger brothers i wasn't able to blog, do homework or work on my place : (.  last night (with help from my amazing boyfriend) i (he) mopped all the floors, after i vacuumed. i (he) cleaned my bathroom, including the shower, and i was actually able to organize everything in there. he also moved my dresser in so i can actually move out of the boxes, finally.

i will post some pictures as soon as more light comes in because there are no lights in any of the three bedrooms...which leads me to todays to do list...

to do:
-get ready cause the alarm person is going to be here in 15 minutes
- do hoework
-swing by pseudo-work
-take pictures of apartment
-buy lights and/or lamps
-get a gallon of paint
-buy a plastic shower liner
-get hangers
-eat at least two meals before class, if not grab a good snack

ok so on that note, sorry this is so short but i'm off....pictures to follow.



i slept at my dads house last night because i am taking care of my two younger brothers while he is out of town for the weekend. they have two dogs, who are cute but geeze do they bark! this morning at 7 am they wouldn't stop. i somehow managed to stumble to the family room and let them both outside to do their business but once they came in they wouldn't stop. i had to wake my brother up to ask him if they were supposed to eat or what i could do to get them to stop.

after he fed them the little one woke up and asked if i could make pancakes, just as i was climbing into bed hoping to get a few more hours of sleep. so this morning i made pancakes for the first time and of course he wanted sprinkles and let me say they tasted very good : )
pretty awesome pancakes by yours truly

breakfast is served, but the tv trumps my pancakes



hope you all get to sleep in this morning!


what a day

today will be very hectic, all in all.  i am at my place now with terri, the alarm guy (an elderly british gentleman). so obviously i am in love with his accent.  random fact about me: i love accents! any kind really, just accents in general. having one makes you so very unique. i don't believe i have one, but when i have traveled i have been told that i do. so in that way i guess we all have accents; which is just another quality that sets everyone apart through a common thread, your voice.

so back to today, after terri finishes i will have to take him to my dads place to fix the alarm there. mean while they will be finishing up the two bathrooms at my place.  i have to head over to my old job (remember i resigned) to scout the talent i had hired a few weeks back and make sure she is doing well.  i am not so sure what i am going to do professionally, perhaps stay on as a consultant?

well after that i have to pick up my little brother from school and wait for the older one to come home on the bus. i am taking care of both of them (age 8 & 13) this weekend while my dad is out of town and i hope it all goes well. i am planning on taking them to the Miami Science Museum to see a laser light show tonight! i am really excited about that, i haven't been since i was a kid.

well i am off...wish me luck. what are your plans for this weekend?



so i am pretty excited that i will be attending fashion's night out next weekend.  i went last year and had such a blast! tommy lee jones, seal and the pointer sisters were there plus INCREDIBLE FASHION. best of all i had front row seats to a fashion show in the middle of bal harbour and who was the featured designer? none other then michael kors. i am sure this year will be as fabulous as last year and i can't wait to put together my outfit.  i will post pictures tomorrow of what i am thinking of wearing and what i wore last year so stay tuned...



today my friend, vanessa and i went thrifting and i gotta say for my first time looking to buy furniture at thrift shops i think i found some perfect pieces! i have not purchased any furniture yet but once everything gets finalized i will definitely be back to those shops.  what i loved most was how eclectic everything was, you could choose from such a variety of things. you need to posses a creative mind to do well in a thrift store, if not you won't see the potential each piece has. from everything we found the most expensive piece was a couch for $69.99, which vanessa says i can bargain down quite a bit. so here are the possible additions to my new place...

such potential in a vintage sewing table

this floral piece will liven up any room

this picture doesn't do the vibrant yellow justice but it is quite a beautiful and fun statement piece

a great kitchen nook table that can be completely round or you can put either edge down
so which are your favorites?

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