so today they came to fix the dry wall in both bathrooms.  i can't stand the muggy humid smell and i'm hoping once this is fixed my air fresheners will start working! as the handy man began i sat on my bed (the only piece of furniture in my 3/2) and all of the sudden a puff of dust escaped from the closed bathroom door and he ran out in a coughing fit.  need less to say my place is now full of dust! i moved my mattress into one room and my three boxes or clothes, bed sheets and shoes into another bedroom.  i had to leave for class (where i'm at right now) before he finished but i genuinely hope the dust has settled. as excited as i am to have both bathrooms fixed i am not looking forward to all the cleaning that i will have to do tomorrow! well i should go focus on mu business law class so happy tuesday everyone!


the new place

so i'm sitting in class but i wanted to post a few quick pictures i snapped while in the process of the renovation.  i would say at the moment it is three-quarters done, all that is left is fixing some dry wall in both bathrooms, moving the rest of my furniture in and oh yea BUYING ALL NEW FURNITURE!! i spoke with my friend vanessa and she is going to take me thrifting this week to see if we can find some signature pieces to start the decorating process.  i will keep you all posted on how things are progressing but for now i need to pay attention so enjoy these quick shots : )

kitchen...don't miss the new hand towels
my first plant
view of the yard from the family room
first few boxes
future site of a cute and cozy kitchen table
that's what you see as you walk in : )

my favorite original piece, the light fixture in the kitchen

master bedroom with some essentials: tp, pottery barn, louis, and an iphone



so I officially started moving in today and I have to say I am very excited. I'm also really tired so this will be short but tomorrow I will give you all the details about my place and the hunt begins for insanely cheap and inexpensive furniture!! Any ideas??

movin' on up

so today while my boyfriend and i were watching the first season of the tudors (i love this show and well all history shows so i am convincing him to love them as well) my dad called and told us that my place is ready!! some background on my new apartment: it belongs to my uncle and he is/was evicting his current tenants cause they haven't been paying him and he is also in foreclosure.  so naturally once they left he would rent it to me for a much cheaper price : ) and they LEFT!!

so today was the first time i saw what my new place looks like and i gotta say i am super psyched! i'll give you more details tomorrow because i will be cleaning and painting and all of that jazz but its a 3/2 with a little yard and everything!! i am beyond excited and well pictures will follow!!!


holy hotties!

ok ladies now i must say i have enjoyed myself for the last two hours even though the coffee tasted funny, the thudding has not ceased and neither room service nor maintenance have been here. that is because i have been drooling over tons of pictures to show you all what i was previously mentioning about how men with tattoos, v-necks, stubble and/or leather look so tantalizing!

so here are just some amazing men, next i shall have to show you my top picks of men looking very dapper in suits, until then stay tuned and by the way any thoughts on the hotties above? did i leave anyone out?

mourning my morning

since last night there has been this obnoxious thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud (getting annoyed yet?), thud, thud, thud, thud (....ahhhhhhhh!!!!) coming from right outside my room between my balcony and my bed.  it sounds like a huge drop of water is falling drop, after drop, after drop on the storm drain outside. i was able to fall asleep but i was awoken by the thud, thud, thud and after placing tons of pillows over my head i had to surrender to the thudding and of course the result...a headache.

to make matters worse, since i was lazy yesterday i never left the hotel room and room service never came so i am brewing coffee (which was able to mask the thudding) but its decaf and i used all the sugar so now i only have sweet & low.  need less to say i am waiting for maintenance and house keeping so i have gotten properly dressed and have taken the 'do not disturb' sign off my door. i really hope they come soon or i might go crazy...i believe the sound of consistently dropping water can be used as a form of torture.

random side note: i turned on vh1 to mask the thudding and just saw maroon 5 - misery video, men with stubble, v-necks, leather jackets, tattoos all hot...more on that after this mornings coffee.

anyone else out there mourning their morning?


bar none

i woke up this morning determined to find an amazing job and after three hours this awful internet connection has only allowed me to apply for four open positions.  i decided to release my frustration by decorating my new place.  have i mentioned that i have no idea what the apartment i am moving into next month looks like? well how cares...i'm sure i can still decorate it in my head well enough without knowing.

lyon workplace stool
schoolhouse drafting stool
ingemar counter stool

so what did i find today, as you can see fun bar stools. i absolutely love bar stools! i think everyone needs to have them.  they add a certain flair to any room, especially great for a small apartment or loft in lieu of a kitchen table.  what's even better is that each of these finds are less than $100 so you are saving too!

today i found remodelista and i have since bookmarked it so that when september rolls around i can hopefully purchase some barstools. so now the question is which style to get? i personally prefer a bar stool with a low back and an aluminum or metal made stool will match any decor color.  the dark ingemar stool does look quite refined and would look nicely in a more conservative atmosphere. but i think i may have to keep searching to find the perfect bar stool.  which style do you prefer?


dance dance

i just got home after watching Step Up 3D...yes i am serious.  i will admit i am a HUGE step up fan, i mean have you seen how they can move their bodies?! if you can do something more outrageous with your body than they can i would pay $14 and put on 3D glasses and watch shake your money maker for an hour an a half.

whenever i see dance movies i leave wondering why i can't move my body like they can...i mean seriously people have you seen what they can do?? check it out...

Step Up 3D

fresh start

i have decided in order to keep myself sane i will pretend to decorate my new apartment as if i were actually employed and where best to start but with some flowers....

porcelain botany vase from raedunn
glass apothecary collection from birchandbird
hanging glass vases from urban outfitters
vintage bunsen burner vases  and glass specimen jars from ethanollie

best part of all is that most are reasonably priced and seeing as how i may not find a job all that quickly i am pretty excited about these fresh floral receptacles. i figured researching decorations for my first apartment alone will be really helpful in getting me through this scary and rough time in my new life.

i wish you flowers wherever you are...

day one

yesterday was possibly one of the most life altering days of my life.  there's no way to tell until the very end of course but if in one day your life as you knew it changed completely you would be saying the same thing.

i resigned and moved out.  it was all planned of course, this wasn't a rash decision but the reality of my life and future is well...unknown.

i am currently living in a hotel and i am most likely unemployed.  the details of it all are still a bit blurry but one thing is for sure, i am now on my own and happy.

this blog will be a first hand account of my new life...enjoy the ride

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